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  • In vista you can change the default logon screen background in two ways that I know of;


    1. Install LogonStudio and do it through that

    2. Use reshack and edit the c:\windows\system32\imageres.dll file manually


    Both of these will probably leave you with support issues if the dll is patched at a later date by windows update.  Does anyone know of any way to do type of corporate branding to the logon screen that is supported by Microsoft?





    יום שלישי 05 אוגוסט 2008 10:44

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  • You should be able to log on as admin, customize the desktop the way you want it, log on with another admin account,

    then copy over the customized admin account to the default account and that should leave you with the default logon background that you want.


    יום שלישי 05 אוגוסט 2008 13:06
  • Thanks, changing the default background isn't a problem - it's the CTRL + ALT + DEL logon screen I am trying to change without having any support issues in the future.




    יום שלישי 05 אוגוסט 2008 13:24

    I've only been able to find the imageres.dll method.  Makes you wonder why MS decided to remove this ability and the ability to set a boot.bmp.  Lots of companies want to brand their systems, and with Vista MS just squashed the ability to do it.  I don't get it.


    Just a Techie

    יום שלישי 05 אוגוסט 2008 14:31