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  • Hello -Someone in the Exchange forum recommended I ask here:

    I am using DPM 2012 R2 to backup my Exchange 2013 DAG members (currently, database only).

    I now want to add to a different backup job the rest of the server. volumes (C:\, data drives, system state, etc)

    DPM allows me to exclude specific folders or specific filetypes.

    1) Do I need to exclude any specific folders or filetypes from the job?

    2) If so, what should be excluded?


    2019年1月25日 18:33


  • Hello!

    You can exclude file types from a backup if you are backing up folders or files within a drive, although exclusions are quite rarely used.

    1) Do I need to exclude any specific folders or filetypes from the job?

    Answer: There is no issues in creating another backup job for the C:\, data drives, System Protection and so on if you want, there is no need to exclude anything.

    2) If so, what should be excluded?

    Answer: Check the first answer.

    Best regards,

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    2019年1月25日 21:06
  • Leon thanks.

    I have read in the past that DPM was smart enough to automatically handle such exclusions for SQL and Exchange. Now, I can't find anything in any documentation on DPM on any Microsoft site that either confirms or denies this. 

    So in your experience, if I were to enable volume level backups of the drives where Exchange databases or transaction logs (or same for SQL) are stored, no exclusion is necessary? That is as I thought but cannot find the official response anywhere.

    2019年1月25日 21:20
  • In general you don't perform "duplicate" backups, what I mean by this is that if you are already backing up databases on a server, there's no need to back up the database files as well.

    May I ask what you want to achieve with this?

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    2019年1月25日 21:38
  • Hello!

    Just wanted to check in on you, how are things going?

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    2019年2月15日 9:08