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  • There appear to be a lot of recent posts that are lacking any sort of intelligible details. Seriously.

    If you want help with getting program X working on Windows 7, give us something to go on. Posts like the following are a complete mystery:

            Title: I get :"Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" when trying to open my program

            Body: My program worked fine until yesterday when this error first appeared. I've uninstalled the program and loaded
                      a "fresh" copy but still get the same error. Any help will be appriciated  TIA

    That is the sum total of this post.

    From yet another fountian of information:

           Title: No response when opening "My Document" , Only Force to shutdown, what's Wrong?

           Body: As the title suggests, this happens on my laptop HP Presario, any suggestion. thanks

    That's the extent of the second example.

    My first impression of either of these posts: HUH? I have NO idea exactly what app the first poster is having problems with. If we knew it what it was, there might be a good chance someone might have the same app installed and might have a clue as to what's going wrong. For all we know, it could be an app that is KNOWN to have issues with Windows 7.

    The 2nd post - I have no clue as to what he's going on about. I guess Windows Explorer is having problems launching My Documents. Maybe.
    So as a general rule, it might help if everyone followed a couple of rules of thumb.

    1.) If you've got an issue, please post as much information as possible. You don't have to create a post the length of War and Peace, but still, give us SOMETHING to go on. This isn't the Psychic Friend's Network. We don't practice mental telepathy. Please include at least the following:

            a.) The version of Windows 7 you are talking about.
            b.) The name of the app that's causing problems (if applicable).
            c.) The version number of the app in question (also if applicable).

    2.) If there's an error message, please post it's contents to the best of your abilities. Screen shots are good. Event Viewer records are good too. There are many places to post screen shots and link them here. Event Viewer records can be copied and pasted here as well.

    3.) Please post in clear ENGLISH whenever possible. If you don't speak English, that's ok - post it in whatever language you're most comfortable with - but be aware, online translation programs still aren't quite that good and sometimes make mistakes. I still haven't quite figured out how Google's Translate utility converted "Release Candidate" into "Reinforced Concrete" when it converted one of my posts into Chinese. Given most of the folks around here are fairly fluent in English - that is always the best option whenever possible.

    4.) Please also include any steps you can recall that lead up to the error as well as any other open applications (including antivirus and antispyware utiltities!) that are running at the time the problem happened. Sometimes some applications don't get along well with others. It's always good to have that information available.

    Example: Windows Explorer is blowing chunks with error xyz after my computer wakes up from sleep. I'm using the RC. Nothing else open at the time.

    Ok. We know that sleep in build 7100 has problems and, as such, the solution is to disable the sleep feature. But without that crucial bit, we can waste a lot of time and energy trying to sort out an easily solved problem.

    To the moderators/admins - feel free to do whatever with this post. Comments are also welcome and if anyone has anything else to add - feel free to respond.
    • 편집됨 Wolfie2k6 2009년 5월 21일 목요일 오후 8:39 the sample posts have been changed to protect the "innocent"
    2009년 5월 19일 화요일 오전 11:00

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  • that s true,
    people just see something strange and they think it must be fixed, its a bug in Windows 7,  but actually its because they made a big mess before and after, so no one really will ever understand whats going on....
    i mean there is no reason to post message just right after "incident",
    just assess your situation, try to troubleshoot, at least check that its not your fault.
    and if you downloaded some strange software and its not working, lads its your problem, really.
    if you have some other little issues, i think its better wait few hours/days to see maybe someone will have same problem...

    and always check manufacturers website/forum for solution.

    just my 5 kopeck...
    2009년 5월 19일 화요일 오후 12:04
  • Oh yeah... I forgot one thing..

    5.) If the problem appears to be with hardware, please post the make and model of the hardware in question. For instance, posting something like "My video card doesn't ever wake up and all I get is a black screen after it comes back from sleep." isn't quite as helpful as posting something more along the lines of "My EVGA 8500 GT with the latest Nvidia drivers doesn't come back to life after sleep."

    Remember, the more information you post, the easier it will be, hopefully, to fix. Someone might have had better luck with a different driver version than the one you're using.
    2009년 5월 19일 화요일 오후 12:04
  • Lonely Wolf, I agree with you - even having my doubts that more than a few casual readers will follow your suggestions.

    BUT you forgot one fundamental advice: Pleeeze, DO NOT ask anything if you haven't google'd, yahoo'd, live search'd or whatever BEFORE. There are so many threads that only seem related to Win7 and have nothing to do with it that's a real pain. If anyone asks (as an ... example) "what does ctrl-alt-del do?" I feel very inclined to answer: "no idea so far, ask Win7 developers, must be a new feature".
    Mob. AMD64 3000+, 1 G RAM, Mob. ATIRadeon9700, 20x DVDRW, C:XPSP3 (55G),D:WIN7 (25G),F:DATA (250G)
    2009년 5월 19일 화요일 오후 8:56
  • Sanmartin -

    Yeah... {sigh} you're probably right. Still.. It's quite frustrating reading posts that are utterly lacking any sort of useful information.
    I suppose what they say is true - Common sense isn't that common...

    2009년 5월 19일 화요일 오후 11:11
  • Hi Wolfie

    The only thing I might suggest is if those are direct quotes, you might want to edit those out and just make up something instead.


    Thank You for testing Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
    2009년 5월 20일 수요일 오전 3:46
  • Ronnie -

    Ok.. Just a question.. Exactly how DO I edit the original post? The only two options I see there are Reply and Quote.
    2009년 5월 20일 수요일 오전 5:26
  • Ronnie -

    Ok.. Just a question.. Exactly how DO I edit the original post? The only two options I see there are Reply and Quote.

    Hi Wolfie

    Sorry for the delay.

    You should see an Edit Button at the top of your post.


    Thank You for testing Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
    2009년 5월 21일 목요일 오후 1:43
  • Ronnie -

    No prob...

    The layout of the edit link = EPIC FAIL in UI design.

    Should be consistent with the rest of the layout.
    2009년 5월 21일 목요일 오후 8:40