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  • 1,In Vista or Xp  i could hide my Icons in the taskbar (there would only be 3 showing rest hidden) how can i do this in Win 7
    2, i could also put Icons in a folder and then put the folder in the taskbar i cannot seem to be able to do this in win 7 i can pin the icon to the task bar but thats it.
    so i either have a desk top full of icons  or a taskbar full of them is there any way around this as i do not like my desktop cluttered with them.
    the reason i ask is that i have some iccon which i normally like grouped together  for an example all my Game icons i would put in a folder and drop that in the task bar , all my programms for testing and graphic testing in another 
    2009年6月11日 21:21


  • kmpaase,

    Create a couple of toolbars and point them to folders with your shortcuts inside grouped as you'd like them. You can then right click the toolbar and uncheck 'show title' and 'show text'. Size as you will.
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    2009年6月12日 0:09