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  • I was trying to find drivers for my Creative Webcam last night, so I googled Vista Creative ImLive! drivers, or something similar. I'll be honest, the drivers site that I downloaded seemed shady, with all of the free offers for things that I had to skip just in order to register and download 1 driver, but I did it anyway. So I installed the driver, and my webcam was working just fine. The problem didn't arise until I went to bed. While laying in bed trying to sleep, I noticed what sounded like my computer starting up. All the fans were on high for a few seconds, including my video card fan, which is a high buzz given the size of the fan. After a few seconds, the fans slowed back down, and the computer came out of sleep mode. I glanced over at the screen, figuring it restarted, but the webpages that I had left up, as well as digsby were still running. I found it odd, but rolled over and went back to sleep. This then happened probably...5 more times throughout the night, every hour or two.

    When I woke up for work, I went over to check on my computer, and my mouse was frozen, keyboard also. When I hit caps lock, it would turn on, but not until seconds later. The light on my webcam was also off, so it didn't recognize a connection. I unplugged the 3 (all USB), and plugged back in only the keyboard and mouse and they both worked again. I tried to check in device manager for the webcam drivers and uninstall them, but I was in a rush for work, so I didn't have time. I didn't see them in the list at all after a quick glance, but I may have just missed them.

    I guess my main question is, what do you guys think would be the cause of this problem? Is it a coincidence that I just installed my webcam last night? Would it be a driver issue? I know Windows 7 would always be an option too, since it's in beta, but I've been running it for a few days without a problem like this.
    13 Januari 2009 14:52

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  • This definitely sounds like a issue with those drivers.  Sounds like there was some running processes from teh driver or them trying to do something that has caused this issue.  Did it go away once the drivers were uninstalled?
    ~Alex T.~
    ~Windows Desktop Experience MVP~
    22 Januari 2009 3:38