How to run Palm Desktop directly from Win 7 64x without Virtual PC.

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  • How to run Palm IIIxe in Windows 7 with PalmOS 4.1.4

    I tried to run the latest Palm DESKTOP 6.2.2 but was unable to move the records to another drive (TrueCrypt encrypted). The Data directory selector was missing under Tools, Options, General tab.
    However, if you don’t plan on moving the records to another location than the default version 6.2.2 works fine however the graphics looks better in 4.1.4.

    Here is what you need:

    1.     Palm III running PalmOS 4.1.4

    2.     Windows 7 SP1

    3.     Install:* 64-bit Windows USB Drivers for Palm/Garnet OS
    (From the download page click on troubleshooter if you have problems)

    4.     Install PalmHotsyncSetup by Pimlico on the PC

    5.     Install: Palm Desktop v4.14 on the PC.

    6.     Serial cable or docking station with the serial connector.

    7.     Serial to USB adapter (update the driver for Windows 7 64 bit – mine did it by itself when I plugged the adapter into the USB port).

    NOTE: For newer Palms equipped with USB ports you can disregard 5 and 6 above.

    After you have installed the Palm v4.14 both the Palm Desktop and the Hotsync programs will be in your start program folder.

    Restart the computer (I don’t know if this is necessary)

    ·        Click Start  - All Programs – Palm Desktop right click, then select Properties and click run as an administrator (or else the Compatibility option is not available in the next step.

    ·        Select Compatibility – Check the box for XP sp3** – Check the box Run this program as an administrator - Click the button “Change Settings For all Users”

    ·        Select Security – Click the button “Edit” for each user account (that you want to give access) and put check marks in every box under Allow (below)


    o   Start the Palm Desktop.

    o   Select Hotsync, setup, local and set the serial port to COM 3 (or whatever port you use)

    o   Click on Show hidden icons (small arrow in Win7 right hand corner) click on the hotsync icon and select the appropriate port (Serial if you use a Serial/USB connector)

    o   Start your Sync from the handheld.

    o   Be patient the sync process takes a while using the “serial” port.

    o   If everything goes well all your records should be on the Palm Desktop.

    Tips and Tricks

    ·        Verify that a change to your contact list from the desktop is reflected on your handheld.

    ·        The Palm Desktop Help feature will not work unless you download the patch from Microsoft. When you click help a notice will pop up and it will take you to the download location for “Why can’t I use the Help feature in some programs?”

    ·        You should be able to install Palm DESKTOP 6.2.2 on top of version 4.1.4 and maintain the storage location on another drive.

    ·        I tried the “custom” option during install of 6.2.2 to install it on ANOTHER DRIVE but could not get it to work.

    *Aceeca is a New Zealand company, not only do they make great wine in New Zealand but also excellent drivers. A BIG THANKS TO THE GUYS ON THE ACEECA TEAM!!!

    **Not sure this is necessary, but I did it at this point but had to uncheck it later because THE Palm Desktop LOOKUP FEATURE WILL NOT WORK UNLESS IT IS UNCHECKED.

    Pasted directly from Word 2010 (I hope the formatting worked)

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  • @MikeDK,

    There is no point in posting this type of message in a forum.  The way a forum works the post will move down and out of sight in a couple of days.  This works better as a website or blog, not to mention that it is off topic since WVPC is not used in the solution.

    Colin Barnhorst Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on DIY with 6GB ram.
    • נערך על-ידי Cbarnhorst יום ראשון 06 נובמבר 2011 13:51
    יום ראשון 06 נובמבר 2011 13:50
  • Thanks! Your post was very helpful; got my Clie PEG-UX50 talking to my Thinkpad with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. I appreciate your efforts very much.


    שבת 10 דצמבר 2011 19:44
  • You Guys Rock!  I followed the directions exactly, and it worked exactly as expected.  Thanks for the great work, keep it up.  I'll definitely be looking for Aceeca's wine.
    יום שני 21 מאי 2012 21:40
  • I spoke too soon.  I have an issue with desktop not opening.  I synced fine and verified the data on both the Palm and the desktop.  Then I closed the desktop and tried to reopen it and am unable to reopen due to a user error.  I choose the correct, and only user profile name but the message is "you must choose at lease one user name'" and it won't open.

    Any ideas?


    יום שני 21 מאי 2012 21:55
  • Update,

    I downloaded and installed desktop 4.14 instead of using 4.12 from a disc I have.

    0.02 is all it took.

    In business again with Win 7.

    Thanks guys.


    יום שלישי 22 מאי 2012 02:18
  • Finally! I can sync to my own laptop instead of the Windows Vista PC. Thanks!
    יום רביעי 04 יולי 2012 14:56
  • I thought I was in business....

    Funny things happening, hot sync appears to be running normally, and cleans up at the end, but the data doesn't transfer from desktop to palm and vice versa.

    Any ideas?

    thanks -h

    יום רביעי 11 יולי 2012 02:27
  • I thought I was in business....

    Funny things happening, hot sync appears to be running normally, and cleans up at the end, but the data doesn't transfer from desktop to palm and vice versa.

    Any ideas?

    thanks -h

    I updated to palm desktop 6.22 hoping to fix the hotsync issue.

    Don't like it as much as 4.14 - category colors are missing, graphics not as sharp.  and found other issues:

    Hotsync is not reliable, updates to both desktop and handheld is intermittent although log says all is ok. ie sometimes syncs changes and sometimes not.  By looking at details when hotsyncing it shows two of each category that get hotsynced.  ie two datebooks, two address books, etc.  This takes hotsync twice as long.  I might have caused this by first choosing the newer palm PIM setup from Pimlico which didn't hotsync any data at all but log still shows ok.  so I then i chose the legacy setup and got it to hotsync and transfer data to where i am now, intermittent.

    Also lookup does not work in address book, it highlights random entries when letters are entered.  It worked fine in v4.14.

    It might be time to ditch the whole palm thingy and get a 4g smartphone.


    יום רביעי 11 יולי 2012 22:27
  • Note sure where the link for ACEECA came from.  The actual link was : 64 bit USB Windows Driver for Palm/Garnet OS.  They do not guarantee that it will work for HotSync with every device, but for me, it worked fine for my Handspring, Visor Edge.  I have been searching off and on for some time now.  The only machine that I could still run on was my company machine but we are going from XP to Win 7 shortly and I was running out of options.  Good luck.
    שבת 04 אוגוסט 2012 03:42