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  • Hi,
    While trying to fix displaying of my desktop win10 desktop on my samsung smart tv, I set the tv as the default display. Now, when I switch the tv on, I loss control on the performance of my pc. The desktop pc shows all the icons of my desktop, but any step I do, running a browser, opening outlook, etc. show only on my tv. A real nuisance.
    I can open display setting, but since my act shows only on the tv, which is located in another room, all my efforts to change setting and configure my pc as the default screen failed.
    When I switch the tv off, I find no way to change the display configuration.
    How can I regain control on my pc?
    2019年9月21日 8:24


  • With the TV turned on, press these in turn with a slight pause between them and you'll get the display back on your computer so you can sort things out -


    S.Sengupta,Microsoft MVP Windows and Devices for IT, Windows Insider MVP

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