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  • I've been searching Google and Forums, and I've only been able to find people who have the same problem as mine.  RichCopy is unable to remember settings.  I haven't found a solution.

    I've chosen 'Advanced Option' to filter on 'Last Written' date.  It didn't copy anything.  I tried again and saved my settings and then tried reloading them.  When I look, the settings are gone.  The checkmark on 'Same or Newer than the following date' is missing.  Other people report the same problem for other settings. 

    I'm using on Windows XP sp3.  The source files are from one USB drive and the destination is another USB drive.


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    15 Juni 2012 20:53

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    As this issue is happed on the Windows XP system, in order to get the answer effectively, it is recommended to submit a new question in Windows XP Forum.

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