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  • Many Customer who have either brought the upgrade or the oem version of Windows 7 through the post or what ever, a customer get his through the post his computer is XP Base Unit Advent T9102 Desktop, the issue is that i can't get this customer Sound To work i have tried in compatabilty mode many of many different drivers used. High definition audio device,
    So far i have down loaded xp as well as vista and not one as worked been to real tek i got every known driver in which i can get this to work. I have fail anyone got a solution except i install a new sound card?

    To share with you i have had customer do a full clean install from windows xp to windows 7 in some case everything works great, and in others i doesn't And yet having Vista on your computer is better when you select the compatability mode and some work great and other don't..

    only sharing with you.
    2010년 1월 8일 금요일 오전 1:19