update boot image network driver on WDS (Simple question)


  • Hello,
    I need to inject new net driver to boot image on WDS.
    I follow instructions from 

    It is not clear for me where to place the folder with the new driver.
    In syntax below I see the inf file name for the driver. But how Imagex will know the path to it?


    1. At a command prompt, type the following:
    2. Imagex /mountrw Drive:\remoteinstall\boot\x86\images\boot.wim 2 mount
      peimg /inf=driver.inf mount\Windows
      imagex /unmount /commit mount
    3. Notes
    4. Drive:\remoteinstall represents the path at which the Remoteinstall folder is installed.
    • Driver.inf is the name of the third-party driver.
    • The Imagex /mountrw command mounts the specified image, with read/write permissions, to the specified directory.
    1. Enable the boot image on the WDS server. To do this, follow these steps:
    2. On the WDS server, click Start, click Run, type wdsmgmt.msc, and then click OK.
    3. Under WDS server, double-click Boot images.
    4. Right-click the boot image that you want, and then click Enable.

16 September 2009 15:48

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  • If you are using server 2008 r2 with wds install, you can inject drivers by right clicking on the boot image inside wds and selecting "add driver packages to this image". You will have to add the network inf drivers to the server as well by adding them to the WDS driver store. Hope this helps.
    09 Agustus 2010 10:45
  • You will need to fist add the driver package by opening up the Windows Deployment Services MMC snap in and then right clicking "Drivers" and choosing "Add Driver Package" after adding the drivers you need. you can then add them to a boot image by going into "Boot Images" right clicking the appropriate image and choose "Add Driver Packages to this Image" once there, click "Next" and then "Search for packages" your drivers should appear.  Click next to add them.

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  • Hi,

    checking this for adding drivers using dsim from an admin workstation:

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