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  • Hi Everyone,
    I have purcahesd a new HP PC with Windows Vista Business but not able to join the domain controller (windows NT 4.0). This is my first time to use windows vista.

    The domain name SERVER might be a WINS. If this is the case, verify that the domain name is properly registered with WINS. They are no problem for WIN XP PRO to join this domain.

    The following error occurred when join the domain controller afterkey in the username and password. The error message " The following error attempting to join the domain "SERVER". Log on Failed: unknown username or bad password."

    In this case, I have used the domain controller adminstrator username and password as normally similiar step join domain on WINDOWS XP PRO.

    I have do not know what is the problem, may somebody give me a idea and solution

    Thank you



    יום חמישי 03 מאי 2007 09:43

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  • I'm having the same problem.  If you've solved your problem please let me know how you did it.




    יום שישי 11 מאי 2007 21:18
  • I am having the same problem but my dc is running win 2000 server and fro the life of me i cant connect my new vust tablet with vista business.

    hope you can help, many thanks...  Johnny
    יום שלישי 22 מאי 2007 18:39
  • Having the same problem on Windows Server 2003 and Vista Business unable to connect to the domain.  Someone help!


    יום חמישי 14 יוני 2007 18:57
  • Hi guys


    Me too!!!!


    Any ideas?





    יום רביעי 04 יולי 2007 11:20
  • One of the reason is Physical (MAC) Address is 00-00-00-00-00-00 due to the hardware problem. To resolve the issue, do the following.


    In the Local Area Connection Properties --> Select "Configure" --> Advanced --> from the Properties select "Network Address" enable the Value and put any mac address like 09-00-34-60-EA-A8 then click OK. Run ipconfig/all and check if the MAC address changed.

    Try again to join the domain. Let us know if the issue resolved.




    יום רביעי 11 יולי 2007 20:37
  • This worked.


    שבת 14 יולי 2007 14:15
  • Add computer to domain and traing again
    יום שלישי 17 יולי 2007 12:48
  • For me, it was a combination of 2 problems.

    1st, on the domain controller, go into Server Manager and create and account for the Vista PC in the domain.

    2nd, on your Vista PC, make sure the domain controller's IP address is in the WINS list.  Do ipconfig /all to check.  If not, go into the properties of the network card, properties of Internet Protocol v4, WINS tab, and add you Domain controller's IP address.  Now add it to the domain.

    יום שני 23 יולי 2007 13:07

    Hi Fren this is Bipan  Chauhan

    ur problem has been solved or  not


    as i m also facing the same problem


    Windows Vista business

    when I used to jooin it to DOMAIN its showing the error screen


    "The following error occured attempting to join to domain

    Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password "


    Pls help me to resolve this problem


    As the domain server is NT Server 4.0




    יום שישי 07 ספטמבר 2007 04:53
  • Hi- I had the same issue. The second attempt to join the domain locked out the user account.


    As suggested above I went to server manager on the domain controller and added my workstation to the domain.


    I also made sure the username to log on the pc was the same as the username on the network.


    That worked- however I had earlier enabled DNS and WINS (although I'm damned if I can find it again).


    Hope that is of use.



    יום שישי 07 ספטמבר 2007 09:23

    Hi everyone,


    I am having the same problem but in a different way because when i try to join my domain its not even asking for the password.


    please help me out.



    שבת 08 ספטמבר 2007 19:38
  • Dear YEW


    This is very much clear that there is no compatibility of VISTA with WINDOWS NT Server

    So U cannot join domain with NT server No need to the same


    U have to Degrade / Down create it to WINDOWS XP


    יום חמישי 04 אוקטובר 2007 09:02

    U cannot do the same as there is not compatibility of VISTA with NT Server
    יום חמישי 04 אוקטובר 2007 09:05
  • Try adding the workstation or laptop to the domain controller first.  Then repeat this steps to add the workstation/laptop. This worked for us.


    יום רביעי 07 נובמבר 2007 22:13
  • HI,

    I am having the same problem. I have NT4 server (Domain Controller) and Vista Business on workstation. It always says that "The User Session key not found for the given user". I have added the user in USERs on the server. Is there any thing else needed to be done?


    יום חמישי 08 נובמבר 2007 13:55
  • 1) Add the workstation to the domain

    2) Make the following changes to your Local Security Policy:
    Local Security Policy (start | secpol.msc) | Local Policies | Security Options
    Domain member: Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data (always) - Disabled
    Network security: LAN Manager authentication level - Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated

    3) Have the workstation join the domain.
    • הוצע כתשובה על-ידי Andrei Andrade יום חמישי 05 מרץ 2009 12:41
    יום רביעי 23 ינואר 2008 20:19
  • Hello Everybody:


    I have the Windows Vista Bussiness 64 bit Version and a Win 2000 Domain controller.

    I'm having the same problems and I already tried the previos suggestions.

    Can someone tell me if there is something else I can do in order to connect to my DC?


    We also have a Windows Vista Computer with the 32 bit version and it can join the DC without any problems.


    Will appreciate any Help.




    יום שני 17 מרץ 2008 15:29

    I am having this same issue trying to join w2k3 server .. I get an invalid name format for the domain. at first it was my windows firewall blocking access as it would not ping to it. so I fix that much.. I also wouldn't get prompted for the

    user name password box. so I went via control panel instead and now I do even when I right click on my computer --> properties. but I am still getting the error msg .. I haven't yet tried to add the computer in the AD in w2k3 server . but any help would be great  FYI this is vista ultimate

    יום רביעי 07 מאי 2008 18:46
  • Temporarily disable all non windows security software.  In my case Norton Internet security suite was blocking the computer registration to the Domain.  Remember to check the domain name it should be something like "domain_name.local"

    This solved the problem.

    Hope this can help.

    שבת 10 מאי 2008 12:25
  • dubey

    Having the same problem on Windows Server 2003 and Vista Business unable to connect to the domain.  Someone help!

    or reply through my email address: dubemeneh@yahoo.com

    יום רביעי 04 יוני 2008 10:02
  • I enabled flow control in the adanced tab under the the configure tab for the advanced connection settings and it worked a treat

    יום חמישי 05 יוני 2008 22:28
  • The Local Security Policy changes chipster621 provided worked for me!!


    I tried all the other suggestions people had, but no luck. 


    I have been struggling with this show stopper for months now!  I had the same problem with VISTA versions from MSDN, Partner Action Packs, and DELL OEM.  Finally we can use VISTA in our Enterprise!


    This issue and its simple solution you provided should be a Microsoft Technet KB article, not deep in the forums. 


    We are soon upgrading to AD2008, however, we can't just do this by flipping a switch!  Also, it is quite possible that some of our legacy applications may not run in VISTA or Windows 2008 - so we may need to keep the old stuff alive a bit longer; so some of our users may need connectivity with the old NT4 domain.



    Keep up the good work!!


    יום שלישי 07 אוקטובר 2008 15:09
  • Microsoft said NO vista with NT


    Andrei Andrade
    WCSP, MCP70-290
    יום חמישי 05 מרץ 2009 12:12
  • Hay I seem to have the same problem as u all. I have had this cp for 1 month with 5 different  people who have thier own little log on thing.... Now mine wont let me long on the one that was made for me.Says the same message as u.
    My question is in your answer u said to type any Mac Address...? where do I find that? what is this for? sorry if this is a dumb ? I am so new at computers this is nuts to me..thanks for your info (if it helps) lol
    יום רביעי 25 מרץ 2009 22:13
  • Chipster's answer is the correct one.
    יום חמישי 16 אפריל 2009 15:55
  • This one didn't work. I have configured a new Dell desktop with Windows Vista business to join my domain (Windows Server 2003 Enterprse) and not able to join due to the following messasge: "An Attempt to resolve the DNS name of a DC in the domain being joined has failed. Please verify this client is configured to reach a DNS server than can resolve DNS names in the target domain."

    I tried several attemp and Admin login and this message alway came up. I tried your solutions but still not able to see the domain.




    יום רביעי 26 מאי 2010 15:21
  • Finally got it to work using this:


    edit the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) and added an entry for: server_name server_name.domain.root.suffix

    where was the ip address of the server, server_name was the dns/domain controller server, and server_name.domain.root.suffix was the FQDN.  Remember in vista you probably are going to have to add users full control of the file.


    The complicator of this issue was the VPN that we were connecting to the network.  We also manually entered the DNS server (of the remote network) to ensure that it overrode the local DNS server.  Strange how windows 7 doesn't have these sorts of problems.

    • הוצע כתשובה על-ידי andygauge יום חמישי 01 יולי 2010 00:03
    יום חמישי 01 יולי 2010 00:03