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  • I have found out that we could exclude a SQL Server instance from being discovered by choosing the monitor DISCOVER SQL Server 2008 Database Engines (Windows Server) and choose Exclude list

    My question is what wildcard should i use as string in the Exclude list if i only want to exclude a SQL Server instance with the name er battlespace. The server name is sql-vp14

    Is this the correct wildcard exclusion string: sql-vp14/battlespace ?

    We have many other servers with the same name battlespace so the exlusion need to be specific to the sql server sql-vp14


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  • Hi Morten,

    without being able to test this, I would say Yes, you need to put in the Server\Instance name to achieve this. In general I would recommend you to stay away from the Exclude List for single instances. It would be way better if you just disable the discover of this particular instance. You can just group the instance you don't need (or only this one) and then do this:

    Hope I could help. Regards!

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