Admin Rights Win 8.1 Completely Lost RRS feed

  • Pertanyaan

  • I have LOST completely ALL Admin Rights in WIN 8.1and cannot get it back under ANY circumstances. I have tried every solution offered so I don't need to be referred to Advanced Security Settings or Control Panel - UAC  or Regedit and I am fairly sure no one knows the answer to this problem. Anything I try to uninstall or change in any way merely refers me to the dialogue to Type Password and hit YES, however there is nowhere top do that and YES is greyed out. And please don't mention updates...I have tried EVERYTHING to do with accessing ADMIN RIGHTS but NOTHING works!!

    The thing I would like to know now is how do I uninstall Win8.1 from my drive and install it back again?

    It all seems impossible unless someone has a tool to hack Win 8.1 and reinstall the OS. I am beyond caring about lost data now.

    It is ridiculous that MS doesn't have a way for me to access my account and be able to download a new copy of Win8.1.

    If anyone has a solution I would very much appreciate it although I am not hopeful.

    Thank you, PW

    Jumat, 11 April 2014 00.21