unable to start windows vista security center


  • I have the same problem with Security services. I cannot start it manually. My gateway recommends to reinstall windows vista. I would like to call Microsoft, but do not want to pay if they say the same.


    2007年11月30日 6:19



  • Hi,


    Thank you for your post.


    Firstly, I would like to confirm which is unable to be started: the Security Center or the Security Center service unable to be started.


    For the troubleshooting steps of Security Center cannot be started, please refer to the following thread:


    Security Center Not Working!!!


    Hope it heps.



    Joson Zhou

    Microsoft Online Community Support


    2007年12月3日 11:34
  • Joson,


    I tried that fix and it didn't work.


    My Security center can't be started and I got the following after trying to run services.msc:


    "Windows could not start the security center service on local computer.

    Errror 1079: The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process."



    This issue only happened after I had some trojan powervideo.dll.  i never had issues for 14 years on a computer until I switched to Vista. 


    The original message when I tried to start security center was "The Security Center Service can't be started".

    2007年12月3日 15:52
  • see

    I got it to work finally.  Still have other issue that have as of yet to be resolved

    2007年12月4日 16:49
  • I run into the same problem, cannot start security service center, may I know how did you fix it.

    I tried updating my Windows update, but still it doesn't work. Your response will be of high value.
    2008年10月30日 12:54
  • I recently received ane error messssge stating my Windows (Vista) Security Center can't be started.  Please advise an appropriate fix.

    Thnx & Regards


    2010年11月22日 15:14
  • I recently received an error message sating that:  "The (Windows Vista) Security Center service can't be started."

    Please advise an appropriate fix. 

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    2010年11月22日 15:21