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  • At my work network computers, I'm used to using shortcut keyboard combinations (ie: CTRL+SHIFT+E), which is customized via the shortcut properties menu, to open up application shortcut icons on my desktop. Recently, the network administrators upgraded an application and deleted the prior icons off the desktop that corresponded to the older version. That deleted icon (*.LNK file) contained the customized shortcut keyboard combination (CTRL+SHIFT+E). On the new icon they placed on the desktop, when I try to re-use the CTRL+SHIFT+E shortcut on that program, Windows displays an error message pop-up that states they cannot find the older application. So the question is: How do I clear old shortcut keyboard combinations that belonged to an older icon that was already deleted by administrators and I cannot find anywhere anymore? I want to be able to use CTRL+SHIFT+E combination on the new application icon.

    There was another thread on another site that stated to log off and restart and that cleared his custom shortcut keys, however, I tried that on all my work area computers and this did not work for me.

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