Window 7 Signal Strenth Display

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  • I've been trying to find more information on Windows 7 and the metrics it uses to determine if a wireless strength is 1 bar or 5 bars ?

    Does it base this around dBm information of the signal ?  If so what is the breakdown in dBm rates between the different bars ?

    Does anyone have a link they can share with this kind of information ?  Or anything they find useful regards to this. 

    Thank you

    sabato 17 marzo 2012 03:28

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  • You can calibrate your Windows in homogeneous field, but if you are in inhomogeneous field, this calibration is meaningless. I have never met serious comparison and solid measurement results.



    domenica 18 marzo 2012 20:04
  • Hi,

    Based my research, Microsoft has not release the detail information about how to defined the wireless signal strength.

    For how to improve the wireless network:

    Best Regards,

    Kim Zhou

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    lunedì 19 marzo 2012 09:32