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  • Windows Security : THESE FILES CANT BE OPENED, Your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened!

    this is the error i get while opening any program i have installed.
    I have WINDOWS 7 ultimate installed.I installed it 5 days ago and this problem came today.
    I have reseted the internet setting to default but it didn't worked.
    I cant create additional user account even if i am the administrator neither can i remove them.
    I have tried disabling my windows firewall and antivirus firewall ( esetnod32 business edition ) but still nothing worked.
    I cant install any program even win live care to scan my pc.
    I cant even restore to a previous system restore point.. it says " System restore could not start "
    I tried scanning my computer for viruses with esetnod32 and removed the viruses i found. but it is still not working.
    even if i run an application with " run as admin " it just gives me the same error " " Windows Security : THESE FILES CANT BE OPENED, Your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened! "
    i tried downloading windows live care but couldn't install it.. the same error pops out..
    please help.. what is this problem and what is the solution.. i hope i have provided all the info you people need.. now i want a solution 2 fix my pc.
    please provide a solution excluding re installation of windows 7..
    thank you.
    2009년 11월 4일 수요일 오전 8:43


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  • Hi
     You have said you are running windows firewall and your antivirus firewall. If this is the case then this could be the problem as you should only run one firewall.
    If that does not clear it then try the following
    You said you removed some virus  already. It seems that you may not have removed them entirely. First thing to try is to start windows in clean mode. You will need to be an administrator for this. Click start and run. Type msconfig in the run box. If run is not there type msconfig in the search box and run it from there. In msconfig select the services tab and tick hide microsoft services. then tick disable all tab. Now move to the startup tab and untick everything except your anti virus program and firewall. Now restart the machine. Check to see if all is ok and if so now run a virus scan. After do not forget to restore your startup settings ib msconfig. If this does not help then try safe mode (press f8 at boot screen). You could now try downloading autoruns (do a search for it on Mocrosoft website) and save it to the desktop. When you go back into normal mode run autoruns and check for any virus like exe that are starting.
    all the best
    2009년 11월 4일 수요일 오후 2:17
  • i have downloaded it but unfortunately autorun is not working..
    my windows firewall is disabled and antivirus firewall is ebabled...  msconfig in run isnt working either.. it is not showing msconfig nor regedit.. please help!
    thank u
    2009년 11월 4일 수요일 오후 2:28
  • Hi
    did the computer work ok in safe mode and if so run the virus scan in safe mode. press f8 as the computer is booting to enter safe mode. You should be able to run restore from here as well. If not you can restore from the windows dvd by booting to that and going into repair mode. I noticed that you tried to install windows live one care but that does not work with windows 7. If the problem is a virus starting then you need to be able to edit the registry. You can import your registry files into the registry editor within safe mode and then export them back out again but its not something I would like to do unless I was really confident about registry files. I would try the restore or repair first. 
    2009년 11월 4일 수요일 오후 4:36
  • thank you very much malcp.. u have tried to help me with the best u can and i feel very bad to say that all of your ways are not working.. Microsoft is not willing 2 help me so i think i should downgrade to windows xp. but still i am waiting 4 the microsoft's staff to help me. i think i am the only 1 to face this problem so this might be the reason they are not replying.i m waiting 4 any other person with the same problem and has solved this problem. this problem is very annoying and i cant do anything about it.. anyways.. thank you. malcp
    2009년 11월 4일 수요일 오후 5:32
  • I suggest you restart, press F8 and then choose Repair Your Computer. Then restore the system to a fine previous status.

    Important Note: Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

    Arthur Xie - MSFT
    2009년 11월 5일 목요일 오전 8:37
  • i had the same issue.

    i download the Report Viewer 2008 on a Windows 2008 R2 using another computer (client XP). The distributable .exe was on the shared drive.

    When i tried executing it on the Windows 2008 R2, i get the same error: "THESE FILES CANT BE OPENED, Your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened!"

    I has to do something with IE's security setting. Also the F8 way of fixing can be used in this manner as it is a server in production. `

    Let me solve this and report it here..



    Sarbjit Gill
    2010년 9월 12일 일요일 오후 3:15
  • There are two settings affecting this behavior:

    First the downloaded file itself. Right click it, select Properties and click Unblock.
    If this is not enough, either copy the file to the local machine or add the machine on which it is located to the Local Intranet Zone in Internet Explorer.

    Best greetings from Germany

    2010년 9월 12일 일요일 오후 5:53
  • Fellow MVP Mr. Olaf, the Unblock is the answer.

    i had come to the same conclusion after a little research. this feature has been around since Windows XP Service Pack 2

    Warm Regards from Singapore

    Sarbjit Gill
    2010년 9월 13일 월요일 오전 5:03
  • This helped me just now as well THANKS HEAPS
    You seem to be the one that knows it all
    Well done
    2010년 10월 10일 일요일 오후 10:50
  • I also have the same problem as you.I am currently trying to finish the download of the game League of Legends but when it is at the very end and is about to finish, it stats the same exact message. I am also using windows 7. I have tried the msconfig solution, and everything else. However I do no understand the unblock method which seemed to help most. I have right clicked the file, and at the bottom pressed properties but however, there was no unblock option. Is it in a different tab? If you can, please send a picture or tell me where it is located since the only options I see are the basic tabs "General" , "Compatibility" , "Security" , "Details" and " Previous versions. Note I am using W7  . Please help me ASAP

    - Thank you

    2010년 11월 3일 수요일 오후 11:56
  • Hi , I also have this problem on my Windows 7 Ultimate PC. I have tried all the previous methods but none of them seem to work. However, I was come to the unblock method which I do not seem to understand what to do.I am downloading a game called League of Legends. It uses a lancher to downlaod the game so when the download is at the very end, as it is just about to finish, I get the message. I have tried what was told. I right clicked on the file, and clicked properties, but however, I did not find the unblock option. In which tabs is it supposed to be in ?  The current tabs I have are General , Compatability , Security , Previous Versions and Deatils. If possible, please send me a link for a picture of that option

     - Thank You

    2010년 11월 4일 목요일 오전 12:03
  • It's on the General tab, if it is there. In certain situation (i.e. the file is from a trusted source) it may not be necessary to unblock the file.

    Did you execute the game launcher via right click and Run as Administrator?

    Best greetings from Germany

    2010년 11월 4일 목요일 오전 11:06
  • Try this one it works for me:

    1. Create another user (admin)
    2. Switch to the newly-created user
    3. Run regedit
    4. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
    5. Right-click -> export to a public folder or root dir
    6. Switch back to your original account
    7. Remove(delete) the the above keys
    8. Run the exported .reg



    Cedric low

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  • cedriclow,my man.
    U can not believe how relieved i am,and i would so kiss your ass now!!!!!
    THANKS MAN!!!!! 
    2011년 6월 8일 수요일 오전 12:21
  • The above listed instructions is a good workaround but the message still appears occasionally on systems corrupted by this. However you can function within the newly created profile. If you are reading this and have the same issue, fallow the directions above. It will help. delete all reminces of the old profile as well. Entering the windows repair via Windows Disk is the only way to fix this besides fomatting or using an image backup! Until Microsoft issues a service pack 2 for WIN7. If youa re running XP/VISTA  try migrating to win7 you'll be happy you switched!

    • 편집됨 Arniceous 2012년 6월 3일 일요일 오후 5:18
    2012년 6월 3일 일요일 오후 3:39
  • How do you do this in Win7

    there is no option to save the entire internet settings folder....Even the regedit help instruction doesnt seem clear 

    2013년 1월 19일 토요일 오후 7:58