• It is 2012 now and after reading the post that are many years old i am still looking for an answer to the WMP library.  

    I have an external drive, 400+gig of music.  It takes a looong time to finally update the library and then, if i ever unplug my external,  all items in the library are gone. ZERO.   then if i plug in the external,  the process of updating begins again.   I do not want to pollute this thread with all my other WMP12 issues but this one problem make WMP 12 useless.  I can not carry my external around hooked to my laptop constantly and when i do use the external i can not wait a day for the library to load. 

    WMP11 retained the library,  it just would not play an item if the drive were disconnected,  plug in the drive and,,,instantly available were 450 gigs of music.  

    Thank you,


    quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2012 21:55


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