Group Policy to limit website access for some user on active directory domain. RRS feed

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  • i want to create GPO for limit webiste access for some group user on my active directory domain.

    1. Finace Department : Limit all website and allow  (intranet*).
    2. HR: allow all website

    Server: Windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise Service Pack 1

    Client: Windows 7, Windows 10

    *Use Browser Internet Explorer 5 and last

    //sorry for languege i from thailand


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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your question.

    You can use Windows Group Policy to control access to web sites.

    1. Create new GPO (Group Policy Object).

    2. Under the new GPO, navigate to: "User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance\Connection\Connection".

    3. Double click on "Proxy Settings".

    4. Mark the checkbox "Enable proxy settings".

    5. Under "Address of proxy" write the host name of the local proxy (In case that you

                don’t have a proxy server, write a as the Server IP).

    6. Under "Exceptions", write the web site that you to allow access to (To use multiple

                   web site names, add ";" between each web site name.         

    7. Press on "Ok" button, and close the MMC.

    8. Apply the new GPO to the required OU/Domain.


    But Gpo only can link to ou, domain and site, you can't link the gpo to groups. You can try to create finace department and HR ou to contain these groups. Or you can security filtering to set gpo only apply to groups.


    For more inofrmation, please refer the link below:

    Best regards,


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  • Thank You For your infomation. This method works. 

    Best regards,


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