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  • Wellll....

    I updated my Hard Drive cause it was corrupted and needed to be replaced. I bought a new hard drive from the store, replaced it not problem, installed Windows Vista with ease.

    The problem is: Everytime I try to run Windows Update it wont install anything.

    I ran into this problem before and it was cause my old Hard Drive was a 100GB and thats what my computer recognizes.

    How do I update it to read my new 250GB Hard Drive so I can use Windows Update?

     Please help me. 

    martedì 3 luglio 2012 04:00

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  • boot into your PC's BIOS-setup utility to verify that it recognizes the new drive and positions it correctly in the drive hierarchy. (Check your PC's startup screen to determine which key launches the utility.) Once there, also check that "auto-detect" is selected for the drives, if an option. If the utility lets you select the boot order, give your intended boot drive priority over any other hard drive. This information may be under Boot Options, Boot Order, or Boot Sequence.

    Save changes and exit the utility. Your PC will reboot.

    Adrienne S

    Tech Support

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    martedì 28 agosto 2012 16:26