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  • I have installed  DPM 2019 then upgraded it with SP1. I installed DPM agent at a work group and one domain joined computer.

    I am getting warning, "Update Available". So when I try to update it from DPM console, get below error. I tried to install agent manually at work group system from "protectionAgents\RA" bu no luck. can someone pls help step by step to update the DPM agent


    2020년 5월 8일 금요일 오전 5:43


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  • Hi,

    By "SP1" I assume you mean Update Rollup 1 (UR1).

    For agents that are located in workgroup/untrusted domains, you need to install the agent from here:

    %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft System Center\DPM\DPM\agents\RA\\amd64\1033

    And run the DPMAgentInstaller_KB4547368_AMD64.exe manually on the computer located in the workgroup/untrusted domain, or if you cannot access that path from the computer in the workgroup/untrusted domain you'll need to copy the executable file and run it on the computer.

    For computers that are joined in the same domain as the DPM server you should be able to update the agents from the DPM administration's console.

    Best regards,

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    2020년 5월 8일 금요일 오전 7:59
  • But I think DPMAgentInstaller_KB4547368_AMD64.exe amd processor. i am not sure if this will work for intel. 


    2020년 5월 11일 월요일 오전 4:47
  • It has nothing to do with the processor manufacturer, it simply means it's the 64-bit version of the agent, works on both Intel & AMD processors.

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    2020년 5월 11일 월요일 오전 6:34
  • I uninstalled, deleted DPM folder from Program Files and reinstalled but still same alert "Update Available"


    2020년 5월 12일 화요일 오전 6:35
  • What is the agent version on the server where you installed the agent? You can check this in the Control Panel.

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    2020년 5월 12일 화요일 오전 7:52
  • DPM Server is version

    There is a domain joined computer at which i have pushed agent, this server is updated, version is :

    One machine is not in trusted domain, every time I see :Update Available:. Current version :

    The last one is not updating, i followed your steps


    2020년 5월 12일 화요일 오전 11:00
  • Version is the RTM version of DPM 2019, Update Rollup 1 has version

    For computers located in DMZ, you'll need to manually install the agent, you can try Refreshing the agents in the console to see if it gets the newer version, or try closing the DPM console.

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    2020년 5월 12일 화요일 오후 12:16
  • Yes, I did install manually. Copied setup file from DPM Installed folder, as you said amdX4 and also tried i386 and then refreshed the DPM console but still same warning "Update Available"


    2020년 5월 13일 수요일 오전 3:16
  • I wouldn’t worry too much about the DPM console showing ”Update available”, as long as the agent and backups work.

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    2020년 5월 13일 수요일 오전 6:56
  • DPM configuration is in process, I had test a simple backup/recover, it was successful. But I am not sure if this will work good for long time or for all servers. Any way thanks for help.


    2020년 5월 13일 수요일 오전 10:22