Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Assertion failed! (JIT must be enabled) RRS feed

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  • I keep having an error message popping up and am not sure how to fix it.

    Message as follows:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Assertion failed!

    Program: C:\ProgramData\Users|csrss.exe

    File: c:\ninja\ninja\../libraries/rapidjson/document.h

    Line: 1696

    Expression: data_.f.flags & kUnitFlag

    For information on how your program can cause an assertions failure, see Visuall C++ Documentation on asserts

    (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)

    Abort    Retry    Ignore

    Senin, 07 Mei 2018 18.31

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  • Hi Carladk

    i am getting the same error. I think its caused by Asus PC link app, i installed on my Windows 7 Desktop PC.

    I would recommend removing Software you just installed from Startup.

    e.g. From start menu Run msconfig

    In System configuration select Startup Tab.

    UN-check PC Link from startup Items columns.

    select Apply changes then choose to reboot.

    I think this might prevent the error from popping at windows startup.

    I will let you know if i find a fix.



    Minggu, 13 Mei 2018 15.05