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  • Domanda

  • My USB ports on my HP windows 7 laptop have stopped working, havent worked for about 6 months, even the built in HP truevision HD webcam is not working. 

    If any USB device is plugged in there is a pop up message "unrecognised USB device" and will not show anything on the device at all, the device will not show up in my computer.

    I am not very technical but I have tried uninstalling the unknown USB things in drivers and updating all the drivers but still nothing.

    Any suggestions would be great, but keep in mind im not a computer genius so please dumb it down so I can understand and follow.


    lunedì 22 luglio 2013 13:37


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  • Have any USB/external drives worked?

    Sometimes the drivers do not get detected.

    Use the following procedure:

    1.Start->Control Panel.

    2. System and Maintenance ->System->Device Manager.

    If you need to provide an administrator password, type the password, or just click Allow.

    3. In Device Manager, double click to expand "Universal Serial Bus controllers", right click on the Host Controller, click "Uninstall" and click "OK".
    If there is an ! there is a problem with the driver.

    4. Repeat the step 2 to uninstall all items under "Universal Serial Bus controllers".

    Restart your computer and Windows 7 will reinstall all USB controllers automatically.

    If the issue is still present check for the updated USB device drivers using windows update. The link below provides assistance."

    If problem still is present, check for chipset driver updates through your computers manufacturer website. These have the USB drivers in them.

     Hope this works!

    lunedì 22 luglio 2013 16:15
  • Tina.g

    Though this would be better asked here you can also try this

    Wanikiya & Dyami--Team Zigzag

    lunedì 22 luglio 2013 17:06
  • Hi Tina,

    From your post, I understand that you got error message “unrecognized USB device” when plug in any USB devices.  You have tried to reinstall USB drivers, but to no avail. Also, the built-in HP truevision HD webcam didn’t work.

    I suggest we try this auto fixit for troubleshooting USB issue:

    Tips for solving problems with USB devices

    If the issue still persists, I recommend downloading and install the latest USB controller driver and motherboard driver from HP support center:

    Download drivers and software

    In addition, in order to address your issue accurately, please help to clarify following question:

    1. Contact the manufacturer and let them check if the issue was caused by hardware broken.
    2. Please let me know what kind of USB device you plug in with issues, storage or other devices.

    Hope above information can be helpful and look forward to your response.

    Best Regards, StarSprite

    martedì 23 luglio 2013 07:37
  • Have you tried it on another computer? It may be caused by the incompatible problem.
    mercoledì 2 aprile 2014 01:41