AHCI link power management


  • guys, there was a new feature concerning power management for the hard disks when running Seven: "AHCI link power management" . I use to have it in the beta, but for some reason not anymore in the RC.

    AHCI is still enabled in the bios, and the registry key that shows it was detected by the OS is set to the correct value: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci (start=0). If AHCI wasn't detected anyway the OS wouldn't boot. So the question is, do you guys still have the setting available in power management in the RC ?

     I asked the question in another forum and someone told me he doesn't have it anymore either. So that's either a bug in the RC or the feature was removed...
    2009년 5월 6일 수요일 오전 10:33


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