Problem Installing Sharepoint 2019 Prerequisites RRS feed

  • Domanda

  • Hello,

    i'm experiencing some issues trying to install Sharepoint 2019.

    PrerequisiteInstaller give me an error trying to download "WcfDataServices5.6".

    I tried to download it by myself looking at this complete offline guide:

    The link to wcfdataservices on the bottom of the page is, but the result is a 404.

    I tried all the link from the previous Sharepoint version guide (this is a prerequisite since Sharepoint2013 SP1), they are all different in "linkId" but not in the result...404...

    Could someone help me?

    Thank You.

    Fernando Cigolotti

    martedì 17 settembre 2019 14:29

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  • Hi Fernando.

    I've just tried downloading that package from the TechNet Wiki article you've mentioned and the download was successfully completed; there are also links to download the installations packages for each of the SharePoint 2019 prerequisites in the documentation page for the hardware and software requirements for SharePoint Server 2019.
    Try again.


    Luigi Bruno

    venerdì 20 settembre 2019 12:01