BSOD with Windows 7


  • So BSOD started happening to my computer out of the blue 3 days ago. I did a lot of research and fixing but just as soon as i thought i figured it out, it came back again. Some one please help me

    Initially i did a clean install of windows, cleaned everything out but problem kept happening. i did more digging and found/thought the problem was with the firmware thats outdated with my crucial M4 drive. I updated the firmware to the most current after ANOTHER clean install.

    Atleast this time i was able to capture the dump file, previously, the blue screen would get stuck and you have to do a hard shutdown. I attached the file. specs below. please let me know if you need anything else. Your help is greatly appreciated!!105#cid=28A190E0805A769D&id=28A190E0805A769D!105&sc=documents
    intel i7 2600k

    sabertooth p67

    windows home premium 64

    2x GTX 570 SLI

    crucial 128gb m4 SSD

    WD 1T HD

    2x 4gb kingston memory

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