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  • I had the battery in a UPS die suddenly. Then a power outage and then AC came back, but the UPS didn't come back on so the computer didn't either. I've since asked Tripplite, APC, and Cyberpower about this and they all say that if the battery is dead or too drained the AC won't come back on until either the battery has charged or, if it's dead, ever, at least until someone manually turns it on. I know this is a tangential topic but not sure where else to ask and thought someone here might know. I don't remember UPS in the past working that way. When AC is back the UPS would come on, period, or at least that's what you would want. This is about smaller but business class UPS for one tower or one server. Maybe enterprise power systems are different but my needs aren't in that category. Anyone else run into this, or found a solution? I know I can have the system shutdown before the battery gets too low, but that doesn't help if the system gets stuck during shutdown and the battery drains low or is dead. Thanks.
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  • You need to replace the battery of the UPS in order to get the proper functioning.

    S.Sengupta,Microsoft MVP Windows and Devices for IT, Windows Insider MVP

    2019년 9월 20일 금요일 오후 11:54
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    I see answers like this to posts sometimes and I guess I don't know the dynamics of it. Do MVPs get points for the number of questions replied to? Even if the answer doesn't help? Clearly you didn't read the question. Or you're just answering because there's something you get out of just pumping out replies. Until you replied my question had no replies, which makes it more likely I'd get a real answer. Now with your reply which doesn't help at all it looks like I may have gotten an answer. I don't know if it's possible but if you could just delete your reply so I'm back to no replies yet that would be the most helpful thing you could do.

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  • As you mentioned this is a tangential topic on Windows 10 TechNet forum, but you have post in the correct place your UPS support community…I am confused that why they don’t check more carefully or supply door-to-door service.

    On Windows side, we can do few thing for UPS, if you suspect Enterprise edition system can make an impact, you could use the UPS on a Pro or Home machine, I think the result is the same.

    About power plan, default setting and Balance plan are enough.


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