Executable EXE files on Windows-7 quit working


  •  Executable EXE files on Windows-7 quit working

     The issue is that most programs won’t run.

     For example, getting into [Computer] icon and going
     to the Windows folder/directory, double clicking the
     regedit.exe program brings up the dialog box asking
     me to choose what program to use to open this file.

     What is strange is the iExplore still allows me
     on to the internet if I right click the iExplore
     icon and select start of it's menu.

     So, how do I get Windows-7 to recognize that files
     With the EXE extension are a programs to run.

     Many Thanks.


    sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012 18:47


  • Ed

    Boot to Safe Mode (start tapping F8 when you switch on) and choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt. At the prompt, type assoc .exe=exefile and press Enter. There will be no acknowledgement, just type exit and press Enter. Now press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and restart the computer.

    You may also have to restore the .exe association using Safe Mode with Networking. Download it here

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    sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012 20:57

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