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  • Why Application Data folder is not accessible




    When I access the Application Data folder with administrative privilege on my computer, I get an error message "Access is denied".




    Note: This FAQ is based on discussions from a previous forum thread ( Accessing "Application Data" in Windows 7 ). Thanks to Ronnie Vernon and other participants' information sharing.

    In Windows Vista or later Operating Systems, the default location of user data has changed. The Application Data folder is not an actual folder. It is a Junction Point for backward compatibility. A Junction Point is a physical location on a local hard disk that points to another location on that disk or another storage device. It is essentially a shortcut.


    You might have noticed when clicking on a folder in Windows Explorer with a shortcut icon shown on it (a Junction Point ), you get an Access Denied error message. This is to be expected. By default, the Read permission for Junction Points is set to EveryoneDeny . You are not supposed to access these folders, and there really is no reason to access these folders.


    If you want to know where are those Junction Points pointing to. You can track down the real location of the files by running the command dir /aL to display all the Junction Points and the locations that the Junction Points refers to.


    For example:


    If you want to track down all Junction Points on C: drive, please locate C: drive and enter the following command:


    C:\>dir /aL /s


    More Information


    For more information on Junction Points, click the following links to view the articles:


    Junction Points and Backup Applications


    Junction Points


    Junction Points in Vista


    Applies to


    Windows 7 Starter

    Windows 7 Home Basic

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Windows 7 Professional

    Windows 7 Ultimate





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  • This article is nonsense. Applications store data in this folder that needs "backed up." As one example only, bookmarks for Google Chrome.

    "You are not supposed to access these folders, and there really is no reason to access these folders."

    sabato 8 febbraio 2014 05:34
  • Let me ask you a very straight question, who own the operating system on my computer...???????????????

    Please answer and don't reply with question...



    P.S. Microsoft needs to have there heads pulled out there ass.

    domenica 25 maggio 2014 22:17
  • So now what you have essentially done is made a place where malware writers can dump their files but I can't access them.  This was the most stupid thing to do ever.  In all these years of doing support I have never hurt a computer by accessing appdata.  However nearly ever malware dumps their apps there now. 
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