DPM 2016 Connectors for SharePoint (SPO) Backups RRS feed

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  • DPM works well for backing up SharePoint instances OP/Azure.  Why can't we have a connector for pulling our SharePoint Online (SPO) sites/collections into DPM as well? 

    That would solve the huge problem of DRP complexity/inconsistency created by needing multiple vendors/solutions/policies, etc.  Allowing DPM to amalgamate SPO/EO into existing DRP/BCP strategies, especially using Azure Backup for cloud storage, solves one of the largest problems facing SMBs today.

    2016年11月29日 16:38


  • Excellent question. We have used DPM for years with on-prem SP, and it has been rock-solid. Most third-party solutions are not even at the level of what DPM was able to provide a few years ago.
    2018年4月5日 14:51