Solve PC Issue: Turn on AV software?


  • I have tried the Kaspersky beta for Win 7 and the Trend micro 30 day trial. Bolth will give me the Solve PC issue: Turn On Kaspersky or Trend Micro. I click on it and it asks me if I "Trust This Program", I click yes but it dosen't appear that it is accually turning it on. I open the AV application and it appears it is working fine. Anyone else having this issue? I switched to the Trend Mico after several of these messages appeared from the Kaspersky beta but I get the same result. I did have probles with Kaspersky, It wouldnt complete a full scan. Quick scans were the only working option. I did not have any issue from Kaspersky with Beta but this is ongoiung with RC. Any solutions?
    giovedì 11 giugno 2009 00:39

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  • Do not worry about this problem. Windows 7 RC has changed the way it communicates with antivirus software and many programs are not yet updated to the new standard. As long as Trend Micro seems to be working fine, do not worry about it and ignore those messages. If Kaspersky is not working then uninstall it. Never keep two antivirus programs running on your computer at one time.

    venerdì 26 giugno 2009 00:16