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  • I have random win10 1730 computers with a 5 min or more login.  But the default profile is small (2 mb), and I don't see any big cpu or disk usage after login, or even with windows performance toolkit.  A reboot seems to fix it, but the problem comes back randomly.

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  • You could alternatively make a Process Monitor boot trace - I will be more than happy to take a look.


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  • I'm suspecting the "AppX Deployment Service" (svchost.exe -k wsappx -s AppXSvc), that uses 3 min 44 sec of kernel cpu during about a 5 minute login.  I saw it in the process activity summary.

    I'm tempted to set it to delayed start, but the option is greyed out.

    I see it now.  It max's at 25% cpu on a 4 cpu computer.

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  • Maybe this article can give you a hint.

    What Is WSAPPX And High CPU Load Solution (Working) With Appx Deployment Service

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  • Thanks.  I'm going to try turning off Store autoupdates.  I am also a few cumulative monthly updates behind (.483).

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  • It seems that this registry area grows without bounds:  'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppModel\Deployment\Package\*'.  The keys are named after the sid's of each created profile.  Even if the profile is deleted, the keys remain until a reboot.  Appxsvc seems to use many hours of cpu time at normal priority, if there are a lot of keys here.  I might run a cleanup script every morning.  I don't know if I want to completely disable the Store.

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  • I may have to disable the Store in local group policy (which fixes it).  It's still happening, despite my efforts.  It's only on computers with a lot of different new users per day.

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  • Actually that key under HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\ gets cleaned after a reboot.  Or I've come up with this powershell code to clean it up.  Sid's for deleted profiles gather in a lot of different places in the registry and file system.  This is a big problem.

    $sids = Get-CimInstance win32_userprofile | select -expand sid
    $keys = ls 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\classes\local settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppModel\Deployment\Package\*\*'
    $DeleteList = $keys | where { $_.PSChildName -ne 'AllUsers' -and
      -not ($_.PSChildName -in $sids) }
    $DeleteList | rm -r -verbose
    exit $DeleteList.count

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  • when these are all on a machine with 1000's of deleted profiles, it would be fair to state this immediately in your first post of the thread, and link to the other threads (or perhaps keep it to one thread?)
    new firewall rules created for each user
    DcomLaunch service uses high cpu for 5 minutes after boot in Win 10 1703 Creator's

    and what is the reason for the many local profiles you are constantly creating and deleting?
    2017년 10월 3일 화요일 오후 8:46
  • They are public computer labs.

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