WSUS showing bad build and CU numbers RRS feed

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  • First i have noticed this with 1909 version of Windows 10 after i have installed Enablement Package update on one test 1903 PC. It should report 18363 build (like it does via winver), but it shows 18362.

    Then i have noticed that it also reports wrong CU number after the dot. Now it shows .449 for both 1903 and 1909 machines, but they are already on .476.

    2019년 11월 19일 화요일 오전 11:46


  • Hi,

    t should report 18363 build (like it does via winver), but it shows 18362

    The version number 10.0.18362 that you viewed in the WSUS console is the version of the Windows Update Agent for the client. You can verify it by checking the version of the client's wuaueng.dll (located on Windows\System32).

    In my test, as you can see, the currently installed Windows 10 Version 1909 client's WUA version is indeed 10.0.18362.XXX. By reporting to WSUS, it also prompts for the 1909 version of the monthly summary and service stack update. So for now, everything works fine.

    Hope the above can help you.


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