Windows update problem (+ messenger?)


  • Hi,

    For some reason I can't download windows updates anymore. The error I receive is 80072f8f, and according to the microsoft website it has something to do with wrong time settings. However, my computer date and time are both accurate.

    I have a similar problem with msn messenger. I am not sure if these two problems are related, but I get a similar error message there. I have tried everything there too. I have searched endlessly on the internet and found out the cause of this for most people had something to do with their time settings. As far as I can tell, my settings are all perfectly fine.....The error code I get here is 80048820 (extended=80048418). The troubleshoot claims it has something to do with my key ports, but I personally think the problem lies somewhere else.
    I have tried installing previous versions of MSN, but nothing worked. Does anyone know what the cause of my problems could be?

    Could it be that the BIOS time is incorrect, but that the actual time on my desktop is correct? Or maybe something in the registy that is missing? Most of the help on the internet is for win XP, so I thought I'd try it here. I hope anyone can help me with this.

    2007年5月8日 21:55