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  • Hello MS team,

                  We use a software (CLE = Client Login Extension) in our enterprise which sits on the machine and provide a option to open a restricted browser via the cntrl alt del screen and provides the ability to change the domain password. 

    However, after changing the password, while we are able to use the new password to login to the system, the Windows Hello features (Face Recognition, PIN, Fingerprint) get out of whack, and give a message "Your password was changed on a different device, You must sign into this device with your new password and then you can sign in with Windows Hello"

    No matter how many times, we log in to the OS with the new password, the new password does not sync up and update the Windows Hello features. 

    If we uninstall the CLE software from the machine, the Windows Hello option starts working again.

    Can you please suggest, what could be the cause of the Windows Hello failing to update the new credentials when the software is installed on the OS?

    Thank you


    Kamis, 17 Oktober 2019 12.28

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  • Hi SD,

    From Microsoft website we can see:

    When you try to sign in using your PIN or biometric, you will see the following message: Your password was changed on a different device. You must sign in to this device once with your new password, and then you can sign in with your PIN.

    Click OK.

    Click Sign-in options.

    Click the Password button.

    Sign in with new password.

    The next time that you sign in, you can select Sign-in options and then select PIN to resume using your PIN.

    So I think your method should be ok, the cause of current situation is your Client Login Extension software, they may have some conflict on password change side. Please contact CLE support for help, what we can do now is just what you have done:

    When we need to change password, uninstall CLE firstly, after new password and PIN sync successfully, install CLE back.


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    Jumat, 18 Oktober 2019 02.14