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  • Dear all. please if possible let me know why such problem happened

    yesterday one of our user (UserU) send email to UserA, UserB, UserC,UserD. Email reached all of the users. When UserC(for exapmle) clicks "Reply All", EmailX appears. We have no such a email address in domain. I asked UserU that let me look at his outlook maybe he added that email address (EmailX) occasionally. But when I looked at To: only UserA,UserB,UserC,and UserD were there not EmailX. I looked at his contact and saw that there was EmailX address. The question is that if UserU didn't add EmailX to To: why other emails saw EmailX when they reply all.

    it is so urgent I would be thankfull if you help me as soon as possible. 

    Kamis, 14 November 2019 08.44

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