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    My windows installation is on C. I replaced a data drive E, which I'll call drive 1, by another drive 2. I've copied all the files from drive 1 to drive 2, renamed drive 2 to E, but after I disconnected drive 1 (now with the letter M) windows won't boot. 
    I started windows repair, and when I entered "bootsect /nt60 sys" it executed well, BUT on drive E! therefore, I assume that active system partition is on drive E, although the windows installation is on C (weird).

    I would like to avoid using drive images as I naively worked for a while with the two drives connected, and installed software and have data stored on the newer drive (2), therefore, I'm concerned I'll run into stability issues if I'll just use an older drive image (drive 1).

    Is there a way to enable windows to boot from drive C (where the windows installation is), or perhaps only copy the boot part of drive 1 to drive 2 or drive C? Any ideas?
    2013年10月9日 21:56