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  • I'm having a problem where computers across the domain are getting this error and are randomly rebooting. 
    The computer reboots if the user is or is not logged into the system. 
    We have scanned for malware/spyware/rootkits/viruses with multiple products and the systems are clean.  there is no other events in the logs that would indicate any type of hardware issue.  We ran memory tests as well as Lenovos diag utilities and the systems still reboot.

    2009년 6월 17일 수요일 오후 1:11

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  • Did you ever get this sorted Jima?  I am having exactly the same problem now.
    2009년 11월 12일 목요일 오후 3:17
  • No this still happens an dis a moving target for us.
    2009년 12월 16일 수요일 오후 4:12
  • I dont know if you all have the same problem.  I found that I had to remove a setting in Group policy relating to IE7.

    It took MS Techs three days to find this, but we havent had the problem since!!

    2010년 7월 21일 수요일 오전 11:57
  • Hi Dizzy,

    What was the policy that you had to remove? We're having the Winlogon process crash, then a box reboot, during user login / logout. The difference is we have smartcard logon enabled. The problem seems a lot worse when switching between users with different group policies (we have some enabled for IE).  

    2010년 8월 5일 목요일 오후 2:53
  • Hi Jima101,

    Can you tell me the GP setting which fixed this?  We have the same issue.



    2013년 12월 13일 금요일 오후 11:31
  • Sorry, meant Dizzy, can you tell me what the solution was?

    2013년 12월 13일 금요일 오후 11:32