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  • I have a Gateway DX 6840 desktop that I bought. It had win 7. I installed the complementary version of Windows 10. Now Windows update keeps trying to install Version 1709. Trouble is my DX6840 is not compatible. It cannot be installed. Now what do I do? every day windows downloads the newer version, everyday the installation locks up at 82%. Then the computer reverts to the original windows ten . next day same thing. Groundhog day all over again. Is my only option buying a new computer? Should I just reinstall win 7, MS support for 7 is almost over. HELP!

    • נערך על-ידי calltaker42 יום חמישי 01 פברואר 2018 14:15
    יום רביעי 31 ינואר 2018 21:58

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