Tango.exe trojan


  • My Father has somehow managed to get his brand new Win 7 64 bit PC infected by the Tango.exe trojan

    He assures me that he has been careful with his download sites !!

    I have searched for this nasty and have come up with no simple way of dispatching it

    Short of rebuilding his PC again - is there a removal tool to help ?

    2012년 3월 26일 월요일 오전 10:15


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  • The infected executable name (in this case tango.exe) has no importance - the useful information is the trojan/virus family.

    Download MalwareBytes Anti-malware install it and run a scan. Install the free version - that is enough for one-time use.

    2012년 3월 26일 월요일 오전 11:28
  • OK - Downloaded, installed MALWAREBYTES and full scan run - nothing picked up

    Every time the computer is switched on a panel appears. It says “do you want the following programme from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer? “ Programme name “Tango.exe”. Of course the answer is "no" and when this choice is clicked the panel disappears.

    Tango appeared from nowhere.....

    Tango is not a program in the add/remove programs nor on the program list

    When googled - it appears that others are having a similar problem

    AVG and MS Security Essentials (installed and run independantly) pick up nothing too !!

    2012년 3월 27일 화요일 오전 8:19
  • Hi,

    Regarding this issue, you can contact Microsoft PCSafety phone support.

    For information about Security updates, visit the Microsoft Virus Solution and Security Center for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you are having issues with installing the update itself, visit Support for Microsoft Update for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    You can also refer to the following steps to resolve this issue:

    Step 1: Rerun the antivirus programs in Safe Mode.

    Step 2: Install MSE to scan virus

    1. Download Microsoft Security Essentials from
    2. Install it.
    3. Update the signature to the latest and preform a full system scan.

    Best regards,
    Della Li

    • 편집됨 Cloud_TSModerator 2012년 4월 6일 금요일 오전 2:55 PCSafety Center update
    2012년 3월 27일 화요일 오전 8:56
  • I'd also recommend running the eset online scanner

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    2012년 3월 27일 화요일 오후 1:45
  • I'd also recommend running the eset online scanner

    Thanksa - that got rid of the pesky trojan !!
    2012년 3월 30일 금요일 오후 12:08
  • you're welcome :)
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