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  • I have this query

    SELECT Sum(APL.TotalVal)
    FROM APTransactionline APL
    JOIN APTransaction APH ON APL.TransactionNumber = APH.TransactionNumber
    WHERE APL.Jobnumber = T.DocumentNumber
    AND APL.GLCode = '10260.00'

    APL.Jobnumber is always a string of numbers VarChar(20)

    T.DocumentNumber is also VarChar(20) but it can contain numbers and characters

    Example: 23659STG   or  23659R  or  23659-2

    I need a way to join the tables only on the number part of the string.

    I tried this: select CAST(DocumentNumber as int) as jnum from ArTransaction

    and it returned

    Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '2679PSTG' to data type int.

    2019년 11월 19일 화요일 오후 9:57

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  • Try to use TRY_CAST instead of CAST. It returns NULL if it is not a number. If Jobnumber is nullable, add APL.Jobnumber is NOT NULL in the WHERE clause.

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    2019년 11월 19일 화요일 오후 10:02
  • This expression:

    substring(col, 1, patindex('%[^0-9]%', col + 'XX') - 1)

    gives you the numeric part only. It's making the assumption that that number comes first in the string.

    You need to apply this expression on both columns.

    This operation will render any index on the columns useless.

    Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP,

    2019년 11월 19일 화요일 오후 11:01
  • Hi Ruthless Roth, 

    Or please create a function to remove other stings which are not number . 

    Create Function [dbo].[RemoveNoNumCharacters]
    (@Temp VarChar(1000))Returns VarChar(1000)AS
        Declare @KeepValues as varchar(50)
        Set @KeepValues = '%[^0-9]%'
        While PatIndex(@KeepValues, @Temp) > 0
            Set @Temp = Stuff(@Temp, PatIndex(@KeepValues, @Temp), 1, '')
        Return @Temp
    Select dbo.RemoveNonAlphaCharacters('abc1234def5678ghi90jkl')
    select [dbo].RemoveNonAlphaCharacters(DocumentNumber) jnum from ArTransaction

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    2019년 11월 20일 수요일 오전 2:55
  • Try this too:

    . . .

    WHERE ( T.DocumentNumber = APL.Jobnumber

       OR T.DocumentNumber LIKE APL.Jobnumber + '[^0-9]%' )

    AND . . .

    2019년 11월 20일 수요일 오전 6:24