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  • It's no great thing but i've to notice frequently that "answerers" - as the name implies? - are a bit inclined to mark their contributions as "answers" even if that isn't true and many people after their posts continue questioning the same issue over and over. And apparently not because they didn't read or understand the "answer" - there may be exceptions as well -, but because the "answer" didn't get the point, answered a question that wasn't asked, etc. You know, this point is of a certain importance since many users will suppose the "answered" issue as cleared, thus not reading it anymore for other solutions, etc. And no, I won't give examples because this could be misinterpreted as ad personam, which doesn't interest me at all. I hope you understand my intention.
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    יום שישי 29 מאי 2009 23:31

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  • I have seen answered items reverted back to not answered when appropriate.
    יום שישי 29 מאי 2009 23:41
  • That's the right way.
    Mob. AMD64 3000+, 1 G RAM, Mob. ATIRadeon9700, 20x DVDRW, C:XPSP3 (55G),D:WIN7 (25G),F:DATA (250G)
    יום שישי 29 מאי 2009 23:57
  • the question "asker" is able to, and should, unmark a response that doesn't really answer the question.
    oftentimes, the "asker" never returns to the thread to mark an answer, so whichever is selected, remains.
    other times, the "asker" will return to thank the responders and mark their own 'thanks' post as the answer.
    it is what it is...

    i just try to answer ?s that i feel i can contribute usefully to. if it gets marked as the answer by the op, cool, i helped. if not, so be it.


    * If you feel your question was answered helpfully, please mark the reply as the Answer, so others can find it.
    * If you are helped by an answer to another member's q-n-a, please vote for the thread as Helpful.
    שבת 30 מאי 2009 02:25