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    I have a question about W7 Sysprep and Imaging. I have succesfully created an image in audit mode and then run sysprep with the /generalize /oobe and /unattend commands. This is all working fine. However i was looking at ways to make changes to the image and i just installed our image on a test machine. The process will only ask the user for the PC name and all other options are part of the unattend.xml. At the computer name stage i pressed "Ctrl+Shift+F3" and the machine has booted back into audit mode. This is fantastic as it makes it easy to make changes. BUT am I going to have problems with rearm in the future. Because sysprep hasnt finished at the stage i put it back in audit mode does that mean i dont need to worry about rearm as long as i run the sysprep again once changes are complete? Normally i would have two images (a before sysprep and an after) but this can cause problems with version control.

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    2011年4月26日 10:07


  • Windows has a "Rearm" count of 3. So, you can resysprep an image (create a unique image) three times before it breaks.
    (Trust me, it breaks. Registry goes all haywire).

    Best to make yourself a new image off disk/network if you plan on updating your master image frequently.

    Document your changes, easiest way to remember what your original master image customizations were. :)

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    2011年4月26日 21:32