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  • One of my friends used my computer to download Sims 3, and now I have a virus. It seems to have created a whole virtual CD drive (J:) on my computer, and I can't delete any of it. The drive won't eject or delete. I followed the instructions in another page of the forum under "windows 8 disk management remove basic virtual disk," but it doesn't see (J:). It sees several other drives, just not that one. The virus is on this drive, and Norton isn't seeing it elsewhere, so I can't just delete that either, as it's showing the "disk" as read-only. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

    Thank you so much!

    PS: I have a screenshot if that would help. The forum won't allow me to post it here.

    PPS: The instructions I followed from the other forum page are: "If you don't want the virtual hard disk any longer, all you have to do is delete it.  You don't give specifics, so I will have to guess. 

    If this is a virtual hard disk used by a VM you tried to create in Hyper-V, first go into Hyper-V and delete the VM.  That just deletes the VM - not the disk.  After deleting the VM, there should be no process using the virtual hard drive, so you just have to delete it.

    Another thing you might have done is to create the VHD and mounted it to Windows 8.  In this case, you can't delete it because Windows 8 owns it.  Start computer management (compmgmt.msc).  Go to Disk Managment.  Find the entry for your VHD.  Right-click and detach it.  Then you can delete it.

    If it is not one of these things, you are going to have to give a more complete description of your environment and what is preventing you from deleting it.  .:|:.:|:. tim"

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  • OP Here: 

    Right click on the drive.
    Click Properties.
    Open the Hardware tab.
    Click Properties.
    Go to the Driver tab.
    Click Disable.
    Click Uninstall.
    It will prompt you to restart your computer.

    Once you're back in, repeat the process. 
    The drive will still show (I haven't figured out how to remove it), but without drivers, it can't harm the computer.

    Norton no longer sees backdoor.graybird or any other threats on the drive.

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