Why do I set a static IP in my computer without network ? RRS feed

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  • In a LAN with many computers, only a few computers when I set static IP computer is not connected to the network but I set dynamic IP the computer works normally, how to fix this error ?
    2019年9月12日 2:32


  • Configure a static IP that is a valid IP within your subnet's IP range, and confirm that the default gateway is your router's address (usually ###.###.###.1). Most home networks are 0-255, with .0 being reserved for the network ID, .255 is the broadcast address, and .1 is typically the router. Use an address between .2 - .254, and it will most likely work - unless there is another device already using the same address.

    2019年9月12日 2:58
  • I configured static IP is of course the full input already, you have not read my information carefully, in the LAN there are many computers set static IP works well but only a few machines can not set the static IP to Dynamic IP works, of course when I set a static IP that doesn't have duplicate IP but it still doesn't work
    2019年9月12日 3:16
  • I see. Sorry I missed that. Confirm your default gateway and DNS settings when setting the static IP, and also make sure the static IP is not in a reserved range. If you're using the same IP for static that it was previously using as a dynamically assigned address, try manually expiring the lease on the dynamic address, after configuring the static address.
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  • Why does win7 ultime have this error ? Has anyone ever encountered this error ? If met, how to fix them?
    2019年9月12日 6:36
  • I doubt that the static IP setting on the host is causing the issue. DHCP is responsible for providing DNS, and default gateway settings to the host as well. Confirm these settings on the affected host.

    Also, after confirming these settings, check your DNS to make sure that the affected host's entry shows with its new/static IP. It's possible that traffic intended for this host is being incorrectly routed as a result of DNS reflecting it's previous, dhcp-assigned IP address.

    2019年9月12日 12:48
  • I am using a DrayTek Vigor 2925 modem, the LAN address range I set is as follows:
    From address:> used for servers, cameras, timekeepers, ...
    I use dynamic IP and static IP from the address:> = DHCP = enable server
    When I set a static IP, the computer did not report an IP conflict if the IP was not used, only a few computers could not access the network when I set the static IP to any of the addresses in the range:>, My company has 70 computers, including 4 computers I can not assign static IP, I do not understand why? I have installed 4 new computers, but I can use it for about a month to get stuck.
    subnet mask:
    default gateway:
    DNS servers: and
    2019年9月13日 2:26
  • Release the dynamically assigned IP's on the hosts w hen assigning the static IP's, or manually expire the leases on the dhcp server so that the hosts do not have two separate entries.
    2019年9月13日 3:04
  • Another thing to try is to create reservations in your DHCP server for the static IP's.
    2019年9月13日 4:44
  • Can you elaborate on the manual steps of freeing IP's and DHCP ?
    2019年9月23日 2:06
  • On this page,, in the DHCP Options setting, see the list of current DHCP leases. Do your machines with static IP addresses show as having DHCP leases? If so, can you delete them from the list?

    Then, on the second image in this same section, is your DHCP configured with a 'Lease Time'? This should be configured. The box should also be checked to "Clear DHCP lease for inactive clients periodically".

    Finally, create entries to Bind the the static IP Addresses to the MAC addresses for the machines that will have static IP's. The quickest & easiest way to get the MAC addresses for a machine's interfaces is via PowerShell. Open a PowerShell command prompt, and enter the command.


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