Random VISTA shutdown


  • I am experiencing random VISTA shutdowns. Suddenly, without warning, Vista appears to begin closing, the screen goes blank, and the computer turns off.
    HW = IBM Thinkpad T42p, 1.5GB RAM, 100GB HD.
    SW = VISTA Ultimate, Office 2007, Live OneCare, and several other applications.
    Shutdown has occured when using several applications, including OUTLOOK 2007, IE 7, Quickbooks Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Firefox, Thunderbird, WORD 2007.
    Computer restarts normally. OUTLOOK will check .pst file upon open.
    Any ideas?
    Which log do I check to see what happened?
    mercoledì 28 febbraio 2007 12:17

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  • Open the Reliability and Performance Monitor, open the Reliability Monitor in the left column and you can see hardware, Windows and application failures.
    mercoledì 28 febbraio 2007 14:16
  • There are several "Miscellaneous Failures". One one day there was 4. All failures have identical entries:
    Failure type: Disruptive Shutdown
    Version: 6.0.6000
    Failure detail: The computer was not shut down properly.

    The were no listed application failures, hardware failures, or Windows failures on those days.

    The computer just QUICKLY shuts down on its own. It does it sometimes when left on during the night with no use. It did it yesterday while typing in a WORD document.

    My system stability index was 9.17 on 2/15, and it was 5.29 yesterday.

    mercoledì 28 febbraio 2007 14:50
  • Perhaps it's a compatibility issue. Have you checked for updates to the apps you usually have running?
    mercoledì 28 febbraio 2007 17:39
  • The major aps are Office 2007, QuickBooks Pro, FireFox, Thunderbird, Picasa 2, TurboTax, Abode Acrobat Pro 8, & BitTorrent . The IBM ThinkPad utilities I've loaded are only those specifically for VISTA. I downloaded all new updated copies from the web, or loaded from CD and then updated.

    I have made sure all apps are up to date, which I realize does not ensure VISTA compliance.

    Note that there are no APPS failurs listed corresponding to any of the failures. I have had 10 such failures since I loaded VISTA on 2/15.

    Realize there are several items running, but yesterday, the only Window I had open and was using was WORD 2007. It shut down. it shut down previously in a similar way when using Excel 2007.

    Any further thoughts on how to capture the event details?

    mercoledì 28 febbraio 2007 18:17
  • Strange as this may seem, I would try not using any Office 2007 products and see if the system still shuts down.
    giovedì 1 marzo 2007 03:04
  • Thanks for the idea. However, there should absolutely be no issue between Office 2007 and VISTA at this stage of release.

    My business relies on Office products daily. So can't afford to uninstall Office.

    Anyone have ideas on how to check a log about these shutdowns beyond the performance monitor?

    giovedì 1 marzo 2007 03:24
  • How about the event viewer in Vista? Any special log entry in there?
    venerdì 2 marzo 2007 01:45
  • I had 4 shutdowns and on 2/20, and only one critical even involving ntoskrnl. What should I look for?

    sabato 3 marzo 2007 11:22
  • what is the error code? I am thinking your problem may related to hardware.

    Does all the device drivers were certified on Vista?

    domenica 4 marzo 2007 04:33
  • I am using primarily the drivers that came with VISTA. I have downloaded only the "VISTA" drivers from IBM for the Thinkpad. The USB thumbdrive, the USB hard drive, SCR331 smart card reader, HP laserjet etc. all claim to be for VISTA, but I have no real way to verify that they are certified when I download them from the various support sites.

    What error code? Nothing appears - the machine just shuts down. Is this in a log somewhere?

    domenica 4 marzo 2007 11:47
  • What I would like to know from you is at the time of the Quickbooks Pro 2007 installation. My computer (which is not even a month old with the new Vista)  Here's the message that I keep getting




    Setup cannot find C:\Windows\COMMAND.COM. Setup cannot continue.





    What increases my confusion is that after clicking OK I was eble to install the program....but once the installation was complete and I tried to run the program, Quickbooks kept on crashing and shutting down my computer.  To be on the safe side I tried to uninstall it but I am unable as I am missing the command.com ....  Can you help???


    lunedì 5 marzo 2007 06:03
  • My initial installation order was (fresh installation on a new hard drive):
    VISTA Ultimate
    Office Pro 2007
    Lenovo Thinkpad VISTA system updates, drivers, and utility programs
    HP LaserJet 3051 drivers and utilities
    Epson Expression 1600 drivers and utilities
    QuickBooks Premier 2007 Professional Services Edition
    Adobe Acrobat Pro 8
    Picasa 2
    Real Player

    Had no problems, and I have installed several other programs. QuickBooks is working fine, and Intuit claims it is certified for VISTA. Have also installed two versions of TurboTax, and I have not experienced what you have.

    lunedì 5 marzo 2007 11:53
  • I mean the system and application lop in event viwer. checking them may help to solve the problem.


    lunedì 5 marzo 2007 18:52
  • Hi, I'm using an HP laptop (Turion 64(x2) 1Gb RAM, 100Gb HDD) and have in the last couple of days formatted and loaded Window Vista Business.  I am also getting random shutdowns and, like the problem aforementioned, it doesn't seem to have any bearing on what the machine is doing.  Having initially used the Windows drivers, I decided to install the HP specific drivers for Vista but still have the same problem.  Event viewer reports that "the system was unexpetedly shutdown", really?  I wouldn't have guessed... ;)

    I can't see anything blindingly obvious that could be causing this.  I've even switched the theme to windows classic with all the features and effects turned off.  It's proving to be quite unreliable.

    I'm also running Office 2007 and the only other software installed at the moment is for my Zune.  At this rate, I'm going to have to revert back to Windows XP which is a shame because I like the look, feel and speed of Vista much better.

    If anyone has and suggestions or a solution, I'd be very greatful.



    venerdì 9 marzo 2007 04:18
  • Had shutdown again. Was copying files to a Maxtor USB hard drive - doing a backup. About 20 minutes into the copy, the screen faded away and the system shutdown. In the Event log, Error! "The previous system shutdown at 5:29:01 on 3/8/2007 was unexpected." Event 6008

    - System

    - Provider

    [ Name] EventLog

    - EventID 6008

    [ Qualifiers] 32768

    Level 2

    Task 0

    Keywords 0x80000000000000

    - TimeCreated

    [ SystemTime] 2007-03-08T11:30:33.000Z

    EventRecordID 9279

    Channel System

    Computer yarcom-ntbk7

    - EventData

    5:29:01 AM



    Binary data:

    In Words

    0000: 000307D7 00080004 001D0005 03E30001
    0008: 000307D7 00080004 001D000B 03E30001
    0010: 00000960 0000003C 00000001 00000960
    0018: 00000000 000004B0 00000001 00000000

    In Bytes

    0000: D7 07 03 00 04 00 08 00 ×.......
    0008: 05 00 1D 00 01 00 E3 03 ......ã.
    0010: D7 07 03 00 04 00 08 00 ×.......
    0018: 0B 00 1D 00 01 00 E3 03 ......ã.
    0020: 60 09 00 00 3C 00 00 00 `...<...
    0028: 01 00 00 00 60 09 00 00 ....`...
    0030: 00 00 00 00 B0 04 00 00 ....°...
    0038: 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .......

    venerdì 9 marzo 2007 12:40
  •  k469 wrote:

    Hi, I'm using an HP laptop (Turion 64(x2) 1Gb RAM, 100Gb HDD) and have in the last couple of days formatted and loaded Window Vista Business.  I am also getting random shutdowns and, like the problem aforementioned, it doesn't seem to have any bearing on what the machine is doing.  Having initially used the Windows drivers, I decided to install the HP specific drivers for Vista but still have the same problem.  Event viewer reports that "the system was unexpetedly shutdown", really?  I wouldn't have guessed... ;)

    I can't see anything blindingly obvious that could be causing this.  I've even switched the theme to windows classic with all the features and effects turned off.  It's proving to be quite unreliable.

    I'm also running Office 2007 and the only other software installed at the moment is for my Zune.  At this rate, I'm going to have to revert back to Windows XP which is a shame because I like the look, feel and speed of Vista much better.

    If anyone has and suggestions or a solution, I'd be very greatful.



    HI, did you check with HP whether your laptop is Vista Compatible? And where is the Vista installation disc come from?

    venerdì 9 marzo 2007 17:39
  •  gklott wrote:
    Had shutdown again. Was copying files to a Maxtor USB hard drive - doing a backup. About 20 minutes into the copy, the screen faded away and the system shutdown. In the Event log, Error! "The previous system shutdown at 5:29:01 on 3/8/2007 was unexpected." Event 6008

    - System

    - Provider

    [ Name] EventLog

    - EventID 6008

    [ Qualifiers] 32768

    Level 2

    Task 0

    Keywords 0x80000000000000

    - TimeCreated

    [ SystemTime] 2007-03-08T11:30:33.000Z

    EventRecordID 9279

    Channel System

    Computer yarcom-ntbk7

    - EventData

    5:29:01 AM



    Binary data:

    In Words

    0000: 000307D7 00080004 001D0005 03E30001
    0008: 000307D7 00080004 001D000B 03E30001
    0010: 00000960 0000003C 00000001 00000960
    0018: 00000000 000004B0 00000001 00000000

    In Bytes

    0000: D7 07 03 00 04 00 08 00 ×.......
    0008: 05 00 1D 00 01 00 E3 03 ......ã.
    0010: D7 07 03 00 04 00 08 00 ×.......
    0018: 0B 00 1D 00 01 00 E3 03 ......ã.
    0020: 60 09 00 00 3C 00 00 00 `...<...
    0028: 01 00 00 00 60 09 00 00 ....`...
    0030: 00 00 00 00 B0 04 00 00 ....°...
    0038: 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .......

    To troubleshoot this problem, I think one of the method is doing a clean install of Vista. After that, DO NOT install any driver or application to it. Watch whether the system is stable or not.
    If no problem occour, install device driver and software to it one by one. After install a dirver or software, check whether the system is keeping stable before install additional softwares.

    And, do you check with IBM? Does you laptop compatible with Vista? Any BIOS or driver need to be updated?
    As I know, some Toshiba notebooks got problem with Vista and need to do some update before the Vista installation.

    venerdì 9 marzo 2007 17:47
  • This VISTA installation was CLEAN, on a brand new hard drive. I installed only the IBM Thinkpad VISTA certified drivers. I then installed Office Pro 2007, Visio Pro 2007, and Project Pro 2007, and Quickbooks 2007 Pro. All these are VISTA certified.

    That's when the problem started.

    Installing a new clean VISTA a second time is something Microsoft would never ask of anyone in business. VISTA should work first time.

    According to IBM support, the Thinkpad T42p (2579-DYU), 1.5 GB RAM, is VISTA compatible. I used IBM's ThinkVantage System Update software, which downloaded and installed all the appropriate VISTA drivers - 6 total.

    venerdì 9 marzo 2007 18:43
  • Hi RichardWu,

    My Vista install comes from the MS Action Pack.  The laptop has a "Windows Vista Capable" sticker on it and I've also checked with HP to make double sure that it will run and was advised it shouldn't be a problem.  Copying large amounts of data across to my zune will cause a shutdown, as will the software I use to convert My DVDs to wmv format so in that respect it seems to be anything hard drive intensive.  As yet, I haven't burned a CD/DVD but need to do so tonight as I have some important data to shift.  The machine will stay on with nothing running for an indeffinite amount of time (so far) which is a good start I guess.

    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 07:14
  • Hi, is the all the problem occur when you use the USB port?
    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 09:07
  • Just to add some more information.

    My HP PC with preinstalled Vista premium has the random shutdown problem. When I reboot it informs me that it is recovering from an unexpected shutdown and gives me the option to recover, safe mode etc. When it boots up it asks if I want to contact Microsoft. It goes away and tells me that it is a known issue and that I can call Microsoft and quote a KB number and they will give me a fix or I can wait if idont feel it is critical (no my pacemaker is not plugged into the PC, but...) for the next service pack/upgrade.....

    I will give them a call and let you folks know.


    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 19:39
  • The problem seems to occur when files are consistently accessed from the HDD.  Whether that be to a USB drive, my Zune or indeed writing a CD.  If Miggins manages to find the solution, I'd be extremely greatful, because as it stands I don't really have a useful machine :(

    Awaiting patiently....

    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 20:46
  • Have you check the HDD maybe a hardware problem with your hard drive.

    try using another drive. aslo is it a sata drive? you were running windows Xp.

    goto www.terabyte.cominc its has a 30 day free trial and you can download image for windows .Its compadible with vista you can create a bootible image

    on to a dvd or dvds load it onto a diffrent hdd. i use it so i dont have to activate windows vista again.

    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 21:18
  • I'd never had one problem with my laptop before and has been 100% reliable for everything I've done.  The problem is only present now in Vista.  However, hardware problem can occur pretty often and unpredictably given the impression something else may be at error when it perhaps isn't.  I'll try your suggestion anyway and see how I go.  Thanks sean19661.
    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 21:27
  • Sorry about the bad link its www.terabyteinc.com
    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 21:32
  • haha, no worries.  I was just wondering the hell that was about ! ;)
    lunedì 12 marzo 2007 21:34
  • I have experienced the shutdown with:
    - copying large datasets to another HD in the Thinkpad Superbay
    - copying large datasets to a USB connected external hard drive
    - copying large datasets to a network attached storage
    - writing to a 4 GB DVD-R

    OneLive cannot complete a backup because of this shutdown problem.  I did not have this problem before with XP using Norton Ghost on the same physical laptop.

    Yet I have also experienced shutdowns while simply working in WORD 2007 and OUTLOOK 2007. I was not copying large files then. I have also left the computer on at nite only to find it off the next morning.

    mercoledì 14 marzo 2007 10:40
  • Today, using MATLAB 2007a, VISTA certified. Reading 21 numerical data files, approx 12 MB each, for a computation. During read, VISTA shutdown.It will read some, up to about 12, without crashing, but when I go further, VISTA closes unexpectedly.

    So there is a real problem with VISTA crashing during disk activities. I have seen several other threads now on this issue.

    giovedì 15 marzo 2007 00:58
  • I tried creating a bootable image disk as suggested by sean19661, also using the suggested software.  However, 10 mins or so into creating the image guess what....  yup shutdown.  So it seems that I'm unable perform any backup because of the constant disk access.  Getting a real pain now. :(
    giovedì 15 marzo 2007 10:56
  • Today, was running Windows OneCare Live. it was performing the defrag portion of the Performance Plus tune up.

    VISTA shutdown unexpectedly again.

    Only other open item was my Cingular Sierra Wireless AirCard 860, 3G Watcher, vR1.9.3.1298, which Sierra Wireless claims to be VISTA certified. Was connected to the network via that connection. Sierra card is PCMCIA.

    venerdì 16 marzo 2007 23:00
  • Was installing National Instrument VISA v4.21. It downloads as a 213 MByte self-extracting ZIP(.exe) file.

    Each time I launch the .exe to extract, it creates the temporary folders, and about one minute into the extraction, VISTA shuts down.

    Had no other shutdowns today prior to this one. It happened three time with no other applications running.

    Seems the shutdown occurs when having heavy disk activity to primary internal HD, secondary internal HD (different manufacturer), USB external HD, and when writing a large file to a nateowk attached storage device. So this is not a hardware update issue.

    Does anyone understand what is happening?

    lunedì 19 marzo 2007 17:16
  • Have you tried running your display setting in min settings.

    Have you done any upgrades. Do you have an extra HDD on hand you can install windows Vista on ?

    martedì 20 marzo 2007 18:50
  • After several people having exactly the same problem, similar software but with different spec machines, I would have thought this would be an issue with Windows rather than the hardware itself.  I was running WinXP for 8 months on this laptop with absolutely no problems whatsoever.  Now I've formatted and upgraded to Vista I get this one major problem - a problem that others are also experiencing.  If it was old legacy hardware causing this I'd understand, but it's relatively new hardware that has all been certified by their manufacturer as being Vista capable.  I do understand that on occaision hadware can generate problems, however I find it hard to believe in this instance that an alomst instant shutdown is caused by 'dodgy' hardware and exhibited by others in very similar scenarios.  In saying that, I'm willing to try anything and will attempt an install on a spare 20Gb drive I have purely out of curiosity.
    martedì 20 marzo 2007 20:23
  • HELP!!!!....I'm having the same problem...BRAND NEW HP Media Center PC...had it just 3 weeks, and Vista Home Premium keeps shutting down over and over...

    I hope SOMEBODY from Microsoft actually reads these....I'm about ready to wipe the hard drive and pop-in my XP disc....

    Very frustrating...If this is what Vista is all about, you can have it....
    martedì 27 marzo 2007 08:39
  • Had an interesting item show up. Clearly, this shutdown has to do with lots of disk activity.

    So I downloaded a 200 MByte ZIP file. When I started the decompress process, using VISTA native capabilities (not WinZIP), I suddenly caught a glimpse of a VISTA error message. It said that that my "Disk is Full". Then VISTA immediately shutdown.

    I turned the machine back on, and the drive shows "31.4 GB free of 58.5 GB."

    I have recreated this, and it happened again - but the disk full error warning goes by too quickly to catch. I cannot unzip this 200 MByte ZIP file without the VISTA failure. It unzips and installs properly - as I did on two other machines running XP.

    It appears to be an internal VISTA error where VISTA sees the disk drive: internal OS  primary partition, internal "d:" partiction, add-on internal "e:", USB external "f:", USB thumbdrive, or even NAS, causes VISTA to think a drive is full.

    Microsoft need to investigate this error is in VISTA disk handling. This is a critical issue that clearly MANY folks are having on a variety of new and old hardware.

    mercoledì 28 marzo 2007 00:54
  • Please report that problem to MS support services.

    Link in here:



    They can help to solve the problem.

    mercoledì 28 marzo 2007 13:24
  • "Confirmation number: 1032408242 Your question was successfully submitted to Microsoft.
    A Microsoft professional will respond to you in e-mail within 1 business day."

    I referenced this thread in the report.

    Had a shutdown this morning when One Care kicked in to do a tune up.  I canceled the tune up because it will cause repeated VISTA shutdowns.

    I thought the VISTA team reviewed these forums too?

    mercoledì 28 marzo 2007 13:58
  • heh, I've just done exactly the same and referenced this thread too !  just hope we can find an answer! Smile  I was just surfurfing the net last night and it shut down, nothing at all was running other than IE.


    I'd have thought they would monitor it and give one solution to all, rahter than emailing us all individually.  Still, lets hope it's a quick solution.

    mercoledì 28 marzo 2007 14:11
  • same problem as with everyone else ,i got a hp pavilion dv8372ea and just had a clean installation of vista ultimate. When there is heavy disk activity the laptop just shuts down, this happened to one too many people to be a hardware issue ,are the people from microsoft concidering this problem? maybe prepare and update or something because this is getting a bit too annoying, has anyone actually fixed this problem and can give some assistance please?
    giovedì 29 marzo 2007 15:23
  • Recommend everyone file a support request with Microsoft, referencing my support request number. For the first 90 days with VISTA, this is free.

    Keep pointing the tech support folks to this forum and thread.

    Also, post your support request reference number and any emails you get from tech support.

    giovedì 29 marzo 2007 16:36
  • Reply from MS to my support request:

    From: Stephen Chen [mailto:v-30stc@mssupport.microsoft.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:20 PM
    To: gklott@yarcom.com
    Subject: Microsoft Windows Vista Online Support Service: SRX1032408242




    Dear Gus,


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Windows Vista Online Support Service. My name is Stephen, and I am glad to work with you. For your reference, the case ID for this service request is SRX1032408242. You can contact me directly by writing an email to v-30stc@mssupport.microsoft.com with the case ID in the subject line.


    To give the most accurate support possible, I would like to give a brief summary of the issue as I understand it.


    After Windows Vista Ultimate was installed on the laptop computer, you noticed that while you were copying some large files or extracting some ".zip" files, the computer would shut down automatically.


    If I have misunderstood, please do not hesitate to let me know.


    I can understand the difficulty that you have been experiencing. Please be assured that I will do my best to assist you in resolving this issue. Your patience, understanding, and co-operation are highly appreciated.


    Before moving on, I would like to confirm the following information with you:

    (1) Are any third-party hard drive management programs installed on the computer now? For example, one of them is "Intel Application Accelerator".

    (2) Does this issue occur when there isn't much disk activity?

    Please let me know the exact situation, and I will check the issue for you on my side.


    Based on the current research, I would like to let you know that the issue may occur if some third-party programs running in the background are interfering with the operating system or some hardware devices are not fully compatible with the operating system or certain system component files have been corrupted partially. Therefore, I suggest we start "Windows Update" manually, restart the computer into "Safe Mode", and collect the system information. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


    At this time, I suggest we perform the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:


    Step 1: Windows Update


    1. Switch on the computer, enter Windows Vista, and log on with a user account with the administrator privilege.

    2. Click "Start", click "Control Panel", choose "Classic View", and double-click "Windows Update".

    Note: If we receive a warning message from "User Account Control", let's click "Continue".

    3. Click "Check for updates" in the left pane, and the computer will try to download and install the latest updates for the operating system.

    4. After the installation is finished, let's restart the computer, and check if the issue occurs again.


    Step 2: Safe Mode


    1. Restart the computer and keep pressing the "F8" key until the "Windows Startup" menu appears.

    2. Please choose "Safe Mode", and press "Enter".

    Note: In "Safe Mode", the Windows system display and desktop will look and perform differently than in "Normal Mode", and this is only temporary. To return to "Normal Mode", we can simply restart the computer.

    3. When we are prompted to enter the username and password, please log on with a user account which has the administrator privilege.

    4. Thus, please check if the issue also occurs in "Safe Mode", and let me know the test result in detail.

    Note: Please copy some large files from one hard drive to another one, or extract a ".zip" file manually.

    5. If the issue does not occur, let's restart the computer to "Normal Mode".


    Meanwhile, in order to troubleshoot the issue more efficiently, we may need to collect some necessary system information for further research. Please follow the steps below to do so:


    a. Capture a screenshot


    1. When the error message or error code is shown, press "PrintScreen" (PrScrn) on the keyboard to capture a screenshot.

    2. Click "Start", type "MSPAINT.exe" in the "Start Search" field, and press "Enter".

    Note: If we receive a warning message from "User Account Control", let's click "Continue".

    3. Click "Edit" and "Paste" to paste the screenshot to the canvas, click "File", click "Save", and save it as a ".jpg" file to a certain folder.

    4. Open this folder, select the ".jpg" file, right-click this file, click "Send to", and click "Compressed (zipped) folder".


    b. Collect system information


    1. Click "Start", type "MSINFO32.exe" (without quotation marks) in the "Start Search" field, and press "Enter".

    Note: If we receive a warning message from "User Account Control", let's click "Continue".

    2. Click "File", click "Save to", specify a certain folder, and save it as an ".nfo" file, such as "system.nfo".

    3. Select the ".nfo" file, right-click this file, click "Send to", and click "Compressed (zipped) folder".

    4. After that, please send the ".zip" files to me at v-30stc@mssupport.microsoft.com


    Note: How to send an attachment

    a. Locate the file that will be sent as an attachment, right-click it, and choose "Send to" and "Compressed folder" from the pop-up menu, and click "OK". Thus, a new compressed file will be generated on the desktop.

    b. Right-click the compressed file, click "Send to" and "Recipient".

    c. Input my email address v-30stc@mssupport.microsoft.com and send it to me.


    Thank you in advance for trying the above suggestion and taking the time to gather the information for me. Please let me know the results at your earliest convenience. If anything in my email is not clear or you need further help, please don't hesitate to let me know. I will follow up with you as soon as possible and it is my pleasure to be of assistance.


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Windows Online Support Service. I look forward to your reply.


    Best regards,

    Stephen Chen


    Microsoft Windows Vista Support Professional


    Satisfied customers are my top priority. Please let either myself or my manager know what you think of the level of service provided. You can send feedback to Microsoft Management at <managers@microsoft.com?subject=WindowsOnlineSupportIncident> or directly to my manager, Jeff Wang at <v-30jefw@mssupport.microsoft.com>

    giovedì 29 marzo 2007 16:37
  • I have exactly the same email from a Michael Wang.  Microsoft Incident: SRX1032407530.  What is a little dissapointing is that we are asked for a screeshot.  I was almost tempted to send a black image!  If the machine instantly shuts down, you're not gonna get an error message you can copy to the clipboad and send.  Also, there is no memory dump as it just switches off.  I did try safe mode copying a large file from DVD to HDD and it still shut down.  I created the nfo file for him from system info, so I'm hoping that will be helpful to him at least.  Although I did forget to zip it up!
    giovedì 29 marzo 2007 18:33
  • computer approx 3 weeks old hp media center PCm7760n

    same computer same problem actually have had only 3 reboots last one occured while surfing net

    btw just after purchase installed a ati 6500 series video card and larger power supply

    good luck

    hp tech support is frustrating they reccomend putting in origional power supply and removing video card.

    i just updated video driver from ati catalist and I hope the random freezing problem is solved


    I read some where that it might be the power supply...



    lunedì 2 aprile 2007 00:44
  • The problem can be related to Power supply.

    As Vista Aero effect use a lot of resources on the display card, the power consumption would be larger than before.

    mercoledì 4 aprile 2007 03:55
  • If the problem actually is with the power supply then i guess on a laptop this can be fixed by changing the power option for more power in the bios settings? and if the power is the actual problem then how come there are pc's with the same problem WHEN ALL EFFECTS AND AERO INTERFACE ARE TURNED OFF? my laptop last night shutted down by it self 4 times ,it was extremely irritating .microsoft should really look into this and give an actual sollution wheather that be an update or anything else, personally im that close to reverting to xp which is sad cause i really started to like the feel and look of vista...
    giovedì 5 aprile 2007 09:52
  • MS have do a lot of tests on Vista with difference hardwares. But, there are really too many hardwares in the world. It's really impossible to test it all. I think the only option is to contact MS and tell them your problem. It's can help to find out the problem source.
    venerdì 6 aprile 2007 16:39
  • I have the same issue with my HP nx9600 laptop.  The machine can run for days at a times.  Today, the machine has shutdown 5 times on it's own.  I'm running Vista Ultimate Edition.
    giovedì 12 aprile 2007 20:25
  • DId you try to call HP support?
    sabato 14 aprile 2007 07:47
  • i have contacted microsoft support, my incident no  SRZ070406001225 they still havent helped much. btw you guys if you turn off ALL of the visual effects and extras e.g select classic theme, disable sidebar your laptop is going to run a bit more without shutting down , thats untill the problem is solved....
    btw hp support can do even less than because this is a vista problem and doesnt really concern hp, after all vista just came out so hp dont really know how to fix the problem , they aren't that familiar with vista yet?
    sabato 14 aprile 2007 20:17
  • I have not experienced the random shutdown for over 2 weeks. I can now do backups, large file downloads, etc.

    What did I do?
    1. Removed MS One Care Live. Replaced it with Norton 360.
    2. Updated ATI Technologies Inc. driver update for "MOBILITY FIRE GL T2/T2e (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)" on 3/30/2007.
    3. Completed all other update from MS and Lenovo for this IBM Thinkpad.

    MS closed my trouble ticket. With everything they suggested I try, I couldn't get the problem to repeat. Will keep an eye on things.

    FYI - Norton 360 works MUCH better than One Care Live.

    sabato 14 aprile 2007 21:19
  • sorry for the delay

    I took the computer back to my retailer for warranty.....

    I really don't know what they did. they claim they found no faults.......after 4 days of who knows what

    But they replaced the computer........power supply..... and graphics card with radon XX1950 pro

    I installed these components myself

                the drivers for the power supply were a bit of a pain to install properly but eventually they installed correctly (I don't think I am running the latest driver some issues)

    Now no more problems.... no freezing.....no random shut down....

    as for HP's technical support they provided no usefull information.

    good luck to the rest of you.



    sabato 14 aprile 2007 23:18
  • It's really hard to figure out the source of the problem. But latest software and driver is always a solution.
    domenica 15 aprile 2007 15:49
  • I have the same random shutdown error, except I cannot manipulate my machine to shutdown, i have tried to extract large files, play videos, update drivers,  and everything seems to work fine. But then when I am just surfing, typing an email, working with photo shop, admiring my desktop pic, it just shuts down. I never had this problem with xp. I am running a dual core 1.86, 4 gigs of ram, 400gb wd hardrive, geforce 7600 gt machine. i shouldn't have memory or storage issues and I have updated all my drivers. this must be a vista issue.

    lunedì 16 aprile 2007 07:14
  • any event logged in the Event log?


    lunedì 16 aprile 2007 16:12
  • Yes, it just logs and improper shutdown...also the reliability monitor shows a disruptive shutdown...
    lunedì 16 aprile 2007 20:11
  • Good news for all of you! I have found a fix for the random shutdown problems. Simply switch the windows power usage to best performance, this fixed the random shutdown problems for me.
    martedì 17 aprile 2007 10:00
  • It was the problem of incompatible ACPI............
    martedì 17 aprile 2007 18:13
  • What was the issue with incompatible ACPI?  I am having this same problem with random shutdowns as well on my HP pavillion laptop.  I just set my power settings to be full performance but am not sure if that will fix the issue since the shutdowns happen randomly.  Is there a more definite fix for the incompatible ACPI issue?

    mercoledì 18 aprile 2007 00:24
  • Don't know what you guys are going to do but i've reverted back to win xp and everything is working like a charm, i've got the vista ultimate dvd standing by and when the SP1 is released THEN i'll probably re-install vista. if it was another less serious problem i'd bare with it but i can't have my laptop shutting down everytime the cpu activity goes 100% and if the problem is acpi incompartibilities then it ought to be fixed..
    mercoledì 18 aprile 2007 18:51
  • My assistant has a ThinkPad T60 and I have a ThinkPad T60p. We both had XP installed and had no problems. My assistant upgraded to Vista and her T60 began shutting down sporadically. It sounds like the same problem other people are having. We noticed that it always seemed to be hot when the shutdowns occurred. That made me suspect an overheating problem. As a test, I installed a trial version of Lavalys Everest Ultimate on my T60p still running XP and ran Tools->System Stability Test. I was shocked to see the temperature climb from 73 degrees to 100 degrees in a matter of 30 seconds. It seemed to stabilize there for 5-10 seconds and then suddenly it shut down in the exact same way my assistant's shuts down. My PC had NEVER done that before. I am amazed that a software program can make a modern PC overheat and shut down!


    Anyway, that made us suspect a power problem with the T60 running Vista. So we checked the BIOS setting for Adaptive Thermal Management and found that it was set to Maximize Performance. We changed it to Balanced. We also updated all of the ThinkPad drivers with the Lenova system update. The problem has now gone away and Everest shows that the temperature never goes about 68. I'm not sure if both of these changes were necessary or if only one was, but it's now fixed.




    • Proposto come risposta angelXwind venerdì 8 maggio 2009 01:00
    venerdì 20 aprile 2007 05:55
  • Thank you very much for sharing the information!
    venerdì 20 aprile 2007 07:49
  • i followed the info given and downloades the trial version of Lavalys Everest Ultimate myself which i used on win xp, the cpu temperatures were quite high 88-97 c but my laptop did not shut down during or when the test finished.
    venerdì 20 aprile 2007 09:26
  • I had the same problem with Vista Business.

    Random shut down ... doesn't matter if under load or not!

    Funny thing in my case is that after messing with it and re-installing Vista it went from shutting down to slowly freezing. The screen freezes the mouse can be moved and after a few seconds the mouse stops responding too.

    After a restart I went into the BIOS and checked on the temp. and everything looks normal.
    48c on the CPU under load
    28c on the CPU when in idle.

    I think this is not HW related but more an ACPI problem.
    domenica 22 aprile 2007 00:48
  • I have the same problem with Vista Business.

    My installation crashed many times before finally going through.

    After that I had many random shutdowns all of them with the same error code as already mentioned here.

    After playing around and messing with settings I am at the point where my system randomly freezing up now. The desktop is freezing but the mouse pointer is being moved around. After a few seconds the mouse stops responding too and I have to reboot.

    At this point I am thinking that it is the VISTA code rather then HW issues. All of my drivers are current and VISTA compatible.

    domenica 22 aprile 2007 18:51
  • would it be overheat problem too?
    martedì 24 aprile 2007 09:58
  • Overheating??

    No, my system is running solid at 28c idle and 37c on full load !
    mercoledì 25 aprile 2007 02:37
  • My shutdown issue is beginning to look like an overheating problem.  I installed SpeedFan to monitor the temp of the ACPI.  I monitored the temp for about 5 days and have noticed the shutdowns occurring when the temp reached 81 degrees.  That’s a high temp for the ACPI.  I’m going to be sending the laptop in for repairs.


    Laptop Model: HP Compaq nx9600

    mercoledì 25 aprile 2007 14:09
  •  CarstenK wrote:

    No, my system is running solid at 28c idle and 37c on full load !

    PLease check other temp.

    Seem many peoples got that problem due to overheat.

    giovedì 26 aprile 2007 16:54
  • i apologise for repeating myself but if this is an overheating problem, lets say when running a graphics demanding game why does it happen in vista while it does not in xp? i mean it doesn't really matter which it the OS when the system comes to dangerously high temperatures it will shut down wheather xp or vista are installed. The thing is it doesn't happen in xp...at least not to me but it does happen in vista for some reason.
    giovedì 26 aprile 2007 20:11
  • Sorry for jumping in but I also have this problem (Vista Ultimate) and its driving me crazy. My problem initally started when I used Windows Movie Maker and tried to publish to Drive. Resulted in system shutting down, no warning no error message. I've checked the event log, ACPI errors and event log error as mentioned above. Definitely not a heat issue, I was running Oblivion on full specs last month and the system was fine. Thought it could be because of codecs when converting movie file, and updated all of those (currently using K-Lite 3.01), still crashes when converting or even when on Internet and just browsing. Have recently installed Office 2007 and no other software that I can think of, have been searching the internet furiously for a solution I don't really want to do a complete re-install, can Vista be repaired ?
    sabato 28 aprile 2007 03:50
  • Vista can be repaired. Insert the Vista DVD, start the install and when it detects a previously installed copy of Windows, select the Upgrade option. This works just like a repair install of XP, preserving your files and settings.
    sabato 28 aprile 2007 04:15
  • Hey guys,

    About an hour after installing vista I began experiencing the random shutdown.  I have a HP Pavilion dv2000 and found this forum looking for solutions.  Anyway, I thought at first it was a power management issue, and it turns out it is.  But, Vista hides the advanced power management features, many of which will cause this random shutdown.  Perhaps it is HP specific because I noticed alot of you had HPs.  Anyway, do this...

    Start > Control Panel > Power Options
    I have it set for High Performance... click "Change plan settings" then "Change advanced power settings"

    Make sure almost everything is set for NEVER

    By default for example, the Hard disk turns off after 10 minutes! (or 20, i think?).  And I am not positive but I believe this is the culprit.  I'm completely not sure because I set anything that even looked suspect to never.  Its been about 2 hours with no shutdowns.  Good luck.

    domenica 29 aprile 2007 18:02
  • Ok nevermind, went to get lunch... returned, and it was shutdown.  It only does this when idle... I have never actually seen the computer shutoff.   What is going on?
    domenica 29 aprile 2007 18:47
  • Ha Ha Tominboston, your above post made me smile. About the only thing that did seeing as when I was reading it initially my system went and shutdown on me again. Why ? Not sure but had Windows media running in background. I also tried the Power option but to no avail.

    Maybe we just need to stop and re-hash this thread to see the common link between us all to try to work out the cause of this problem or is it possible that we are all having 'different' problems but Vista's coping process is just to shutdown without warning ? My trawling of the internet has come up with a few possibilities, overheating, codecs, and SATA drives all the results are instant power off and no decent error report. What I do recall is that two things happened around the time of my crashing symptoms, 1. I started using Windows Movie Maker and tried to save/publish a video to disc/hard drive and 2. I installed Office 2007.

    My system is bang up to date with all of Vista updates, both recommended and important. Its been mentioned I can repair my Vista above but before I do that I need to backup some files but when I try to transfer a large amount of files...guess what ?? Yup, power off !!

    Any further ideas ?

    lunedì 30 aprile 2007 11:45
  • Ok guys ...

    I played around with my BIOS settings over the WE.

    Well, my System is slow booting up now but as far a crashes are concerned, I have not had "as many" as before. Sunday I had just one during the whole day.

    I changed the SATA BIOS settings since I have a DFI Lanparty mobo and I also changed some power settings in the BIOS.  My system is overall faster and has less random shutdowns.

    Oh, I switched from an ATI Radeon X1950XT to an older NVidia 7300GT.
    Just in case this should matter.

    Something else ...

    Before changing the BIOS I noticed that when going into Stand-By it crashed. I changed the Power Settings in Vista and now it's fine.
    lunedì 30 aprile 2007 16:44
  • So, it's the ACPI problem then.
    martedì 1 maggio 2007 13:46
  • I have also had the ACPI error relating to IRQ 12,13,14 etc. From my forum searches it has been mentioned that the Nvidia drivers cause a problem with the PCI settings and should be switched off (how this is done is beyond me) but the above post initially had Radeon card ? I'm beginning to think I need to wipe my PC and put XP back on it, don't want to as I really like the look and feel of Vista but this problem is causing me no end of grief. So if we are saying it is the ACPI problem, how do we resolve it ? Let me know and I'll apply the changes and then try to 'publish' a movie via Windows Movie Maker as that always guarantees a crash !

    Carsten, you changed the SATA settings in your BIOS, how ? What did you do, I admit I am a bit of a novice so please spell slowly !!

    mercoledì 2 maggio 2007 00:39
  • Ok ..

    The DFI's have two controller for SATA ports.

    One is the ULIM1575 (SATA3.0 Port 1 to 4) and the other one is the Silicon Image 3114 (SATA1.5 Port 5 to 8). On the mobo they were both set to use RAID which I do not have.
    I changed that in the BIOS to just plain SATA with no RAID.

    At first it was all good. No shutdowns and no freeze-ups whatsoever, but now they are reoccurring. So I tried this to see what will happen....

    I booted up the system without the CMOS battery and the system was surprisingly fine.
    I did not have any crashed whatsoever within a 36 hour time frame. Same when I run SAFE Mode (but who do I tell).

    So I am kind of back to square one but believe it's a BIOS problem (Yeah I know, not really helpful)
    This could mean anything but my best bet is still ACPI since I am still running 1.0 (Does anybody know where to find and d\l 2.0)?

    mercoledì 2 maggio 2007 12:54
  • My wifes computer happed to close all her programs and shut down and i was digging i found that the computer updated and intastalled the update at teh same time that the computer shut down.. i wander if that has anything to do with the problem
    giovedì 3 maggio 2007 09:47
  • Please test your ACPI temp with SpeedFan.  Enable the logging in the program and let it run in the background.  I have been dealng with this issue for 3 or 4 months and been encountering the same symptoms as everyone else. When large operations were occurring on the machine, it would increase the ACPI temp.  When idle, my machines ACPI temp was 66 to 68 degrees.  During large operations the, ACPI temp would jump to 72 to 78 degrees.  If the temp would reach 81 degrees or higher, the machine would shutdown.  I have been logging the ACPI temp for a couple weeks now and all shutdowns were occurring around 81 degrees.  Sometime SpeedFan was unable to read the temp of the ACPI right before the shutdown.

    Symptoms I have been experiencing

    ·         The machine worked fine with Windows XP.  On the same note, it ran Vista for 2 months without the shutdown issue.

    ·         The machine would run for 2, 3 or 4 days without shutting down and other times it would shutdown 5, 6 or 7 times in a single day.

    ·         The machine would shut down during windows update.

    ·         When accessing many files, the machine would shutdown.

    ·         The machine would shutdown randomly during the night.

    ·         It would shutdown in the middle of loading windows.

    ·         When loading a Virtual PC, the machine would shutdown.

    giovedì 3 maggio 2007 14:02
  • Just about had it now, my PC is so unstable I can't do a thing. If I turn it on and leave it it stays on for ages, soon as I open an application and start using it then its goodnight. Convertxtodvd causes my system to crash (usually just 2 minutes before its finished), Windows movie maker the same, go in to Outlook it seems ok but if I try to use Internet Explorer then it usually crashes after a short duration. The event viewer is about as helpful as a towel at a nudist colony !! In the last hour according to my event viewer I have had 2 critical errors, these are 10110 / 10111 Driverframeworks-UserMode ??

    - System

    - Provider
    [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-DriverFrameworks-UserMode
    [ Guid] {2e35aaeb-857f-4beb-a418-2e6c0e54d988}
    EventID 10110
    Version 1
    Level 1
    Task 64
    Opcode 0
    Keywords 0x2000000000000000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2007-05-03T11:26:53.407Z
    EventRecordID 22712
    - Execution
    [ ProcessID] 976
    [ ThreadID] 1436
    Channel System
    Computer Major-PC
    - Security
    [ UserID] S-1-5-18

    - UserData

    - UMDFHostProblem
    [ lifetime] {DD3C59B7-5AAA-4ABC-B6D3-1E97A3C82BB9}
    - Problem
    [ code] 8
    [ detectedBy] 2
    ExitCode 0
    - Operation
    [ code] 259
    Message 0
    Status 4294967295
    + System
    - Provider
    [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-DriverFrameworks-UserMode
    [ Guid] {2e35aaeb-857f-4beb-a418-2e6c0e54d988}
    EventID 10111
    Version 1
    Level 1
    Task 64
    Opcode 0
    Keywords 0x2000000000000000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2007-05-03T11:26:53.407Z
    EventRecordID 22713
    - Execution
    [ ProcessID] 976
    [ ThreadID] 1436
    Channel System
    Computer Major-PC
    - Security
    [ UserID] S-1-5-18
    - UserData
    - UmdfDeviceOffline
    [ lifetime] {DD3C59B7-5AAA-4ABC-B6D3-1E97A3C82BB9}
    - DeviceInfo
    FriendlyName USB CF Reader
    Location (unknown)
    RestartCount 5
    These are new types of error, in the section 'Error' I have 8, 2xehRecvr
    - System
    - Provider
    [ Name] ehRecvr
    - EventID 4
    [ Qualifiers] 0
    Level 2
    Task 0
    Keywords 0x80000000000000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2007-05-03T13:39:09.000Z
    EventRecordID 518
    Channel Media Center
    Computer Major-PC
    - EventData
    WinFast DTV2000 H WDM TVTuner.
    - System
    - Provider
    [ Name] ACPI
    - EventID 6
    [ Qualifiers] 49157
    Level 2
    Task 0
    Keywords 0x80000000000000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2007-05-03T13:19:12.781Z
    EventRecordID 22927
    Channel System
    Computer Major-PC
    - EventData

    Binary data:

    In Words

    0000: 00000000 00300004 00000000 C0050006
    0008: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0010: 00000000 00000000

    In Bytes

    0000: 00 00 00 00 04 00 30 00 ......0.
    0008: 00 00 00 00 06 00 05 C0 .......À
    0010: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
    0018: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
    0020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........

    the above x 4 for IRQ11,12,13 & 14 then we have 2 x EventLog telling me the last 2 shutdowns were unexpected.....really!!!
    So, the above refers to my TV card in the PC, and yes I have removed it and still get the errors (even though physically removed !). This makes me believe this error is somehow connected to my codecs on the PC. I have a K-Lite package installed, I had this since February and had no problems. My initial crashes started late March, I had used Windows Movie Maker trying to publish a movie to hard drive (then to shrink as Windows DVD maker does not let you specify the DVD size and constantly says you are 10 minutes over regardless of how much you remove but thats another issue!!). So its not getting better regardless of what I do, question is if I repair Vista can I do it and still retain my files (I can't transfer them as the system crashes!), and if so does that have the equivalent impact of a fresh install hence removing all codecs etc from the registries etc etc ? If not then there would be no benefit would there ?  
    I'm sorry if this post is big and the above error messages are non-sensical but trying to log this through anywhere and get an answer is damn hard and at least on these forums people tend to respond.
    Thanks to all, and if I have 'over posted' here then let me know, as the number of posts show, I'm a newbie !!
    giovedì 3 maggio 2007 14:18
  • This is starting to sound like your power settings may be wrong for the system you are using. Make sure the system's hibernation settings are compatible with Vista's needs.

    I usually just turn off hibernation altogether but I realize some people need it.

    If you haven't played with these settings before, right click an empty section of your desktop to open the personalize window and go into the screensaver section where you will find the power settings.

    Also, if this is a laptop, make sure that the power saving settings when running on battery are set to shut down with a warning before the battery reaches a critical level and the machine just dies.

    sabato 5 maggio 2007 14:43
  • repair installation will re-install the system file to the system. User Data inside the Document folder will be keeped.

    But I would suggest you to manually backup them first.


    domenica 6 maggio 2007 17:32
  • Richard, I assume you are saying that a 'repair' will in fact replace all existing codecs and registry contents ? I may have to try it then, but I did mention I can't back up my data because the system crashes !! This is for network back up and even Hard drive to Hard drive back up. I can't understand though is that so many people are having this issue, not immediately upon installing Vista but a couple months after and that there is no known solution, surely the software is not that faulted ? It has been mooted already in this blog about updates, is it possible that the updates from microsoft around mid-late March have caused this issue ? Only a thought ??

    martedì 8 maggio 2007 00:13
  • I keep updating Vista's hotfix. But my system really don't get that problem. I think the problem may not cause by the hotfix.
    mercoledì 9 maggio 2007 17:04
  • I just had the same problem as the thread starter. I'm running Vista Ultimate on ThinkPad43p. Today it just shutdown itself two times within one hour. The shutdown process is fast, similar when you putting a computer in Stand By mode. but when I try to boot the nootabook it performs the full boot.


    By the way.. just found a bug in Reliability and Performance monitor. I open it and it shows charts for 1/1/1970. And there is no way I could select the other date. Even the calendar in "Select a Data..." view shows 1970 only.

    lunedì 21 maggio 2007 10:26
  • Contact HP for a bios up date. I have an Acer Aspire and dont have any problems.
    lunedì 21 maggio 2007 17:02
  • So no one has any further ideas on this pain in the 'a**e' subject ?? My PC is shocking, looks like a re-build is necessary ...oh joy! Before I proceed though, can I ask (if any still check this forum) do you all have 'realtek AC97' driver and onboard sound ??? Just yet another avenue I am currently exploring. Cheers all,
    domenica 27 maggio 2007 11:49
  • Yeah, I am still checking ....

    My problems seem to be fixed as I messed with  all the available BIOS updates and found a version from late 2006 that apparently fixed all my problems.

    domenica 27 maggio 2007 12:26
  • There is a new BIOS update available for the pavilion dv8000 laptop , F.23A 25 May 07 did anyone try that with vista and has seen any results?
    lunedì 28 maggio 2007 13:30
  • I just got my hands on a HP Pavillon dv6330ea on Friday with Vista Home Premium and already it is shutting down...  I have not installed a lot onto it at all.


    I tried HP support, see the reply below (I will try what they suggest but I don't think it is going to help since the laptop is so new), but please pay attention to my submit to HP below the reply, which may lead to some more clues as to what the hell is happening... :-)






    -----Original Message-----
    From: HP Pavilion Notebook E-mail Support [mailto:laptop_support_en@mail.support.hp.com]
    Sent: Dienstag, 29. Mai 2007 02:45
    To: Dave
    Subject: Re: HP pavilion notebook e-mail support (KMM17655609V99460L0KM)




    Dear Dave,


    Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.


    I understand that notebook is shutting down suddenly and displaying the

    windows media player error.


    This might be due to incorrect system files.


    We appreciate your efforts in resolving the issue.


    To resolve the issue first we will try to perform the full recovery or

    else I will forward your case to concern department in your region.


    Restore PC to original condition with the Recovery Manager from within

    Windows Vista


    If the PC can access Windows, use the Recovery Manager to restore the PC

    to the original factory condition by following the steps below:


    1) Click Start and type Recovery in the Search field.


    2) Select Recovery Manager, and when the wizard opens, click the

    Advanced options button.


    3) Select System Recovery. The computer will restart.


    4) When the Recovery Manager appears again, select Advanced options (if

    available); if not, click Next, then again select System        



    5) When prompted to use the File backup wizard to back up your computer

    files, HP recommends that you select this option and          backup the

    files now.


    6) When prompted to use the Microsoft System Restore program, select No

    and click Next.


    7) When prompted to use the System Recovery, select Yes and click Next.


    8) The final task is to make the decision to start the recovery by

    clicking Next.


    WARNING:  This is a critical point. On this screen, when you click Next,

    the PC will immediately begin formatting the hard drive and destroy all

    data. The restore process cannot be stopped. 


    The recovery process will return your PC to the condition it was in when

    you created your Recovery Disks. You must reinstall any programs or

    hardware and software updates.


    For more details on the recovery manager please click on the below





    NOTE:  Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is invalid.

           Copy and paste the entire link in a new browser window and press



    If the issue persist then please provide us the below requested

    information so that I can forward your case to concern department in

    your region:


    Purchase Date: 

    Customer Name: 

    Company:   na

    Daytime Telephone: 

    Evening Telephone: 




    Best time to call: 


    Thank you for your patience.


    Please reply with the requested information and we will be happy to

    assist you further.





    HP Total Care


    Our advice is strictly limited to the question(s) asked and is based on

    the information provided to us.  HP does not assume any responsibility

    or liability for the advice given and shall not be liable for any

    direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages in

    connection with the use of this information.  Always back up your data.

    For more information, including technical information updates, please

    visit our Web site at http://www.hp.com/support.



    Original Message Follows:



    hp e-mail support

    webform_submit_time : Mon May 28 20:10:06 EDT 2007

    language : United Kingdom - English [en]

    template : hpq_pc

    product_name : HP pavilion notebook

    purchase_date : May/2007

    serial_number : SCNF719143J

    operating_system : Microsoft Windows Vista

    model_number : Pavillion DV6330ea

    accessory_items :

    other_accessory :

    cddvd_installed : CD/DVD originally installed on PC

    error_message :


    problem_description : Brand new Pavillon DV6330ea and the dreaded

    Windows Vista Home Premium.


    As experienced by other users, the laptop can magically shutdown in

    double quick time.  The timing is random, it can be when I am active on

    the laptop (e.g. email) or when I am away.  The laptop acts like it is

    going into sleep mode, however it shuts down and when pushing the power

    button, it boots up from cold (not sleep).



    trouble_shooting : The laptop is three days old and I am expecting it is

    a Vista issue.  There are no extras installed in terms of hardware

    (unless you do count an external HD or USB key).  I did get a kind of

    error message in Windows Media Player when it was shutting down, however

    due to the speed of the shutdown it was impossible to read it.  It

    started with "The library..." and seemed to be 4-5 lines long.  At the

    time, I was importing an audio CD to MP3 format, with the shutdown

    occuring halfway into the process.


    I have downloaded all mandatory and optional extras from Windows Update,

    plus all updates from HP Update.  When I refer to Event Viewer, I see...


    The previous system shutdown at 23:53:17 on 28/05/2007 was unexpected.


    EventID: 6008


    The Event Log Online Help is of no use, it does not recognise the



    When I look at the Reliability and Performance Monitor, I get some

    interesting stats.


    In the Reliability Monitor, I see...


    Under Application Failures: DrvInst.exe 6.0.600016386 - stopped working

    - (datestamp).


    Under Miscellanous Failures: Disruptive Shutdown 6.0.6000 - The computer

    was not shut down properly - (datestamp).


    I looked under the BIOS and there is so little to

    change that I dont expect anything there.  I checked

    for a BIOS update, it was in date already.


    setting_changes : See troubleshooting above...


    tech_skill : advanced


    martedì 29 maggio 2007 11:49
  •  Christosk556050 wrote:
    There is a new BIOS update available for the pavilion dv8000 laptop , F.23A 25 May 07 did anyone try that with vista and has seen any results?

    SUCCESS. i have re-installed vista ultimate after updating my bios and have used both lavancys and 3d mark benchmarking tools pushing both cpu and gpu at 100% with NO shutdown occuring at all. note that this is after having all updates and hotfixes installed. i cannot really say that this will keep up maybe the problem will just appear in a week or so? maybe it won't? the thing is right now i am running vista ultimate with no problems at all
    sabato 2 giugno 2007 04:40
  • OK, to conclude, if you encounter the randam shutdown problem, you need to make sure you are using the latest BIOS, drivers nad install all latest hotfix and patch from MS.


    domenica 3 giugno 2007 19:30
  • Sorry Richard its not that simple. I have all up to date drivers, BIOS and all hotfix known and still get the problems. Yes if you re-install problem will initially go away but it rears up again, wiping your os is not the solution really otherwise if it was then surely all forums would be pointless ? There is a problem which all of the above people are encountering and to suggest we all have out of date drivers, bios, hotfix etc is a bit rich especially when some of the above are factory stock PC. There is a critical problem somewhere which needs to be addressed and this forum is to assist us in identifying and sharing our findings. Please do not put the previous post as a solution as it is not, it is a workaround, maybe if the user who did this used some common applications like office, explorer or even something like Windows film maker to stress their machine as well, my PC was okay for two months intially then the problem suddenly started, no additional software added at the point in time the problems started. My PC was stress tested to hilt initally and had no problems and was deemed as being very stable. I am currently still trying to transfer approximately 15GB of data off my PC at the moment so that I can safely 'flush' my system and do a total re-install, but this is no easy task with a PC that is now as stable as a one legged man wearing high heeled shoe on a tightrope !
    lunedì 4 giugno 2007 10:58
  • Well, I have eventually backed up my data and began the re-installation as advised. The system has only been up for an hour and not tested as yet with various software, however I now have a damn watermark on my PC saying that Vista is not genuine !!!! How do I get rid of that as well ! Geez, never easy, I'll test with some media and audio later on and let you all know what happens, nothing different done to the system just re-installed windows so not a solution but a workaround to see if the problem rears up again ! Fingers crossed, if it fails I'm wiping the whole drive and then re-doing....again !
    giovedì 7 giugno 2007 23:21
  • Spare yourself the hassle....

    Re-imaged my system probably four times now and still have the same problem ...

    It is either slowly freezing up (Screen freezes and after about another minute the mouse is unresponsive) or it is working for hours without problems. So the overheating is out of the question with my system.

    I was able to get it to run when I installed a different version BIOS (Yeah you better believe this) that was over a year old (!!!!!!!!). But problems are reoccurring even if they are not as bad as before.

    So, I will endure it for the moment and use my DELL GX520 that does not have any problems after installing Vista Business and wait for a hopefully soon to be released SP1.

    Other then that .... Vista is not worth the hassle and I told pretty much all of my clients to keep their hands of Vista !

    venerdì 8 giugno 2007 00:27
  • Well, I have re-installed over the top and now got rid of the watermark ! The system hasn't died as yet but haven't managed to test it with much. However I am still getting these damn ACPI errors but this is now detailed in the MS knowledge base http://support.microsoft.com/kb/930062 and that says its harmless and can be ignored. This would mean that above comments referring to power problems are incorrect. As yet I have not re-initalised my Windows Media Centre or Windows Media Player 11, could these be the cause ? I will restart my Windows media player first as that does not use the TV Card I have installed and avoid WM Center for a bit to see if I get any crashes.........
    sabato 9 giugno 2007 02:04
  • I started using Vista right when it came out and it worked for several months. Then, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, the screen would fade and then my system would restart. I figured that I might as well reformat my computer because it was time anyway. So here I am, with a 3 day old Vista and my computer is still crashing. While reading this thread, my computer has crashed 2 times. Somebody mentioned AC 97 audio, which I have on my gigabyte motherboard.
    My specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Gigabyte GA-965-S3
    2 GB of ram
    160 GB on my Vista partition, but total of 900 GB
    Vista Ultimate.

    It usually crashes when I'm simply using the internet or when it's simply idle. I tried updating my BIOS, but when I download a new one from Gigabyte, I get this error message when trying to run it. I have looked and changed many different setting with no avail. Going back to WinXP is the last thing I want to do because I like Vista very much. I have applied all of Windows' Updates and many driver updates. I think that it is very likely that it could be a power problem, but another part of me thinks it is more Vista messing up. I mean, the screen fading almost seems like a Vista thing rather than a power-screw up thing. I have disabled sleeping and hiberntating with no luck. I have tried everyone;s suggestions (except for the BIOS since it doesn't seem to work) but I still can't get Vista to stay alive for more than 1 hour (at best). If anyone could help me with the BIOS problem too, that might help. I think that the problems everyone has in common are those concerning with seemingly random shutdowns which make it somewhat unlikely to believe that it could be a power problem for some people, because if this happens to a lot of people when they are using the internet, that doesn't use too much memory and power. Everyone here must have something in common on their systems but I think it is something within Vista that causes this to happen. Too bad I built this system myself and can't return it to the manufacturer...Thanks for all of the tips and help so far.
    sabato 9 giugno 2007 19:10
  • I have the same problems with the screen fading and the computer rebooting. Sometimes it will go up to 2 hours without crashing. My computer's specifications:
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
    Gigabyte GA-965-S3
    2 GB RAM
    160 GB HD on partition where Vista is installed (900 GB total)
    XFX Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT
    Hauppauge PVR-150 TV Card

    At first I thought it was a media center problem, but now it will crash even when I am just surfing the web. Vista worked for over 3 months before the problem, so I decided to reformat. When I did, the problem was still there. It's crashed over 4 times today. I have tried so many things from BIOS updates to driver updates and everything to no avail. I wish someone knew how to fix this problem.
    domenica 10 giugno 2007 00:21
  • Hi, New to this forum but came looking specifically for an answer to this problem and to say I am surprised at how many people are suffering the same problems, quite clearly due to Vista, is an understatement. I build media centres as part of our home cinema installation service and I have built numerous machine with XP, all with no problems whatsoever. I decided to "upgrade", I use that term in the loosest terms now, to Vista Ultimate 32 and have suffered endless shutdowns and it is definitely when there is any major disk activity. It is nothing to do with heat build up on CPU etc as I have run the machine with the lid off and several fans cooling everything down. I even changed the CPU to a slower one and swapped out the memory (at no small expense) all to no avail. I've tried power settings, bios settings, rebuilds, different disk config (RAID 5, RAID 0 etc), different makes of disk and different sizes and nothing stops the machine from shutting down when these is heavy disk activity. I've decided to rename my OS to Windows Vista Ultimate C**P 32. XP here I come.
    domenica 10 giugno 2007 15:54
  • Platypus & Flatcap you make me feel better, in one post the mention that Vista was okay for a long duration before the trouble occured and the second pointing to the direction of some sort of 'media' use causing the problem. I am still trying to resolve this problem, after my re-install the trouble has already started again, next step I suppose is a total wipe and install, but if I'm going to go through all of that then I may as well put XP back on because at least it is a bit more stable. Could it be that Vista struggles with Direct x9 cards ?  I need to now register my annoyance with Microsoft as I have a very expensive piece of software which I cannot use !!! Why isn't this been resolved by MS it is not a unique problem !!!! Any ideas on best way to register problems with MS without paying copious amounts of money for their support ??? BTW, my problems started again as soon as I used WMP 11. Question: Does anyone from MS actually look at these forums ????? IF so then what is being done ??????
    lunedì 11 giugno 2007 03:16
  • wassup guys!! its been a bit more than 10 days since i formatted and installed vista ultimate and since then i have been benchmarking my hp pavilion dv8000 daily with both lavalys and 3d mark 06 with cpu temperature at 88celcius cpu usage at 100% and throttling at 0 % the lavalys test is left running for at least more than 5 minutes..no shutdown problems have occured, btw all hotfixes are installed the only thing different now is that i upgrated my bios...so in summary ..everything is fine.....for the time being that is.

    lunedì 11 giugno 2007 10:16
  • Christosk, can you try using your windows media player 11 or the windows media center. I had previously stress tested with generic tools and passed okay, its the basic stuff that causes my machine to shutdown, this can be from browsing the net to writing an email. Your re-installation, what differences were there that you made ? Changes to BIOS, new BIOS etc or just a straight forward wipe and start again ? Cheers
    lunedì 11 giugno 2007 10:43
  • This problem has so many faces that I don't even know what to believe any more.

    Mine seem to be going away after going back to an older version of the BIOS.
    Now, when I start the computer up it will take a few tries to get it going. I assume that it is looking for HW and does not find it and just stops during the boot process.
    Then on other days it boots up fine and crashes after a few minutes.
    Well and last but not least sometimes it is fine and won't crash at all.
    I had it powered on for a week just allowing it to go into stand-by and everything was fine.

    Like I said before ... I have an older Dell GX520 that doesn't run any Vista "certified" HW and I never had it crash on me.
    lunedì 11 giugno 2007 19:46
  • well i do use wmp11 daily for both music and movies and i download and watch mkv video files with zplayer which takes quite a lot of resources plus, i use firefox ,outlook 2007 and generally use my laptop with no problems at all and i caan use all of my laptops features like WiFi and so on with no problems. and before upgrading to win vista i updates my bios from the hp website and made a clean installation of vista after that, installation of any drivers needed and that was it.
    i just hope my laptop doesn't start shutting down again or im throughly done with vista!
    martedì 12 giugno 2007 10:46
  • I picked up an Acer for my father.  Got it all setup and it started shutting down during bootup.  Talked to Acer support and had to reinstall Vista.  Didn't work for me and shipped it back.  They reinstalled Vista and sent it back.  I reinstall Office etc. worked fine.  Went to download printer drivers and nothing available.  Waited a couple of weeks and the drivers became available.  Lexmark X5150.  Downloaded and installed.  Laptop shuts down again.  uninstalled printer/drivers.  Still shuts down.

    Any ideas?

    Acer 5610. Vista home premium.
    giovedì 14 giugno 2007 02:32
  • Barry, did you notise any message in the event viewer?

    It can help for troubleshooting.

    domenica 24 giugno 2007 07:09
  • Is the issue only happening when you're on battery power? or also when you're on AC power?


    Try keeping the system on AC power for awhile to see if it ever shuts down.

    venerdì 6 luglio 2007 14:29
  • Is your hdd going bad?


    Try getting a new HDD. Also if you only have 512mb of ram, I'd recommend going to 1gb to put less wear and tear on your hard drive (your pc uses your hdd as virtual memory).

    sabato 7 luglio 2007 18:42
  • What is the system's model number?


    When the system shuts down unexpectedly, did you offer to Send the crash information to Microsoft when it reached the desktop?


    Which retailer did you buy the system from?


    Did the retailer upsell you any 3 party software that was not part of the system?

    sabato 7 luglio 2007 20:04
  • I think it is a hard drive problem.  I pulled the drive out to copy files and had a hard time accessing it.  Had to do some recovery software stuff.  Sending back to Acer next week.
    domenica 8 luglio 2007 15:48
  • SO I finally got my problem fixed. I know that everyone's problem is a little different, but hopefully this solution will help someone else out. When I check out my logs in the Event Viewer (Control Panel/ Administrative Tools/ Event Viewer), I noticed that it said that my Windows edition was not genuine and that it would shut down in one hour. After my shutdown, I looked at my event viewer and sure enough, the shutdown occurred 1 hour after the error message. So, I had to reformat (again) and get Microsoft to realize that my version was genuine. If you have this problem and it is in fact doing this because of a validity problem, contact Microsoft and see what they can do. If you have any questions, just message me or post again.
    • Proposto come risposta angelXwind venerdì 8 maggio 2009 01:18
    mercoledì 11 luglio 2007 22:52
  • Hi everyone,

    I've been experiencing the shutdown problem ever since I first got vista. I beta tested during the summer last year, but with all the other problems I had during the beta, I can't really remember how my system performed. However, getting vista when it came out, my Toshiba Tecra M4 has experienced disruptive shutdowns almost everyday and often more than once a day.

    I have done a clean install once, but that didn't fix the shutdown problem because I started getting shutdowns right away according to the reliability monitor. All my drivers are up-to-date, I have the latest bios from Toshiba, and I update with Windows Update automatically.

    I mostly experience shutdowns while watching video on my laptop either from the internal hard drive or external hard drive. Shutdowns can occur within a minute or two after starting the video or it may take longer, such as half an hour. My computer also shuts down all by itself when it is not under any stress.

    These problems alone were relatively confusing. The video playback issue initially led me to believe that I had either a bad hard drive, bad ram, a bad cpu, or improper cooling from my fans. However, I didn't have any problems while running XP. Also, with the random shutdowns while the computer is not under stress, I think this must be a some kind of Vista software issue even though it is often linked to heavy hard drive usage. What I don't get is how Vista is affected by stress on my usb external hard drives.

    Basically, everyone's posts and my own experiences seem to point to the fact that our hardware is probably not defective and this is more of a Vista software issue only.

    Sorry if I repeated stuff that's already been said, I just thought I'd post since my shutdowns came from video playback which hasn't been mentioned yet.

    My hardware:
    Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC
    2 Ghz Centrino
    2 GB Ram
    60 GB 5400rpm HDD
    Vista Home Premium (upgraded from XP Pro Tablet PC Edition)

    giovedì 12 luglio 2007 15:20
  • Hi gus, I see that you mentioned the SCR331 smart card reader.  Did you get it working in Vista?  I have been trying for MONTHS!  I have downloaded the updated drivers, downloaded the installer program, and it never fails that Vista will not recognize this device - and I NEED IT!!!  Do you have any suggestions?  I'm on a brand new Dell XPS410 with all updates, etc.  I've downloaded and installed the root certificates and all seems fine, except Vista keeps trying to find drivers whenever I plug in the device.  It's driving me mad!!!  I've previously tried on my old Toshiba, and on Vista Home Premium and Ultimate on a BootCamp'ed mac.  No love anywhere...
    domenica 15 luglio 2007 07:49
  • Having the same problem... was hoping to find a solution.

    System just randomly decides to shutdown... happens 2 mins after start or hours later regardless of whether the pc is idle or I'm doing something on it. Have played games for hours with no problems and also played for 5 mins and then system shuts down.

    Only details I received are Disruptice Shutdown message in reliability monitor.

    Event log contains nothing major except for the ACPI errors... IRQARB: ACPI BIOS does not contain an IRQ for the device in PCI slot 22, function 0. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.

    A search of Microsofts Knowledge base said that these ACPI errors are a known issue and can be safely ignored. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/930062

    ASUS M32N32SLI-Deluxe Wireless Edition
    AMD X2 6000+
    EVGA GeForce8800GTX SuperClocked
    2G Corsair 800 Mhz Dual Channel Paired Memory
    1000w BFG Power Supply

    giovedì 19 luglio 2007 15:05
  • The Aero effect in Vista already using the 3D engine on you display card. I think it may increase the workload of your display card and let the problem occur.
    domenica 22 luglio 2007 14:07
  • After the system shuts down and reboots, are you shown a prompt, "The system has recovered from a serious error" asking you to send the crash information to Microsoft? If so, did you send the information? If you do, you may get the answer you need to resolve the issue.

    domenica 22 luglio 2007 17:44
  • after shutdown theres nothing except for the disruptive shutdown message...


    however - i think I have this one solved. System has been fine for few days now. I disabled the onboard sound (m2n32-sli deluxe vista certified!!) and installed a creative audigy cheapo card and havent had problems since. Ive been good since changing to the pci sound card.

    martedì 24 luglio 2007 23:55

    I am having a problem with my windows vista shutting down all by itself.  I am a not the great at computers and I cant figure out what to do to solve my problem.  No error comes up it just goes off, then has the color thing and says no signal and then restarts.  Can someone please help me? Thanks
    venerdì 10 agosto 2007 21:57
  • Hi - I have just purchased Quickbooks 2007/2008 and am getting the same error as yourself - but it never goes to install.


    Have you managed to have yours fixed at all and if yes how?





    domenica 12 agosto 2007 06:54

    where do you find the reliability and performance monitor?
    giovedì 23 agosto 2007 08:54
  • Shril, I have almost exactly the same configuration as you, but I have been getting the shutdowns only during games. Don't think it's a heat issue, the shutdowns can happen 10 mins after I start the computer or may not happen after two hours into a game. I am using a Creative Xfi S/B card, so the onboard sound has always been disabled.


    Sometimes I can go several days without the problem. Is your system still stable (lol, if so you probably aren't going to be back to this forum). Anyway, I will try some of the things suggested here, but there does not seem to be a common thread to follow other than update drivers, BIOS, and install all MS updates.


    Any other thoughts/ideas are appreciated.


    venerdì 24 agosto 2007 16:06

    Have the same random shutdowns on my computer. It can happen 4 times during a day or none.

    The PC also turns itself on randomly.

    Have read the forums and for me it looks like a APCI issue or a bad driver issue.

    Having tried a bucket load of drivers i'm guess thats not the cause of the problem.

    hopefully MS starts taking this seriously and fix it.


    Had to revert back to Windows xp x64, havn't had a single shutdown since.




    martedì 25 settembre 2007 07:27
  • I've spend nearly 4 days now trying to get Vista to work correctly with out any random errors or blue screen of death and when i finally smoothed out allot problems, i then came across the problem that my computer will not shut down not more !! very annoying. however I tracked the problem back to Office 2007. The problem was when I did the updates for office 2007  my computer stopped shutting down. I've tried doing restore points which worked to a point but then everything still starting playing up again.

    So maybe their is a problem with Office 2007 - updates ??? caused my pc not to shut down.

    Any way am feed up of all theses problems with Vista and going back to XP !! Think i will wait till service pack one out for vista.

    One more thing have you noticed how noisy vista is. !!!! Even with search index's turn off.

    martedì 25 settembre 2007 08:19
  • ...more of the same...


    MS moderators could give all the posters an update, this is a very long running thread


    My 2 cents...


    System: HP/Compaq 6715b (AMD Turion 64 X2) 2Gb

    Vista Business

    System comissioned 21/Sept.

    Norton Internet security came as part of the HP install.

    all the below installed within a day or two

    Office 2007

    OpenOffice.org 2.3

    Firefox (+firebug  and a Metal Lion skin)

    Wireless Mouse 2.0 Pro drives


    Windows update is on and shows the system is upto date.

    Norton LIve update run regularly and upto date.


    ***The event logging shows 11 'unexpected shutdown' events (6008) since 30/Sept. Two events a day is the max.***


    The behaviour I see is very similar to many of the preceeding posts, the screen fades out to black, and a hard restart is the *only* way of getting a working system again.


    I have Outlook and Firefox running all the time. There are a number of posts on google groups referring to problems with firefox on Vista, however this thread (at least the posts I've read so far) don't appear to implicate Firefox, there are plenty of other suspects!

    I will try going without FF for a couple of days and see what happens.


    Windows Problem Reports and Solutions haven't been able to offer any hope, Intellitype Pro, Firefox and 'problems with WIndows Vista' have been reported but no solutions.



    - System

    - Provider
    [ Name] EventLog
    - EventID 6008
    [ Qualifiers] 32768
    Level 2
    Task 0
    Keywords 0x80000000000000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2007-10-13T12:32:14.000Z
    EventRecordID 11745
    Channel System
    Computer hokusai

    - EventData


    Binary data:

    In Words

    0000: 000A07D7 000D0006 0007000D 01DD0011
    0008: 000A07D7 000D0006 0007000C 01DD0011
    0010: 00000960 0000003C 00000001 00000960
    0018: 00000000 000004B0 00000001 000001D1

    In Bytes

    0000: D7 07 0A 00 06 00 0D 00 ×.......
    0008: 0D 00 07 00 11 00 DD 01 ......Ý.
    0010: D7 07 0A 00 06 00 0D 00 ×.......
    0018: 0C 00 07 00 11 00 DD 01 ......Ý.
    0020: 60 09 00 00 3C 00 00 00 `...<...
    0028: 01 00 00 00 60 09 00 00 ....`...
    0030: 00 00 00 00 B0 04 00 00 ....°...
    0038: 01 00 00 00 D1 01 00 00 ....Ñ...


    domenica 14 ottobre 2007 13:13
  • i get the same issue with my gateway tablet, i have diagnosed it down to the following fact. if outlook or word 2007 are up, eventually i will get an unexpected shutdown. if outlook and word 2007 are not left up the computer never does a shutdown. i have a note that the shutdown did happen with quickbooks 2008 up; yet i have been unable to reproduce this. perhaps i made an error when recording the state of the machine in my notebook next to my computer.

    martedì 30 ottobre 2007 16:19
  • i have reviewed all event logs, there is nothing i can find which is written in any log leading to any indication as to why the machine is unexpectedly shutting down. so reviewing the the logs is useless.

    martedì 30 ottobre 2007 16:21
  • Follow up to my own posting and my attempt to live without Firefox (FF) to see if the incidence of Vista restarts is affected. The answer is that reducing my use of Firefox does seem to reduce the black screen hard restarts!!


    I don't want to abandon FF, even compared with IE7 its a much better user experience but I'd say that there is a definate correlation between FF and the restarts. The other 'candidate' is Outlook, which is also always on, but I've got too much time/effort in my Outlook set up and the data it manages to go without for long enough to prove anything in connection with these restarts.


    It's asking too much for Microsoft employees to debug FF on Vista but there do seem to be other scenarios in these postings where FF is not present atall and after 9 months a total hang which has the flagship Microsoft Operating System should have been investigated, even the (now) venerable W2K would only hang on me once or twice in 12 months!



    martedì 30 ottobre 2007 19:32
  • I purchased a new HP Pavilion that came preinstalled with Windows Vista Ultimate about two months ago.  I experience on average two random shutdowns per day.  This occurs at random, no matter what programs are running.  The most common programs running are MS Office 2007 - Word excel, etc.  SOMEONE HAS TO HAVE A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM.  Please give me a solution. 


    lunedì 5 novembre 2007 19:31
  • I don't have a solution - however I can offer some hope.


    I have posted 2 previous items in this thread. My theory for my own flavour of this problem is that Firefox may be responsible for random shutdown.



    I have a similar set of commonly used applications - the Office 2007 suite, plus FF.



    **Make sure that you are absolutely upto date with Vista updates, and any office updates that are offered.**



    Since accepting Firefox, which contains many fixes, some specifically related to stability, and the subsequent update to correct the Moz teams self confessed config mistake... 

    ***I haven't had a shutdown***, and I've used FF constantly since upgrading.


    I can't find the bugzilla but I have seen a fault referring to illegal access (RAM) somewhere in the releases. Having (long ago) been through pain porting an application which was stable on W98 to W2K (where it would crumble randomly) isn't that much of a surprise, a Windows version which is tighter when it comes to managing its memory - SSDD!


    Java JRE.

    One final thing to check....one fault which is mentioned in the Firefox release notes is the Java version, I have:

    Java Plug-in 1.6.0_03

    The first versions of 1.6 (00 and possibly 01) definately had problems in conjunction with Firefox and Vista.



    Like I said, not a solution but maybe some hope.

    lunedì 5 novembre 2007 20:15
  • Sorry, but FF is not the cause of these problems !!!

    I am using FF on three computers that run Vista Business.
    Two are older Dell GX520's and they run like a charm with no problem whatsoever.
    Office 2003, FF, Adobe Standard, Wireless and other apps are loaded.

    Then I have a desktop that I built myself.
    With XP everything was fine and dandy but after switching to Vista it started crashing on average about every 30 - 60 minutes.
    Funny thing here ... it crashes two different ways.

    One way would be where the application just locks up but you would be able to move the mouse for another minute or so.
    The other way is that it just reboots,

    This one is also running Wireless, Office 2003, Adobe Standard, FF, and other applications.

    I have given up on that computer and be switching back to XP the coming weekend.

    martedì 6 novembre 2007 15:22

    >>Sorry, but FF is not the cause of these problems !!!


    That's quite definitive.


    Your crashes are different again from mine and others in the thread. Mine are the "black screen" variety which a few other posters have mentioned - one was asked for a screen shot by a tech support help desk =80/


    If you're getting stability on two builds and stress on another are they being used for different things? Different users?

    There are a number of posts which refer to 64bit versions, I'm using an HP/Compaq with a Turion 64.x2 processor and wondered if there was a problem there when I first had this crash. If the GX520's have Pentium D's then 64bit/dual cores may not be a contributor to these crashes, but you could have Pentium 4's or Celeron D's - both single core.


    There isn't enough information in the posts to pin this down, and there is likely more than one way to make Vista crumble.

    IMO this is caused by a some dodgy memory management, and the only limit to that is the human imagination. Each sucessive MS OS does get better at memory management and is more stable but when you jump from one OS to another what was a stable program on one can become flaky as it is 'found out by the new OS'. Identifying the causes can be difficult - look at how long/old this thread is!


    I haven't had a failure now for 6 days and that's equal to the longest period without a failure.


    martedì 6 novembre 2007 17:22
  • I got the shut downs to stop by disabling the speedstep power setting in the bios of my thinkpad t60p.


    domenica 11 novembre 2007 19:04
  • Well,

    I thought SpeedStep is only for Intel CPU's and notebooks?? Correct me if I am wrong!!

    The equivalent for AMD's would be PowerNow.

    Glad to hear that there is soemthing that can be done on at least some machines.

    lunedì 12 novembre 2007 12:50

    Well basically Im facing the same issues although it can occur whenever completely randomly, while doing nothing or at the click of a button.


    The computer is'nt shutting down as much as it switching off at the plug, i.e. No blue screen of death before a reboot, it just goes silant and black. I reakon It may be a hardware issue however ive just come back from holiday and its not been touched and worked perfectly before I went away.


    any ideas on my situation, and is it the same? or does yours actually "shut down" as such?



    lunedì 12 novembre 2007 16:59

    As this thread become too long, I would like to close this thread now.

    Please use another thread to discuss the problem.

    mercoledì 21 novembre 2007 07:15
  • Why would you want to close this?

    To long can't be an issue unless no information pertaining the problem is posted anymore.

    The only thing you do is tell us to open a new thread that will contain the same data as this one after a few weeks.

    What ever you do you do.

    I am back to XP now and it's running perfect.
    mercoledì 21 novembre 2007 16:27
  • my problem is with Vista premium that is restarts every hour after initial start. I've searched various forums but haven't seen similar problem reported. This behavior just started this morning.  Having looked at all the previous responses with a lack of clear answers from tech support experts, I'm not overly hopeful....but if anyone can advise, I'd appreciate it! BTW, I don't have the knowledge set to get into the bits of the system, I need a highlevel, anyone can understand answer. Thanks


    mercoledì 21 novembre 2007 18:12
  • I have nothing to help you...I have the same problem with my new Vista PC only my machine restarts every hour on the hour after initial bootup. This problem just started this am. A loud noise (fan) preceeds the shut down and lasts for about 7 seconds.  This gives me an audio indication that I'd better save whatever I'm working on...Any MS Vista Tech experts out there??  Thanks


    mercoledì 21 novembre 2007 18:17
  • You know what....

    I got vista basic and during the use of every and any single or combination of programs in use, my computer still goes out like a light...without warning. Have had the computer reset to factory level several times, cleaned, clocked, tweaked, and traced the *** outta my machine, and theres only one conclusion that is found with all of it....Its apart of Windows Vista.

    It ain't a bug, its built in to help harass peoples productivity, and let the user know that the computer and Microsoft is in control and not you. I would know cuz if there was a "solution" it would be using an alternative shell program more reliable. I was a Microsoft fan until this Shutdown just happened, hey by the way, I just pushed to power button to turn my computer on a half hour ago and in literally 3 seconds of start up it shutdown.

    It blantly obvious Microsoft has that ability, to indirectly, ' unintentionally' or by coincidence and under the probability that anything is possible, that there are specific, lines of code involves that kink the processor into auto shutdown. That is about the most brutely chopped up and generalized version of it I can get to anyone at the moment. It truly is a disgusting joke the Gates gets a smile for knowing...every 'beautiful' morning he wakes up.


    sabato 24 novembre 2007 02:07
  • Nearly a month with no unexpected shutdown events. Nothing in the log of events.


    What's happened?

    One shutdown since my last post, this happened on the 06/Nov.


    Two versions of Firefox installed - auto updates.


    Windows updates since 07/Nov/2007








    I'm now back doing almost all my web browsing on FF, only real exceptions are MS sites and sites which don't support anything except IE.


    Firefox on all the time, Outlook always running. Various MS Office tools and dev tools in the mix as well.


    Accept the updates and keep on latest stable versions, this has *finally* sorted out my silent black screen of death problem.



    lunedì 3 dicembre 2007 08:31
  • Issue solved : By changing the power plan to "Power Saver" or  "Default".


    I was experiencing random shutdowns of my laptop (Lenovo 3000 N 100). I observed that it occurred when the CPU was too hot. I concluded that it was due to overheating. However, I was not using any application that chould overheat the laptop. I played with few computer settings and this issue was fixed when I changed the power plan to "Power Saver" or "Default" from "High Performance". This issue reoccurred when the power plan was on "High Performance".


    You can change the power plan by clicking on the battery icon in the system tray and choosing a paln.

    martedì 18 dicembre 2007 15:24

    So I just built a system last week and the same thing started happening to me after five days of no issues what so ever. I found this thread while search for a solution.


    I will try changing the power setting, but I think my problem is something different altogether. I think I have a Trojan telling my system that it's overheating but it's really not.


    DO any of you know of a way I can get my computer to ignore the over heating mesage long enough for me run AVG and to check for trojans. Right now trying to repair with my vista disc or scanning my PC causes a shutdown with no warning.


    I even experienced a shutdown while checking my bios.


    The message I usually get when I restart after a shutdown is:


    "The CPU was previously shutdown due to thermal event(over heating)"



    Vista home premium 64bit

    Intel Quad core 2.4

    Nvidia Geforce 8800gtx 768mb

    8 gigs of Corsair DDR2 800mhz

    Corsair 750w psu

    WD HD 10,000 rpm 150gb

    BOXDP35DPM LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX  MB

    martedì 12 febbraio 2008 15:16

    Just a question and perhaps some helpfull  info for everyone.


    I'm expiriencing same issues with a machine which has Windows server 2003 installed. It's a new machine, just like most of you people have, but since even testing can't pass on it I can't use it as a production server, and I was really getting furious already. My problem is a bit specific because it restarts exactly every 1 hour since it was first booted.


    But I've stumbled on Gateway threads with similar problem, showing to issues with P35/G33 boards and BIOS problem which was later fixed.


    So question is - do you all have new P35/G33 or similar Intel boards?

    Did you try newest BIOS from Intel or Gateway/Lenovo/whichever OEM built your computer?


    I've just updated BIOS on this computer, and I'm waiting for an hour to pass... Will report back soon.

    giovedì 14 febbraio 2008 10:15
  • Update:


    As it turns out, the heatink on the CPU wasn't properly attached. 1 of the 4 pegs was loose and the CPU ws actually overheting. Completely my fault.


    Everything is running tip top now, I added an extra case fan for good measure though.

    venerdì 15 febbraio 2008 15:06
  • Just got a new Gateway laptop (M series) with Vista Home Premium 3 days ago.  It's having preceisely the same issue as the above. 


    First time seemed like it was def the result of overheating--the vent was hot to the touch and I did have the dvd drive spinning for about a half hour. 


    I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to the software side of things--how do I update the BIOS from Intel?  Of course, let us know if that fixes it, too. 



    lunedì 25 febbraio 2008 19:39

    After reading through alot of the posts on this thread, it might help to some up some issues for you and try and offer some input towards understanding and hopefully resolving some complaints.


    First of all: Any computer that was built with windows XP on it is unlikely to perform as well on Vista, we all know that. If you have a celeron processor, just reinstall XP, a celeron processor does not have the capability to run vista effectively. If your computer does not have atleast 768Mb of memory, upgrade the memory, it will not run Vista effectively (and no, you do *not* need 1-2 gb of memory, as Vista with an internet security program suite as taxing as Mcafee will only use roughly 512Mb; and until you get up to around 4-7 windows with multiple tabs each of IE, you're not going to use that much memory without playing media). If you are using a laptop built and purchased with windows XP, unless it was in the last quarter of 2006 that you purchased it, do not install Vista, you *will* have problems with heat and operation. If you are using a machine that came with Vista and it is using an AMD processor with either an AMD chipset motherboard, or anything but an Asus or Nvidia motherboard, you will likely have heat problems when playing media or doing substantial multitasking. If your computer is a Gateway, Acer, Toshiba, or Compaq laptop, you will see issues with strange program behavior up to and including Windows Explorer resets and system failures due to a combination of manufacturer changes to the Microsoft OEM and conflicts with the Microsoft Windows Updates (I will explain why later). If your computer is lacking memory, your hard drive(s) are drastically more likely to fail as was mentioned previously on a post or two. When you do not have enough memory, your Hard Drive becomes temporary memory (which means excessive read/writing to the drive); naturally when you are doing excessive reading/writing to a hard drive, you are effectively draining it's usable life much faster. The single greatest thing to remember with Windows Vista (I know it sounds like it shouldn't even need to be said, but since most people don't seem to get it...) is that Windows Vista is **NOT** Windows XP. Don't expect it to be. It's a busier, more comprehensive, more convenient system design. It does more, it needs more, so expect a cheap computer to run like *** on Vista (or as stated above in as many words, a machine that wasn't made for vista). One other thing of note is that very few machines had been using SATA technology before Vista's release (and I do mean very few outside the higher end models, which have always been somewhat hit or miss from major MFG's), as well as alot of the newer sound cards and chipsets that have since been significantly improved. Smile


    Second: Firefox **IS** a problem on Vista depending on the flavor/version you have. It is purposefully a conflicting design (sorry FF and General Contradiction to the Norm lovers, it ain't perfect either). Office 2003 has issues on Vista due to the fact it is designed for Windows XP, not windows Vista and was only made compatible to Vista because businesses complained about spending money. IE, by not doing it right the first time, you are kind of asking for it. This is jerry-rigging 101 folks, if it isn't made for it, then why in the world would you expect it to operate like it was? A patch is only a patch, not a reconstruction. Or perhaps it would be better put that what Office 2003 is on Vista, is a duct taping to make it fit... but to make it function like the real deal that's made for it, it needs to have a major rebuilding done to the area where it connects that would require a major change to the program in general. As I was implying above, that is what Office 2007 is for. As for Office 2007 issues, I would point out the old "New Model Car" syndrome we  should all be familiar with that tells us that the first model year of a new car design is often littered with a slew of flaws from little flaws to noticable flaws. Why aren't they fixed before they're put on the market for us to buy? Because we'de never see a new car design on the market if everyone waited till it was perfect to sell it. Quickbooks 2008 problems arise from screw ups on the part of Intuit (the company that makes turbotax/quickbooks) in their software. They're building parts for a new machine too, expect them to have some problems. Does it make it less annoying? unlikely, but you can always do taxes online for free instead (wink wink, nudge nudge? ^.^). As for Outlook Express problems... you're running the same bloody program on the computer twice =P. Windows Mail = Outlook Express folks, that's why there is no such thing as outlook express for Vista.


    Third: Now to explain the manufacturers and OEM Vista operating systems thing.

    Windows Vista comes in 2 major types. Genuine Windows products and OEM Windows products. There is a VERY distinct and extremely important difference between the two. Genuine Windows products are the "retail version" of Windows that you would buy in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot etc. These are the actual Microsoft Version of Windows that they built, designed, tested, produced, and offered to you to buy and use. Then there are OEM Windows products which are *NOT* the same program that Microsoft designed and tested. If you purchase an HP, a Gateway, a Dell, a Lenovo, a Sony, an Acer or any other such machine, you do *not* have a Genuine Windows product, you have an OEM edition. What an OEM edition is, is a basic copy of a Genuine Windows product that has been modified, *tweaked*, re-engineered to varrying degrees dependant on the manufacturer, and otherwise remodeled to the manufacturers prefference. What this means is, that if you call microsoft about OS issues and tell then that it is an OEM, guess what? It is *not* their product, and therefor, they don't have to give you support for it if they don't wish to. Your manufacturer is the one who made the modifications, which makes them the ones responsible for assisting you, as they are the ones that know what they modified. ( Microsoft isn't responsible for the changes/modifications/screw-ups manufacturers make to the version of Windows you sport on your computer, as they weren't the ones that did any of it).

    That said, I've never seen a machine running a Genuine Windows product copy have the endless update problem of installing the same updates for hours and restarting to begin installing the same update again. Not even once. (though I am only a technician in one area, so do please feel free to correct me if you see/find one =)) I know it sucks, but it's how things are set up atm (Trust me! lol, I work on em all day every day ^.^). BTW, if you ever call manufacturer tech support, you probably won't likely ever be transfered to talk to microsoft instead of them you may notice; that's the reason why.


    From some experience, I can state that the vast majority of problems are *not* problems with your operating system, but poor programming/engineering on the part of the after-market programs you load on to it, or the hardware drivers for the hardware put into the machine. Drivers are much more difficult to program (and btw, the Creative X-fi sound card is known to have a number of issues with lousy drivers with certain version of Vista, as well as some hardware configurations, such as a number of AMD supporting motherboards *notably not Asus boards* ) and will tend to be more troublesome. Programs that screw up in Windows Vista are honestly badly written, or simple mistakes. For those of you with compatability problems, it is a 5-6 click maneuver to run almost any program on Windows Vista via running the program *EXACTLY* like Windows XP as far as the program is concerned. Compatability mode in Vista *is* a true compatability mode, and will run all but very specific programs that are designed for either very specific computers, specific comprehensive configurations, or specific situations that do not include operations/processes/hardware configurations present or possible to duplicate on a Vista machine. In essence, if it is not an industrial program, a governmental program, or a specifically customized program, it can be run on Vista. The process for installing/setting compatability mode for such programs as do not fall into the aforementioned list is follows:

    If the program does not install when run as administrator directly from the native media:

    Explore the drive/disc

    Right click on the installer application

    Select properties

    Select the compatability tab at the top of the window that comes up

    Check the box that says "run in compatability mode for" and select the operating system you previously ran the program on

    Close the window, right click on the installer again, and select "Run as administrator"


    Performing that set of commands/instructions will run the program identically to previous versions of Windows.

    Once the program is installed, some programs will require you to perform the same set of maneuvers to run the program (note: You will only need to set the compatability mode settings once, after that, only administrative priveledge may be needed again depending on the nature and function of the program).


    Granted, there are some oddities in Vista, and I hate them with a passion. But all in all, I've honestly never had a problem with my Vista X64 machine, my laptop (running HP Vista Premium OEM and Genuine Vista X64 Ultimate), or my other desktop (running E-Machines Vista Premium OEM) save driver issues in the first month I had the emachines. And for the record, in spite of the issues with Vista, I see a HELLUVA lot less computers in for software or malware problems that are running Vista compared to ones running XP. =)


    venerdì 29 febbraio 2008 06:23
  • I've had exactly the same problem from the day I first turned on my new PC. The Reliability Monitor is now running below 2 and I get a disruptive shutdown sometimes every 20 minutes !!


     I'll try disabling the onboard sound as suggested.


    After about two months I got an analyisis back from Microsoft suggesting that my BIOS did not support my CPU. I have taken this up with the PC manufacturer. I'm not sure if this would cause the problems but I notice that the 2.33GHz CPU runs at 1.8GHz (that might be normal) but something isn't right. There currently does not seem to be a BIOS upgarde from ECS to fix this issue.


    Any thoughts gratefully received.


    giovedì 6 marzo 2008 16:13
  • That is my experience as well. I always leave my machine on. It just shuts down while not in use. Never had it shut down while using it. I return to the office, it is off, and upon restart it says Windows did not shut down properly so I know it crashed. It happens all the time now but when I first installed Vista, fresh, it ran for days with no glitch. Maybe the latest update is causing the problem I don't know.
    martedì 11 marzo 2008 04:11
  • This is the most in depth response on this thread that I've seen. So thanks to MRead for taking the time. MRead points out trends that have been, if not apparent in the thread, then certainly suspicious. For example FF, AMD CPU'd PC's and OEM version of Windows. Which puts me firmly in the set of users who will suffer from this problem.


    • I would find it really difficult to drop FF, it's such a superior product to IE7 and FF3 is looking even better.
    • Changing the from AMD to Intel obviously means new hardware.
    • An OEM version of Windows would mean expense, though as a business owner and MS Partner Program member I could use one of the licences which come with that program. I'm not sure what the implications on support from HP would be as a result and other applications which come with the MS Partner Program get stamped 'non commercial use' which looks bad if you're trying to sell to customers anyway!
    • I am using Office 2007, however Outlook 2007 + Firefox on the PC do appear to be an pairing that leads to failures.

    MReads' point about compatibility mode is very interesting and I'll be doing some unistalls and re-installs to get printers, web-cam, mice set up in 'compatibility mode'.


    I have gone about 3 months with no re-occurence of this problem now suddenly in 2 days it has happened 6 times. There were some updates from MS on Wednesday 13 March or Thursday 14 March. Apoplexy looms!


    Looking at what I'd have to do to *maybe* get out of this appalling place that I've willingly entered would mean a new laptop with Intel Core DUO, the screen on my HP is WSXGA, so the replacement would be quite high spec kit. A quick look at the cost of the replacement puts Apple Mac in reach and by the time you add anti-virus/mal/spy-ware subscriptions and the cost of Office the difference between the MS Windows + Intel inside and MacIntosh + Intel inside solution is not worth worrying about?


    I've just spent 3 months with a client team who run a mixture of XP and Macs, the difference in start-up and uptime between my Vista machine and a Mac is startling, and we're sharing documents constantly with no issues. I've tuned the startup and tweaked services to get the boottime down BTW!


    If I tried to sell in Vista to this client they'd laugh, and I'd feel very uneasy about doing so given my own recent experiences. I'd be burning bridges for a minor part of my revenue stream and slaughtering my own integrity to boot.


    After six months of Vista I would not recommend anyone in the same position as myself to adopt it.


    If there are resolutions to the issues then they need pushing by Microsoft, not independent individuals on MS forums.


    I've also reached the point where my concerns about having an OS and toolset that would be compatible with the clients I deal with are now secondary.


    Windows single biggest edge has been blown by their flagship operating system, I won't be looking at Windows compatible hardware when my laptop comes round for renewal.



    • Why have Microsoft no offered some advice either in this forum or on a wider platform?
    • If there are resolutions to the issues then they need pushing by Microsoft, not independent individuals on MS forums.

    • Why has this thread been running for FOURTEEN months with no response from Microsoft to the people on this forum?
    • This is a serious issue with a flagship product. All the visual candy that was ever dreampt of won't pacify a user who is re-starting as often as they did on Windows 98 - yes, in terms of OS stability there are Vista users who have a Microsoft operating system that offers the same stability as they had TEN years ago! Not good enough.


    domenica 16 marzo 2008 16:32

    I do want to thank March-Uk for pointing out that the statements I made were more about trends than anything. As for mac's, wait till june/july if you can March, you'll find that the capabilities of laptops regardless will go up drastically in that time (and $1500 or so should be able to land you something more like, atleast from HP almost exclusively from what I've heard, a laptop running a Core 2 Quad (Yorksfield, 45nm version) that will use less energy and give you an absurd increase in capability for a mobile platform). Haven't heard anything yet from anyone else that they are planning to do  anything comparable except Sony thus far, though it would be no surprise if Mac tries to jump on the bandwagon too =)


    As for mac's, love the machines and the fact that there's no such thing as the same sort of OEM troubles with windows machines (due to the fact that the only company(s) that make macs are well.. mac ^.^). That said, I'd be careful, as to my understanding, OS Leapord isn't all roses and happy days either and even has alot of staunch mac enthusiasts disgruntled. Honestly, when it comes down to it, I would reccomend buying the most/best hardware for the least money and load whatever operating system(s) you want on the computer, the rest is interchangeable =).


    As for Vista issues, again, issues with Vista are very heavily concentrated within OEM editions of Vista through many of the major manufacturers. Not that the original Microsoft Version doesn't have issues too, but compared to Windows XP at release and in this time, there's no competition between the two. Vista SP1 (if you've gone through the release notes or are in the actual beta) will fix upwards of 90% of the malfunctioning, improper, insecure, or invalid coding issues that are caused by Microsoft coding in Vista or it's processes. Again though, keep in mind that OEM editions are another story and one must be attentive to determine alot of the differences between the two behind the scenes. Having had SP1 on one of my machines (running an OEM version actually), I found it made a huge difference, so there is hope that a large portion of the Microsoft-caused issues will be rectified or resolved with Vista SP1's release. =D


    Alas, I can't get it onto this machine, because I only managed to get in for the SP1 beta on one machine of my 4, and it isn't any of the ones that are operating on the X64 version(s) of Vista. But I can say, that between my 2 Vista Premium X86 copies, my Vista Ultimate X86 copy, and my two Vista Ultimate X64 copies, I've been *very* pleased with the results on the Premium edition that I managed to get SP1 on and would encourage hanging on a bit and seeing how things look after SP1 goes live to the public. As an aside, wireless and wired networking is so much better with Vista SP1 installed ^.^, it resolved all the issues I have been having with wireless networking save signal strength (which of course has nothing to do with the machine anyway).


    As for "selling in" clients to Vista, I personally would reccomend opting for suggesting Vista capable machines, so that when the operating system proves trustworthy and effective to the point where it is a more viable solution for implementation, it can simply be implemented without excessive costs incurred by hardware upgrades. Besides, Vista does require more resources than it's competition in the OS world, which makes more sense for future planning anyway as regards hardware specification requirements for software down the line.


    As for FF and microsoft issues, the underlying reason is essentially that FF is horrid at running Microsoft coding for Outlook simply because the makers of FF adamantly refused to acknowledge the admittedly quite passable XML versions Microsoft presented for approval to the internet consortium for some time (who albeit hold a drastically smaller market segment, have a much larger number of representatives and therefor more votes that Microsoft). Since the standard has finally been approved, now they find themselves in a position where they need to make it work, and having focused as long as they have on essentially blackballing the standard rather than preparing for the largely inevitable, they find themselves a bit behind the curve as it comes to programming XML crossovers into FF. As much as I like FF, I honestly have found I have less problems with IE7 (and now beta version of IE8 so far) on Vista. On XP, I still very much prefer FF simply because it's much faster and less cumbersome on my older systems but contains and performs many of the upgraded operational and security minded features of IE7.


    As for changing from AMD to Intel, I would say it doesn't really matter much in desktops most of the time, but in laptops, I would strongly reccomend it anyway for a myriad of reasons largely focused on results. Longer battery life, comparable performance speeds, more stability, longer hardware longevity, wider compatability, and higher efficiency would be among the most keenly noticed in laptops/notebooks. It essentially boils down to the fact that AMD is using 3-4+ year old designs and architecture where intel is using 2 year old architecture (and later this year, brand new architecture that even dwarfs their current, significant edge where mobility and performance is concerned). With technology moving as fast as it is (particularly where computing and IT is concerned) being outdated or outmoded in your key market is dangerous to  a business like AMD or any like it. However, the biggest issue (and pardon me for going into geek mode for a moment.. lol) is that AMD has *never* been very good with engineering firmware/software or anything in the programming area as can be shown through a number of coding differences in XP and programs designed for it between Intel and AMD platforms that were later discovered to be the cause of instability or strange (and until that time) bafflingly inexplicable application errors and malfunctions. For instance, a number of graphical applications, games, and designing programs were discovered to have random performance, operational, and stability issues that were pinpointed to AMD base coding differences in the deep levels of program performance coding (that typically differs dependant on what the program detects as the hardware configuration to obtain the utmost performance in the application by utilizing the best coding for the processor's architecture).


    As a final question, might I inquire if the WSXGA screen is a requirement or a prefference? If a 1080P+ resolution screen is not absolutely necessary, going with a more standard screen with perhaps a high definition output may be prefferable (such as a DVI or HDI out) as that port and it's signal resolution can be managed completely seperate from the laptop screen and will be more dependant on the secondary display you use.


    One last suggestion I might have, is if it is more necessary for the screen resolution to be high on the laptop; I would reccomend you look at a few Sony laptops, as they have a few that may meet your criterea for substantially less cost than a Mac (and again, you can simply load any other operating systems you like in addition to the pre-loaded one). For instance, the Sony VGNFZ340EB that sells for around $1200 or so.

    domenica 16 marzo 2008 18:19
  • We purchased a new Dell Inspiron 530 with 4 GB RAM and a 6550 dual-core processor a few weeks ago, with Vista Ultimate installed.  After applying Windows Updates and configuring the system, we began to have random shutdowns, where the screen blacks out and the keyboard and mouse are unresponsive but the power is still on.  In each instance, after rebooting the System Event Log lists a 6008 event, "The previous system shutdonw at TIME/DATE was unexpected."  The time stamp always reflects the time the monitor blacked not, not when we powered it off.  It happened randomly, with the system idle and logged off, idle and logged in, or using Word.  In addition, we had display driver failures: "Display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


    When we called Dell, they insisted on replacing the system.  But the new system did the same thing, and when we told Dell by phone and email that we would return the replacement system as well if they could not address the problem, Dell did not respond.  So we returned the entire system.


    In 23 years of using PCs, I've never encountered the notion that it's acceptable for a system to randomly shut down, much less a brand-new system that has 8 times the speed, 12 times the memory, and 60 times the disk space as the Windows XP Professional system it was intended to replace.


    mercoledì 19 marzo 2008 02:14

    Hey Guys,


    Sorry this is so long, but:




    I have been watching this thread for a while and have the same issue. I believe I have found a partial (or complete) solution in my case.


    My random Vista shutdowns (that is, not an instant power off, such as if you yanked the power cord out, but an actual shutdown sequence) were accompanied by this message in the event viewer:


    The process C:\Windows\system32\winlogon.exe (BREATHLESS-PC) has initiated the power off of computer BREATHLESS-PC on behalf of user BREATHLESS-PC\Breathless for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found
    Reason Code: 0x500ff
    Shutdown Type: power off



    It is not obvious to see it, and I forget which section it was in. I CAN BET THAT MOST OF YOU HAVE THIS IN THERE.


    The above code is of absolutely no help. So I buried through threads for that Reason Code: 0x500ff and found that nobody had a solution, but many had the problem, both before and after Vista SP1, so it made no difference. Nobody with XP seems to have the same problem, and users after updating to Vista have the problem, but if they revert back to XP, do not have the problem.


    I have tried everything, and I am a very experienced user (power options, ACPI etc...) and came to no conclusion for a while. I tried many workarounds (which I will not list all because it is too long) including ways to prevent windows shutdown completely by using grouppolicy's etc...


    My situation was caused by any 3D intensive game or application, such as Crysis, or even ATI TOOL. Ati tool really seemed to reproduce the problem very quickly. I could just load it up, let the fuzzy cube spin for a little bit, and my system would initiate its shut down. Even better, I could run both AMD Overdrive CPU stress test and ATI Tool at the same time and it would do it within about 20 seconds. IT IS HOWEVER NOT RELATED TO OVERHEATING. THIS IS A FALACY AND NOT RELATED THIS THIS SPECIFIC ERROR CODE AT ALL. My system is very cool (Nventiv Mach II Cooling system, HR-03 GT VGA Cooler, Case side off, cool room, very low temps, etc etc..)


    Determined, I figured out a way to cheat the problem at that point. What I did, was change the vista logoff sound to something non-default, so that it was longer in length than the original one by default, and I also applied the infamous hungapp and service timeout tweaks so that they thought programs were hung within a very short period of time. This way, when windows shutdown unexpectedly (which normally for all of us YOU CAN'T STOP IT ONCE IT STARTS) and the logoff sound played and played, Vista came up with the black screen message saying something to the effect that the logoff sound was still playing, would you like to end this task or cancel? I SAID CANCEL, then pushed Control ALT DELETE and said "LOGOFF". This then instead of shutting the system off, Vista simply logged me off, to which I could then just click on my name and log right back on, and the whole process took a total of a few seconds and I was back up and running.


    INTERESTING POINT TO NOTE!!! AFTER I DID THIS, no matter how hard I stressed the system after I logged back on, the system would never attempt this shutdown again! I could play games and stress for hours completely confident that it would never happen.... UNTIL THE SYSTEM WAS RESTARTED. Once I manually restarted the system for any reason, I was back to square one and could reproduce the problem at will (but also prevent it again by doing what I mentioned above).


    This lead me to believe it wasn't hardware... If it was hardware, why would it not do it again after I logged off and logged back on after it attempted to shut me down? 

    ANYWAY....   I considered the possibility of bios settings and updates and all sorts of stuff and then realized that my 3ware RAID card which happens to be PCI express was plugged into the PCI Express 16X slot. This would normally be fine and it has worked for a while without issue, but my 8800GT is also plugged into its own PCI Express 16X Slot (duhhh). This lead me to believe the graphics bus could just be getting flooded for some hardware/software related incompatibility reason. This is why 3D apps cause the issue. I took out my 3ware RAID card and plugged it into the PCI Express 4X slot which is RIGHT UNDER the graphics card. I didn't plug it in this one at first because it impedes airflow. Since I have done this, I have not been able to reproduce the shutdown issue, even on a fresh restart, and also stressing the *** out of the system with AMD overdrive and ATI TOOL, to which I was previously able to reproduce it within a few minutes of running the same tests.


    MY CONCLUSION... Its a little bit software, a little bit hardware\Bios. This is why some of you were able to get rid of the issue with a bios update. Yet for others, updating the bios has no effect.






    Take out all PCI cards and only leave your graphics card plugged in. Does it still happen? In fact, take out ALL PERIPHERALS, even your CD ROM Drive and floppy drive and every card. DOES IT HAPPEN? Switch the positions of your cards around, and see if the problem is completely gone, or even reduced. I noticed that when I took my sound card out, the problem was a little reduced, but not gone. It was only gone after moving my RAID card off of the graphics bus.




    Use the method that I used above to cheat the shutdown process. At least this way, you can initiate the problem yourself and then log back on and never have to worry about the problem surfacing until you restart the system.  Let me know if this helps anyone.






    domenica 23 marzo 2008 21:19
  • Ok, one week on from the re-occurence of the 'grey screen of death' (in force) and I think that MRead has definately got to the heart of at least one of the causes of this blight. I have set the compatibility flag on FF and several other open source programs which I use, Open Office, Eclipse, Tomcat. Apart from FF the others haven't been implicated in any of the incidents. Compatibility has been set to XP SP2, they are not run as Administrator.

    There have been a couple of Windows Defender updates in the past week (via auto updates) but no other installs/changes.

    There have been no occurences of the grey screen issue either. After six in 2 days a 'clean' week is a good sign.


    There have been a couple of posts this week where shutdowns have been mentioned. What I have experienced is a grey screen and no response to anything except a power off. This does put an unexpected re-start event in the windows logs but this is a result of me powering the laptop off not the fault itself. I suspect that the laptop would exist in it's grey screen coma for a long time.


    The annoying points about this for everyone posting and following this thread is the lack of input from Microsoft, the compatibility flag is well documented, but it took an independent member of the forum to make the connection and post the suggestion.

    The inconsistency, problems re-occuring for no clear reason is frustrating theme and not restricted to this issue, e.g.  Hibernate was removed as an option a number of weeks ago, leaving Restart, Sleep and Shutdown, but that's another story.


    In response to MRead's cautionary note about leaping into the Apple garden, personally I won't do this at a whim, so Vista will have the opportunity to amaze me, or build prejudice, for 12 months at least, though persuading my current colleagues that they should migrate from XP (let alone OSX) will take a long time yet, and those barriers in perception are serious obstacles to progress.


    Thanks to all who have been posting to this thread,




    domenica 23 marzo 2008 22:20
  • As an aside issue worth mentioning to you all, it is worthy of note that I have noticed first hand a large number of problems with hibernation on laptops that is specifically associated most with Toshiba, Dell, and Gateway laptops (though I've seen it a few times on a handful of HP's and Acer's). My suggestion to prevent the hibernation problems would be to simply remove hibernation from your available options and simply set lid closing to shut down instead. Inconvenient? most likely; less inconvenient? somehow I doubt it beings if it does decide not to pop back up like it ought, you're going to have to restart it anyway after getting frustrated (and knowing it very well may for no particular reason already).


    By the by, for what it's worth, I have never yet seen it happen on a Sony, and the problem has been a periodic issue even on XP Toshibas (which means that it's a toshiba problem anyway, not anything Microsoft programmed btw). As much as I once liked Toshibas, their typical consumer models for the last two years have deeply dissapointed me both in component selection, quality of materials, and quality of MFG addition programming. I see more Toshiba's in for repairs the last 6 months than HP's, Gateway's, Acer's, and Compaq's combined for everything from faulty hardware to lousy software. Expectedly however, I see more dells in than anything (though to their credit, it is very commonly either malware related, or faulty HDD's which is expected).


    When you look at it more circumspectly, the vast majority of problems with Vista, aren't problems with your OS, but problems with your hardware, bios, or drivers. Always check those *FIRST* before blaming the OS, as the OS simply does operates what it's told. But if it is told to operate hardware the wrong way, you can imagine it's not going to function properly. Vista is smart, but it's not smart enough to solve all your computer-related problems yet, continue to give the hardware assemblers and manufacturers more time, and I'm very confident you will see the vast majority of issues dissapear on Vista machines.


    martedì 25 marzo 2008 18:58
  •  k469 wrote:

    Hi, I'm using an HP laptop (Turion 64(x2) 1Gb RAM, 100Gb HDD) and have in the last couple of days formatted and loaded Window Vista Business.  I am also getting random shutdowns and, like the problem aforementioned, it doesn't seem to have any bearing on what the machine is doing.  Having initially used the Windows drivers, I decided to install the HP specific drivers for Vista but still have the same problem.  Event viewer reports that "the system was unexpetedly shutdown", really?  I wouldn't have guessed... Wink

    I can't see anything blindingly obvious that could be causing this.  I've even switched the theme to windows classic with all the features and effects turned off.  It's proving to be quite unreliable.

    I'm also running Office 2007 and the only other software installed at the moment is for my Zune.  At this rate, I'm going to have to revert back to Windows XP which is a shame because I like the look, feel and speed of Vista much better.

    If anyone has and suggestions or a solution, I'd be very greatful.








    Try to update the bios version of your computer, Go to HP.com and go to software and driver downloads, type your product number of your laptop and just search for the BIOS version updated for your laptop...



    martedì 1 aprile 2008 11:58

    a very simple way I have found to bypass the problem is this:


    start your system up, let it load, then simply logoff. Log back on.


    Problem completely goes away for me no matter what and doesn't return until you restart the system.


    At which point you can simply just log off and log on again and be good to go.



    If this helps anybody else, please let me know. I have currently been investigating and going back and forth with high level Microsoft support for several weeks now. There are aware of, and are investigating this issue. They acknowledge my fix.... that a log off and log on temporarily solves the issue.



    lunedì 21 aprile 2008 19:15
  • I have had nothing but problems with Vista Premium, I am going to uninstall it and go back to XP, my computer starting shutting down yesterday, if it is not one thing it's another, I don't recommend this to anyone, alot of DEVICE problems!




    domenica 4 maggio 2008 19:12
  • I know it's pretty late in coming, but now that the Penron and Kentsfield (etc) Intels are on the market, I can say I've been pleased by their results thus far (I know side issue, but since I mentioned it a month or two ago). After finally having a bit of time to look into it, getting an HP with an Intel platform and a WSXGA screen should be pretty easy, as nearly all their consumer models come with those standard.


    Since SP1, I've found a rather interesting lack of computers coming in for work due to OS issues unless they are related to faulty HDD's or rediculous levels of malware. That said, I just wanted to state that I've only seen a few things I can say with definity are proven, certain reasons for malware on Vista (because honestly, one almost has to try to get significant malware on a Windows Vista computer =P).


    The first thing I have found to be a common thread is P2P programs (Limewire, Bearshare, Kazaa, Share360 etc)

    It's not the programs themselves that are at fault, but poor user control 100% of the time that I have ever seen that was the definite cause. Simply enough, most people will do anything to cheat having to pay for something... most pay for it by sinking $100-$300 having me fix it (which is what you can expect to replace a hard drive if it fails due to malware infestations and reinstallation of the OS if you neglected to make a set of restore discs).


    The second thing is always lack of a good security suite (Norton, Kaspersky, Onecare etc)

    If you're leaving yourself wide open all the time, someone's going to take advantage of your negligence. But it's just a fact of life, no program is perfect though alot of well known programs help.


    The third and last thing has been the occasional user who figured out how to turn of UAC (User Account Control)

    For those that may not know what that is, that is the nice little window that pops up asking you, are you sure you want to allow that? Is it annoying? only for the impatient >.<, but seriously, it is there for a good reason... like preventing any installation or removal actions, or even settings changes to options of significance. If you turn it off, you've effectively dismissed your PC's equivalent to the compound guards. Imagine a bank with no security guards, no bulletproof glass, and the safe door opened. Welcome back to XP.


    The only thing of note aside from malware and hardware failures causing OS problems has been a few instances where a user simply corrupted their Vista installation. Programs designed for XP that are of the sort that rely on and manipulate portions of the OS seem to occasionally have negative effects on Vista. It is a fault on the software manufacturers end if they haven't released a newer version that is compatible with Vista, or a fault on the part of the user for not upgrading to the one that is each time I've seen it.


    lunedì 5 maggio 2008 03:35
  • I think I have a theory here.


    I reckon its the graphics that is causing the shutdowns.


    If anyone can find a different way to get Vista to shutdown then let us know but this is what happens for me EVERY time.


    I have a laptop running Vista Ultimate.

    I do alot of video conversion on it most of the time via Nero. The machine isn't particularly busy until I actually start the process. The CPU fan cooler suddenly speeds up to the point that its noisy. Its will then blank out the screen and shut down. Luckily I have a reduced speed button on the laptop so its on all the time but then that also means that I can rarely have the full power of the machine to hand.


    There are other instances with the screen that also seems to make the processor warm, not busy, just warm which leads me to believe its a graphics driver problem.

    I read somewhere else that other people were having this issue while playing games and such. Something to do with the screen redraw rate which seems to be plausable.

    Seems Vista's use of Direct X is a little resource hungry.

    Need some new drivers!
    martedì 6 maggio 2008 00:11
  • I have an ASUS M3A32-MVP deluxe motherboard, corsair memory, a AMD phenom processor, and an ATI graphics card.

    I built the system myself and for about 2 months I didn't have any problems.  The PSU is 550W.


    After about 1 month Vista started giving me "disruptive shutdowns" when I'm typing into Word, using Outlook or trying to search from the start button or ctrl+f.  It can't be the keyboard as I'm typing this now (Word won't let me get past the first line.)  I was running a Grid Computing application and thought it was that throtteling the PC so lowered all the settings and then uninstalled it, but that didn't help.


    I've read all the other posts: reinstalled vista, updated the bios, installed office using the compatibility option.

    I've run the memory tests, I've run the ASUS stability tests for 5 hours, several times.


    I installed Open Office, yesterday, as I'm on a tight deadline, and so far I've had 1 day whole day no crashes when editing documents.


    To test Word I created a 100 page document by inserting pictures from clipart gallery, copying and pasting them, with no problem (it created a 74Mb file).  However, if I start a document and type in some words on the keyboard I get a disruptive shutdown.


    Installing Vista was really easy, I ran the performance test after installing the graphic card's drivers, and it was fine.  When the disruptive shutdowns started, the performance test would shutdown at the 3d testing section.  I unplugged 2 hard disks from the RAID section on my motherboard.  Then the test got further.  But Word and Outlook still crashed.


    Why would Word shutdown the PC when I use the keyboard, but not the mouse.  However Open Office and these forums don't cause a shutdown when I use the keyboard.


    I've set my perfomance display settings to Vista Basic to test graphics card/aero theories, but it still crashes in Word.

    I'm starting to slowly pick off the services - Tablet Input........


    I'm tempted to buy either an XP licence, Office 2007 or an Apple Mac, otherwise I'll be left with a very expensive door stop.

    I've been using Microsoft Windows as far back as when you had to start windows from DOS for a specific application: about 20 years ago.  It was slow but more stable then. 

    domenica 8 giugno 2008 10:37
  • I don'tknow whether this will help Andrew Jasper, but reading that you're on a tight deadline and the Vista 'comas' are stalking you I thought 5 minutes may help. Your hardware combination, AMD+ATI is in the right territory (in a bad way).


    I have AMD Turion + ATI  graphics on an HP (which seems a popular combination for Vista comas)


    • Set the compatibility to XP SP2 for your Open Office programs - did all mine before any 'comas' just as a precaution.
    • I also have Office 2007, I haven't set compatibility for any MS Office programs (I they can't get it right for Vista then no-one can)

    Do set compatibility if you get a problem with an app, but be aware it's not a panacea, I've had one program (Freemind) have other issues in compatibility mode, though no 'comas'.


    • Look out for sleep/resume - its a pretty sure way to get a Vista coma.

    Save whatever your're doing if you're going to leave the PC and it may sleep whilst you're away.

    One recent post has suggested that log-off then log-on (presumably right after start-up) is a good strategy.


    I empathise with your tempation to follow the XP or Mac route. I don't have confidence in MS Vista to be reliable on an Intel. As I've found Office 2007 isn't immune from this problem don't waste your money yet.


    I'd agree with the stability comment W2K was better, a handful of blue screens or forced shutdowns a year! If this is an AMD or HP problem then they're trashing their own repuations and/or Microsofts in one go!


    The age of this thread is testimony to corporate indifference,I'd include MS and HP in that camp. Over fifteen months and still no posts from 'official' MS sources. 



    domenica 8 giugno 2008 19:35
  • Thanks for the feedback it is very welcome.  My last two PCs have been AMD and I've had no problems.  Interesting to hear INTEL and Office 2007 are also causing problems.


    I've been pretty meticulous and systematic so far.  I've gone down to 1 HDD, 1 DVD player and 1 memory module.  Swapped the system disk for a different brand.  I've updated the BIOS, double checked the memory is compatible with the motherboard.  I've run every test I can possibly run - apart from a graphics card test, but I've done some 3d rendering using the PovRay's beta version which uses CPUs with multiple cores.


    I had installed Office 2003 with the compatibility flag set (I didn't know about that until coming to this forum). 


    I had tried the 'logging on and logging off' technique and that didn't work.


    If any of my BIOS settings are wrong, how could I do most of the stuff, including copying and pasting into Word.  I'm just not able to type more than a handful of characters into it.  BTW: The number of characters is random.


    There may well be some code in Office that doesn't 'agree' with my setup.  However the disruptive shutdowns also appear when I do a "Start->search" or CTRL+F search.  Furthermore, this is immediately after a clean install without any video card drivers (low res screen) or updates loaded.


    Open Office still hasn't forced a disruptive shutdown after over 24 hours - joy.  Now to configure the email system.  Outlook still crashes when I type into a new email, but if I paste in it doesn't.


    Having coded for a number of years myself it is very frustrating that the only error is "disruptive shutdown".  It's a shame I can't increase logging for the system just before I use Word so I could send a log to Microsoft.  I'd happily help them out.  But increasing logging may stop what is happening, I've been there when coding on PDAs.




    Maybe there have always been problems with Office 2003 (Word and Outlook) but XP handled them courteously, or rough and ready. Vista maybe more careful and bales out at the first sign of trouble to protect the files?  Just pure speculation but I haven't lost any data through any of the disruptive shutdowns yet.  Although I have had a number of bad sectors on the system HDD: I keep my data files on a different HDD from the system files.


    As an aside I don't know about the following:  What are the systoms when DEP spots trouble?  Does it put entries into a system log?  Could there be bugs (heavens no) in Office and Vista which start the DEP.  What about the new licensing system?  What does it do if it feels the software is not legal (all my software is licenced BTW) ?  Does it log?


    I just checked the price of Office 2007: home and student is circa £70.  However this doesn't come with Outlook which is another £90.  Whereas, XP is cheaper £84.

    domenica 8 giugno 2008 22:18
  • Hopefully people still use this thread...pleasee

    I just got a new HP laptop 4 days ago

    • AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-60 (2.0GHz)
    • 2 x 512KB L2 cache
    • 3GB DDR2 SDRAM (both slots occupied, shared)
    • 250GB (5,400RPM) SATA hard drive
    • 8x DVD±RW drive with Double Layer support
    • 17.0" WXGA+ BrightView widescreen display; 1440 x 900 native resolution
    • NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7150M UMA (integrated graphics)


    I installed all the windows updates and proper anit-virus/spybot, etc
    In those 4 days, the laptop randomly shows a black screen with power on and then rebooted by itself three times! Upon logging back in it says my system shutdown from an unexpected error. I am doubting it is the hardware because
    a) IT's A NEW LAPTOP!
    b) many people seem to have the same problem with vista


    does anyone know how to fix this problem yet? this thread seems a year old but I am hoping someone found a solution since then..

    also, each time it crashed I was on internet explorer... I dont know if this was a coincidence or not, but just adding...


    mercoledì 18 giugno 2008 16:01
  • Hey there.  I think the thread is still used.  I just happened by your problem.  I will try and help.  I know that there have been a number of bios and hardware (chipsets) upgrades necessary to run vista properly.  I would start there.  Just because the computer is new doesn't mean it wasn't sitting in the warehouse for a few months before being sent out, just kidding, maybe not a few months Smile 
    I would start there.  If hdd is SATA make sure in the bios your drive setting is AHCI instead of ATA.  I found out  that was a vista compliance.
    Also, I would use a different browser personally.  I use Avant myself, it used IE settings like the favorites, if you want it to, but it is encapsulated in its own shell.  It is free and has pop up blocker and all the spam blocker goodies as well.
    venerdì 20 giugno 2008 21:49
  • All good advice.  I'm sure everyone's setup is different so I can only explain what my problem is, updating the BIOS for some may help.


    * My BIOS and all my drivers are up to date.

    * I have configured my RAM timings in the BIOS.  My memory test passes.

    * It doesn't shutdown in IE.

    * I installed FireFox a few days ago and it doesn't shutdown in that browser either.

    * OpenOffice and Excel work fine.

    * I've restarted in safe mode and in debug mode adn the problem still occurs.

    * If I try setting up my SATA drives as AHCI the machine reboots on startup.  In safe mode it gets as far as the crcdisk.sys driver and reboots.  The manual/guidance for the motherboard states setting it as IDE (yes I know it doesn't give you a great deal of confidence).

    * I've disabled the soundcard in the BIOS.

    * I had disabled the LAN port and the machine still shutdown.

    * I have disabled almost every service I can which might be causing a problem.  Including indexing and SuperFetch. 

    * The start search shutdown occurs immediately after a fresh install of Vista on a formatted hard drive.  I've used 2 different brands of HDD.

    * Unfortunately logs don't contain anything when the shutdown occurs, just an event when the machine starts back up.


    At the moment I can't use Word and Outlook 2003 or start->start search.


    If I click the Vista 'Start' button and type words into the 'start search' text box after a few characters (random number) the system performs a disruptive shutdown.  The same thing happens in Outlook and Word.  Only when I'm typing.  I can have Outlook open for hours receiving email.


    I'm open to any ideas.  Could it be the keyboard?  I've been using OpenOffice for almost 2 weeks now and I've not had one disruptive shutdown within OpenOffice.  However the Vista 'start search' shutdown still occurs.


    My question: can I increase debugging or tracing in Word or Outlook?  Just so I can find out what call is causing the problem.


    Thank you



    mercoledì 25 giugno 2008 06:13
  • It sounds to me more like you have a compatability problem or hardware malfunction if you have tried 2 different HDD's and performed fresh installs of Vista as well as disabling hardware.


    Specifically, I would venture to say that the problem is most likely the system board on your machine either malfunctioning, or is outright jerry-rigged for vista. If you are still having those sorts of problems even with the hardware cut that low, it's most likely a problem with the board I'd say Andrew. The reason for the vista start button crash is likely due to trying to use malfunctioning hardware it sounds like (or disabled services such as indexing/superfetch and the like) coupled with system instability.


    However, due to the erratic behavior, it could very likely be the processor as well being either poorly seated, or badly sealed. Processor overheating will often cause random system crashes/shutdowns/restarts that look like other things. I'd check and see that the processor is seated properly and sealed/connected properly to the heat sink/fan apparatus to ensure it's not an overheating issue.


    Small or low process usage programs like the open source programs will often give you that sort of behavior as opposed to comparable microsoft ones if the processor is indeed the issue due to the Microsoft versions being much larger and more comprehensive programs that require more resources to operate.


    mercoledì 2 luglio 2008 04:34
  • I am experiencing the same problem as in the original thread.

    I'm running windows vista on a macbook pro with bootcamp installed.  I have 2Ghz Intel Dual Core processer, 2 GB ram, a 50 GB internal HD, and an external WD USB HD.  I have the shutdown problem at random times and can not reproduce it on demand.  It only happens when i'm running in vista.  When i shutdown and boot to Mac the problem goes away.

    I was running Live One Care and thought that might have something to do with it.  Uninstalled and loaded BitDefender instead - same problem.

    The only thing i've noticed is that when i unplug the external HD the system stayed on for hours while i ran a full scan with BitDefender (came up clean).  I plugged in the HD to run a scan of that and it crashed after less than 10 minutes.

    I'm running without it plugged in now and all is well.  I can't run this way long term though.  I NEED that HD.  It's got all my business files on it and I don't have enough internal HD space to put them there b/c of bootcamp and the drive partition to do mac or windows.

    Do you think the external HD has a virus?  or that it's using too much power?  I've had it for over 1 1/2 years without any issues until now.  Is drive space usage an issue?  I've got 17GB free internally and around 60GB free on a 100 GB external drive.

    I need to connect the external HD to get some work done!  PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! 
    lunedì 7 luglio 2008 20:41

    Okay folks, I reckon most people will validate this...


    I have noticed that Vista on a loptop will most likely shut itself off when the processor becomes exceptionally busy. It overheats resulting in the whole machine shutting itself down. I'm running a Dual Core processor.


    If you have a cooling mode on your mahcine have this activated at all times. *** I know, this of course means that you can never run your machines full potential but at least you will have a system that runs most of the time.


    It does depend on what programs you use and I also believe that it is also because of a refresh problem. I cant work out if its refresh of the video or the memory but in some instances I can start and application and leave it idle, yet the cooling fan is at full tilt.


    This will most certainly happen with video editing software or conversion programs (Nero Recode/Vision especially) or Windows Media Maker and Windows DVD Creator.


    Right now I have Nero Vision going and Virtual PC running 2 virtual machines continuosly for well over a week now in Vista Ultimate.


    See what you find.....


    Maybe Microsoft will release an SP2 soon.....

    martedì 8 luglio 2008 02:05
  • i don't think this problem has anything to do with what you're running or what is active.  i do massive graphics/video editing projects all the time and my macbook pro (running vista) runs HOT!  i don't have any cooling systems installed - just my laptop sitting on my desk - and until last saturday i have never had a problem with it.  i've been running vista for months now.

    also, i was just testing a theory that it may have something to do with an external USB hard drive sucking too much power away from the system.  i had a bigger external hard drive connected via firewire with it's own power source and it just shut down while the machine was idle.  i had an excel spreadsheet and microsoft outlook open, and the photos screensaver was on.  i heard the screen power down while i was watching tv.  there goes that theory...

    the fact remains that when i boot the machine into mac and use the same applications i always do it runs fine and without issue, and when i boot into vista and run comperable applications it turns itself off.  no warning.  no blue screen.  nothing.  just off.

    any other suggestions about how to resolve the issue?
    martedì 8 luglio 2008 02:41
  • Hi


    Thanks for the further advice, it's really good people are out there willing to help - thank you.


    Since my last message I have got further. 


    Word and Outlook are now stable.  Without any changes to hardware.


    I've disabled more services, namely superfetch, windows defender and a number of programs starting in 'runonce' using regedit.  The system is running on the basics.


    Even though I have Norton installed and windows firewall was turned off the service for the firewall was still running.  So I disabled its service.


    The same applied to windows defender, I had switched it off, it but the service was still running.  So I disabled the service.


    I've been running some intense applications including: movie rendering, call of duty and praetorians - for hours and the system has not reset.  So I don't believe it is CPU usage.  I've also been running the grid computing application with can hammer the CPU and it hasn't reset with that running for ages.  Also I've run the beta version of povray, which uses multi core processors, and the system was stable.


    However the start -> search button is still not stable.  So I just navigate to programs like regedit through explorer.  That's progress.


    I believe *in my particular case* it was software related, as the hardware remained the same but changes to the software configuration affected the stability.


    One thing that is sometimes not stable is the BBC watch again service, but I'd have to say that was never particularly fantastic on XP.  It just provides a disruptive shutdown occasionally - especially whenI fast forward to one point in the program.  But one application isn't bad.


    Everyone's system is going to be different.  I have experience of badly seated components when I played around with upgrading CPUs on a BBC B motherboard years ago. That was both unpredictable and painful.


    Sorry to re-iterate this, but if a piece of software is having a problem, it should courteously log the error then shutdown the system down.  It shouldn't just cause a disruptive shutdown with no errors reported.


    Thank you



    giovedì 10 luglio 2008 21:00
  • I started having the same "disruptive shutdown" errors with my Toshiba Qosmio laptop. 


    The lack of logging for the error has made it nearly impossible to troubleshoot.  Sometimes, the laptop would shutdown after 10 minutes of use.  Sometimes, I could go 2 days without it shutting down.


    Right now, it has not had a disruptive shutdown for about one week.  I've disabled most startup software except anti-virus (AVG) and windows defender.  I also stopped using the USB mouse to see if that was an issue.  Some of the software I disabled includes the Toshiba specific utilities.


    I had previously tried the following with no luck:  Upgrade to Vista SP 1, uninstall/reinstall AVG, updated BIOS, display driver and HD-DVD driver.


    I hope the issue has been fixed.  I plan on waiting a few weeks, adding my USB mouse back and if that doesn't kill the system, I'll start turning startup programs back on slowly.

    giovedì 10 luglio 2008 21:14
  • Kimberly - Being in a retail-heavy environment full-time, I can tell you that the problem you're having has to do with the Toshiba rendition of Vista, particularly it's Qosmio version. Having gotten to play with a handful of them, I can tell you there is definitely something awry about the modifications they've made to the Vista OEM they're loading onto the Qosmios (not to mention the fact that it seems they've stayed true to the Qosmio line and managed to carry over yet another line of really annoying, frustrating screwups, messups, and outright defects just like all the previous lines have had).


    I'd suspect it to be an overheating issue, they've *always* had that problem (which I suspect is a problem for alot of you Mac dual-booters too, but I'll get to that in a minute) Smile. It has always been a problem of maximum system loads wreaking havoc on Qosmios, and on 4/5 I've specifically checked, they crashed like clockwork when the power saving setting caps are released and the processor/graphics card(s) are opened to full performance. It's always been a physical design thing where that is concerned with those laptops, but typically, as long as you keep them below 90%, they don't normally have issues unless you happen to get a wonky OS installation when you got the unit.


    As for those of you dual-booting Mac's and mentioning heavy heat, I can tell you for certain that your Mac's are likely overheating due to Vista simply being much more resource hungry (as you might expect from a drastically larger and more sophisticated OS). Now don't get me wrong, the problem isn't so much the resource usage as actual, physical heat. Mac's are not designed to be efficient so much as neat and smooth and clean. The OS is straightforward (what we all like about Mac's that use their OS's) which means less processing, which means less electrical flow, which means less heat. Plus, I've discovered the biggest difference that seems to also be one of the most problematic for multi-booting is that because Mac's really don't do any more with the graphics card than XP does innately, the switch to Vista kicks that sub-system into a much higher operating plane without most even realizing it. I've found that (for anyone gamer-savvy) the standard holds true that you're more likely to have heat problems due to graphics cards than CPU's unless you're overclocking, especially in systems that aren't designed to do that kind of graphical processing like most Macs aren't.


    As for a fix, I'd suggest turning off the Windows Aero settings and run in Vista Basic or even Windows Classic, then cut down to your necessary programs and see from there. I wish I could be more definite, but I just don't have a mac laptop to mess with of my own atm, just PC's with all my different OS's loaded on (I do game, so I bought an HP laptop that was top-of-the-line at the time and never had a problem between Vista Premium X86, Vista Ultimate X64, or Mac's Leapord *though the Leapord is kind of gimped alas, as I've yet to find an honestly good driver for the Nvidia card in my laptop* ). Will be watching/hoping for good reports, or more useful information to see if/how I might be able to help. Smile

    venerdì 11 luglio 2008 06:57
  • Update:


    On July 2, I removed my USB mouse and disabled software.  I added back my USB mouse 2 weeks ago.  I have not had any disruptive shutdowns since July 2nd.


    The software I disabled:



    Toshiba Flash Cards


    Toshiba Button Support


    Toshiba Zooming Utility


    So, it is definitely a software issue.  I had previously updated the BIOS and drivers with no luck.  If you have a Toshiba and are experiencing this problem, try disabling those startup programs.  I would be interested to hear if this has worked for anyone else.

    lunedì 11 agosto 2008 04:08
  • I have them too, and just like yours Vista offers no help on why it does it. But I have noticed that it does it more with firefox open and switching pages. I also use Office 2007 and not had any problems with it (yet) I also never had any problems with firefox but last night my fiance was lookin at things on youtube and in the middle of a page load it went all white and the puter shut off, so maybe it's something with firefox?? I'm going to go back to IE7 (ugggg) for a few days and see if that helps the random shutdowns.
    lunedì 25 agosto 2008 01:26
  • I've been having this problem for a little while and nothing thus far has helped it. the odd thing is that for me it almost always does it when the computer is idle. only once has it happened while actually doing something on the computer. this problem is an ongoing problem for over a year with vista, you would think by now a fix would have been made and put on windows update. About a third of the computers i come across at university that have vista on it don't work because of issues related to vista, lets hope SP2 comes out soon and makes this an OS that people are happy to use


    lunedì 25 agosto 2008 03:51

    I'm having the same problem as kentacular. Have gone through the whole of this thread but no remedy has worked for me as of yet. Still hoping...
    sabato 13 settembre 2008 20:42
  • Luckily for me it turned out to be a simple issue. I returned my laptop as i tested it and found it was running extremely hot. It turns out that in the short time i have had it that my heatsink and fan had gotten clogged with dust. If you find that you use your computer in a dusty environment i'd suggest getting some compressed air and use it regularly to clear it out. Otherwise you'll probably have to pay for someone qualified to take your computer apart to clear it out. Hope this helps


    sabato 13 settembre 2008 22:33

    You guys aren't alone anymore.  I just put my hands on a Striker II Extreme, with Vista ultimate x64

    The PC is ramdomdly powered off instantly and it happends anytime.


    I called the service and they say YOU DUDE YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW THINGS WORK.  yeah right.  you guys did mount my system and I payed $3500 to get a PC that turns off alone and when I reboot, windows says the computer was shut down unexpectatly would you like to start normally or in safe mode.


    Windows doesn't event have time to know what's going on before the shutdown so its an HARDWARE problem.

    much like a Faulty hard drive or an ACPI *** or even something badly configurein the bios ?

    but I'm not sure the cause is Windows Ultimate X64


    Lets hope someone here with a BIG KNOWLEDGE in hardware knows what's going on


    mercoledì 17 settembre 2008 20:44
  • I bought an ACER desktop M5640.  after a couple weeks of tryuing Vista and not being happy, and having these shutdowns (random, controlled shutdown, which showed up as disruptive shutdown), I wanted to go back to XP, but learned my hardware is too advanced for XP on this ACER unit (SATA drivers not available, etc..).  Anyhow, I just want the thing to NOT shut down...  since MS is not supporting XP anymore, could they not have an OS that works as good as the one it replaced?!!????  What's going on??!!!


    I mean this thread will soon be celebrating it's first anniversary!!!!






    domenica 21 settembre 2008 13:50
  • hi,

    I have purchased a dell inspiron 530s with vista preinstalled. I have the same error before described. the system usually freezes when i am playing videos. I have installed all windows fixes and updated all drivers. is microsoft doing something about this problem????


    domenica 21 settembre 2008 15:24

    Albertoim - screen freeze during video where the machine becomes unresponsive means it's VERY likely your computer is overheating (hardware/design issue). Extremely unlikely to be software/vista related, but more something you can try fixing by blowing out all fans/vents etc, and if it doesn't help and is relegated to such specific circumstances and repetitious results, I'd contact dell about repair/replacement.


    gbourck - I've sent off atleast 6 of those in the last three months for bad PSU's and/or Motherboards, lets just say I'm not a fan of the model, and XP would be just as bad =\.


    Marc Roussel - If it's hardly/not even getting into windows, and shuts down erratically and unpredictably, your suspicion is very likely correct that the problem is probably hardware. Some things to try:

    Remove RAM to 1 module and see if it comes up and runs stably until you determine either which module(s) are bad, or that they are all OK.

    Reseat and reseal the processor with a goodly amount of thermal paste (but don't overdue it, or it will overheat for certain)

    Try using another hard drive if you can and see if it does the same thing.


    Chances are, you'll find one of those is likely the problem rather than Vista (as usual =P). 99% of the time, the OS is just fine and either the user is screwing things up, it's directly conflicting software (gotta love open-source  =P), or it's *hardware/design* of the computer. I see Vista computers in so infrequently, that until XP is completely off the market, I doubt I'll see any computers in for anything but XP computers loaded with malware or with corrupted operating systems, or machines running either with hardware failures that have absolutely nothing to do with the OS.

    venerdì 3 ottobre 2008 04:55
  • And I did neglect to mention one thing:

    For those that have been asking why Microsoft hasn't posted on the forums in response -

    Because this is a forum is designed for users and microsoft professionals (like myself). Just because I don't wear a nametag saying I work for Microsoft doesn't mean I'm necessarily just another shmo user (or a number of others who post on these forums) Smile


    The only time that Microsoft should need to contact anyone on these forums directly is when it's Beta related. Trying  to educate, assist, and help end users is what Microsoft Certified Professionals are for. Smile
    venerdì 3 ottobre 2008 05:05
  • I have the same problem... i have windows vista ultimate version.

    intel dx38bt motherboard

    xfx 9800 gtx blackedition

    ocz pc 10666 (1333mhz) (2 x 2048) 4gb ram

    core 2 quad 9300 processor


    really good pc right??? with nice case n 3 fans


    while playing any game whether it be crysis callofduty 4 or eve the pc will restart on any random time... whether it be 5 mins to 4 or 5 hrs i am now sure it is a problem with vista and not with overheating this is my last chance before i format and revert bak to xp can anyone help me

    venerdì 3 ottobre 2008 10:55
  • I have built 9 computers and repaired many more then that in the last 3 months all the ones I built had 'Vista Ready' hardware parts in them and they all have the disruptive shutdown problem even my own. It's not an overheating problem at least all the ones I've seen were not overheating or a Bios problem. Or a software compatibility problem. I have done a whole lot of reading on this forum and others it's just VIsta is the problem I've quit selling them with Vista and have gone to Linux or XP because I'm not going to sell a computer to someone for $600 that keeps shutting off on it's own. I would suggest getting a Live Linux CD and just run that for a few days (Remember with Live CD's it does not save or touch anything on your hard drive, so if ya don't like it take it out and you are back to Vista) no problems then you know what it is. But if it still shuts down then you know where to look it has to be hardware then. I used a Ubuntu Live CD for 2 weeks and it never shut down on me once, also it took half the memory and ran most all the same programs but in a Linux version. But I took the cd out and let Vista load and sure enough within 4 hours it was back to shuttin off all the time. So I have used Ubuntu for 3 months now and not a shut down at all. I'm not here to push Linux onto anyone it's just an idea to try without loosing info or formatting your harddrive.
    venerdì 3 ottobre 2008 12:53

    For me the problem was because of a wire electrical shortcut on the main board that was causing the pc to have DISRUPTIVE SHUTDOWN.  After a service check it was the video card cable to the power suply that was not entirely connected and the wire was long enough to sometimes fall by earth gravity jsut a bit and made sence because when I was openning my case and moving the cable the computer was turning on alone Smile


    I would check this.  Probably not your problem but in case.........

    venerdì 3 ottobre 2008 12:59
  • This is not a hardware problem it's a vista or vista update problem - you simply cannot run any media player - any media player while running any browser - if you are playing a song on itunes or ms media player and trying to surf the web the browser goes grey and freezes - if you stop the music you can use the webrowser and if you are simply playing a song only it will freeze from time to time - it's a total pain in the *** and is 100% microsoft's problem but they haven't made a statement on it at all - fix the damn thing already!
    sabato 11 ottobre 2008 00:50
  • 187 complaints for this problem since Feb. in this forum alone. This is nuts. I have read almost all of them, and have worked on four machines that had the same problem. Each time, the cause seems to be a bit different, an application in some cases, a driver in others, or network use in others. All have the same effect "Poof no Windows". There is some core system in vista that is just not stable. The fact that there is often no error log or conspicuous evidence of the cause leads me to believe this is a problem at the Hardware Abstraction Layer, and is most likely a subsystem that provides services from the hardware to the Operating system. The way Vista works with drivers and applications involves a Sandbox type of system to protect the registry, so the interface with the HAL and the sandbox should be the first system to fall under suspicion. There was a similar problem back in the Windows 95 days.

    How does this help? Well, I'm not sure it will help individuals solve their imediate problems, but I hope it will focus some attention on the most likely places to start investigating.

    sabato 11 ottobre 2008 05:30
  • I bought my HP with Vista pre installed January 2008.  It worked fine until SP1 was installed a couple months ago!  I too have shutdown when idle and then have the error recovery message and must restart in safe or normal.  I actually called Microsoft help two weeks ago and spent 3 hours on the phone.  Of course, they did not understand me as they were located in India and did not speak much English.  I was told that they could find nothing wrong.  It must be a software issue.  I only have Microsoft Small Business and Norton on my computer!! I can work fine, but once idle for more than five minutes it shuts down and I lose everything prior.  I am beyond frustrated.   I have uninstalled everything and still have the problem.  Obviously not software if all is taken off! Any new ideas?


    giovedì 16 ottobre 2008 13:48

    Dear All,


    I'm running Vista 64 Ultimate and experiencing exactly the same problem as everybody else - random shutdowns without any warning... It is a complete shutdown sequence and not a "crash" - ie. same as if I would have selected "Shutdown" from the start menu.


    My PC is quite new (3 months) and have been running 100% stable and perfect until about two weeks ago when these problems started - what happened then was an installation of an X-Fi Titanium card and some MS Updates... not sure any of these are related to my issue - but it could be nice for you allt to know.


    One way to halt the sequence is to open Notepad and type "blablabla" (ie. whatever...) and not save it. As soon as the shutdown procedure starts a dialog is presented asking if I want to save my unsaved textfile - you can then halt the procedure and look for potential errors but the shutdown process will come back to the same time after time until the computer is restarted.


    After restart I am sometimes presented with a black screen with "Windows failed to start" and instructs me to repair my Vista installation (I normally select "Start Windows normally") and the system boots and can run for many hours without any restart.


    I do not have the solution but I am so very, very frustrated and really needs your (and hopefullty MS) wise assistance in solving this issue.


    Vista Ultimate X64 / CoolerMaster Cosmos S / Asus Rampage Formula / Intel Q9450 @ Stock / A-DATA 8 GB RAM / 2x Gigabyte HD4870 CFX / WD Raptor 150GB / WD 750GB / X-Fi Titanium


    Best Regards,



    venerdì 17 ottobre 2008 13:47
  • I have tried a lot of things and for the moment my suspicion is the problem is related to Windows Defender.


    Yesterday I stopped and disabled the WIndows Defender service and removed if from startup in MSCONFIG and guess what - since then I have not had one single shutdown... I really dont belive it yet, everytime I walk in to my office I am happy and surprised that my PC is still running... this have been totaly impossible the last period...


    Please feel free to try and post your own experiences... I hold my thumbs...


    Best Regards,




    sabato 18 ottobre 2008 13:52

    I'm in the same boat, been getting this for around 2 weeks , it just throws up an error message at me about a hotkey such n such( to fast for me to catch it) then crashes.Oh and it's a 6 month old Fujitsu siemens Amilo.This is what i get with event viewer....


    Log Name:      System
    Source:        EventLog
    Date:          18/10/2008 18:59:33
    Event ID:      6008
    Task Category: None
    Level:         Error
    Keywords:      Classic
    User:          N/A
    Computer:      Julie-PC
    The previous system shutdown at 18:57:36 on 18/10/2008 was unexpected.
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
        <Provider Name="EventLog" />
        <EventID Qualifiers="32768">6008</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2008-10-18T17:59:33.000Z" />
        <Security />



    I am just totally baffled, its random when it will crash, i can be on it for hours and it's ok, then it will crash twice in 5 mins.I also thought it might be something to do with Windows Defender or  Ms update, i just can't figure it out, anyone had any luck?

    sabato 18 ottobre 2008 19:22
  • i second the notion i am getting the same event log as scousie
    lunedì 20 ottobre 2008 01:11

    Bill Faryon: Unless you have loaded absolutely nothing on the computer besides microsoft-derived or MFG derived updates, it's jumping the gun a bit to claim it's the OS, but that aside I might suggest you check and see what addons you have installed for Internet Explorer.

    I actually repaired a computer yesterday that was having IE problems much more drastic, but I would surmise that your problem is likely related to a poor/corrupted/malicious add-on to the browser. Specifically, I would look for any add-ons, snap-ins, or scriptlets for anything "Myway" as that's actually malicious code and is very commonly involved with attempting browser hijacking.

    Also, you may want to get a tally of what all media add-ins/snap-ins/toolbars etc you have installed for internet explorer and post them here to see if anyone might have any suggestions or information that would be helpful. Just the same as if a car doesn't start, the problem isn't immediately the engine; likewise just because windows wrote the platform programs doesn't mean the base program is necessarily the problem. It's always more effective to eliminate all of the smaller, peripheral additions and modifications to the original before concluding it's the key piece that's erroneous. I might also, lastly suggest listing if you have any Peer-to-Peer data transfer programs like Limewire, Bearshare, Kazaa, Morpheus, Share 360, Bit Torrent, uTorrent etc on the computer, because it's a very likely possibility that if one or more of those is on there, there is a very high likelihood that there is also malware hiding on the machine that can very well cause those sorts of issues (malware almost always targets with advertising or browser hijacking first).


    If you don't wish to take the time yourself, you can usually take your computer to Firedog (Circuit City's PC service area) or Geek Squad in Best Buy and have them run a free software checkup on the machine to see if any of those things is on your computer and (if done properly) is typically fairly accurate though not as in-depth as a complete diagnostic.

    giovedì 23 ottobre 2008 06:32
  • My Step-Daughter had the same problem. She watched as the temp monitor reached an unbelievable 90 deg c. Thats HOT. She shut it down herself. I opened it up to look at it and found the heat transfer medium (usually paste) was way sub-par. The CPU simply was not transfering the heat to the heat sink very well. Sloppy job from Gateway! Replaced thermal pads with quality paste and so far so good. Temps dropped almost by one/third under load and idle at around 50 deg c. This still sound awful worm to me, but the computer did not shut itself off even at 90 deg c. She said she could not touch the top next to the keyboard. If you do this yourself with no experience, be very carefull. Use a non-conductive thermal paste of the best quality you can find and apply to the heat sink not the cpu. The heat sink has 6 screws and extends to the side of the fan itself by way of a copper heat tunnel. This is all one piece and must be removed together. There is a non-conductive pad on the heat sink bottom under the fan for one of the cpu's, the thermal pad on this cpu did not make good contact with the heatsink because of the size of the thermal tape, besides it being of poor quality. Do not leave any thermal paste on the non-conductive pad. Clean it the best you can dry, do not use any solutions. If you use non-conductive thermal paste you will not have to worry, but if you use conductive thermal paste, you may waist your system-cpu. leave you computer on as long as you can monitor it for proper breakin. The longer the better. Any sign of abnormal temps and shutdown imediately. Gateways bios has no perameters for even basic mods, including power or fan control.
    martedì 28 ottobre 2008 12:00
  • Having a similar problem on a Dell XPS 710. Reloaded this system from scratch with two 500GB drives in a RAID0 configuration two partitions C and D for System and Data. Windows Vista Ultimate SP 1 with all updates, IE7 with all updates, Office 2007 Pro, all updates, a pair of nVidia GeForce 7950GX2 with driver version running two monitors, and 8GB 800 Mhz DDR2 RAM.

    The issue has occurred with the original 2 GB of RAM in the system and with only one of the 7950GX2 cards installed. The problem has occurred since I rebuilt the system with Vista. It happens almost exclusively when I am browsing the internet on mixed media pages with scrolling pages like eBay or youtube list scrolling or with multiple windows open and hopping from tab to tab or window to wondow. It doesn't seem to occur when IE is not active. Running AVG free edition anti-virus, no over-clocking or hardware performance tweeking (it's against my religion - Church of Over-Build, Under-Stress gives eternal life).

    I can run VNC and remote desktop on three active sessions with no glitches including running IE7 on the terminal sessions viewing the same sites that would knock mine out locally. Overheating tends to give a blue screen or will just stop the computer with a frozen mouse. A system freeze will leave the mouse mobile but otherwise dead. Memory/RAM issues also tend to give BSOD or leave a bloody trail in the event log. This one leaves no trail other than an unexpected shut-down entry.

    The "flick-off" reboot has, in my expereince, been related to video driver/hardware/OS issues, but I've tried the Microsoft nVidia drivers and three iterations of the nVidia drivers with no variation of the symptom described herein. I've not had the issue doing entry on this (as I save this to a text file) page or similar "basic content" types sites. Don't use Firefox/Opera/Chrome so I can't report  on those browsers, but my gut instinct is Internet Explorer 7 and its little add-on goodies, flash, java, XML, Silverlight and (dare I mention) Windows Defender are not playing nicely with the OS requiring weirdness from the display driver that it has a knipshon fit trying to deliver. Too many chiefs not enough indians.

    Bill F, your comments carry some valid points but all of those will have other performance impacts on the IE/OS performance and will pretty much all leave a trail in the Event Logs. Oh for a hint of a trail in my system on this issue :-) Most times I don't even get an unexpected shutdown warning, this system runs quickly with 5.5/5.5/5.9/5.9/5.9 scores in the performance index. Malware and nasties are all kept away and the system has practically no issues otherwise. The boys at Circuit City and the Geeks are not really equipped to do much with this because the system acts normally until it shuts off and then it pretends nothing happened... Kind of like tripping over a sidewalk crack and then making kool.;)

    Hope somebody comes up with a definitive answer, going to try IE8 once its been officially released for a few weeks. Cheers! Peter
    martedì 10 febbraio 2009 15:48
  • I have had similar issues. My system would shut down randomly between login and browsing.  I had the hard drive, motherboard and power supply changed and still had the same results. I upgraded my powerstrip and the issue seems to have been illiminated.  For my system it apparently had to do with EMI which caused the system to go into the power save mode.  (power trip)

    venerdì 24 luglio 2009 10:42