Can I setup up hardware RAID 0 after WIN7 is installed?


  •   Installed WIN7 x64 with my SATA drives in IDE mode. When I tried to setup 4 storage drives(seagate 7200.12 500gb)in 2 raid 0 configurations in BIOS, the  BIOS allows a change to RAID for storage mode and after f10 goes to a configuration screen briefly but can't be altered before it tries to start win7. OS would no longer boot and windows would try to repair itself. I have to reboot and switch back to IDE mode in BIOS before it will reboot.

      I see now you should set this up before hand. I know I can switch to AHCI per this article without starting over
    1. Is this an apples and oranges problem of setup?
    2. Can I do something similar to get the harware RAID enabled?

    My goal is hardware RAID because it seems to be slightly faster and less burden on cpu. System if for HD video editing and will need all the CPU cycles it can get.

    Any suggestions would be good. It took hours to get all my wireless adapter to show up and connect to the internet succesfully and I'm not sure I could get it to work again. Thanks

    2009년 6월 17일 수요일 오후 5:32


  • Starfarer,

    Have you checked for updated BIOS and motherboard drivers? Also, it sounds like one of two things...
    1. The boot disk was also put into a raid setup, or
    2. The driver for the raid mode is not working properly for Windows 7 still (since you had to install in IDE mode).
    2009년 6월 18일 목요일 오전 12:21