Has any one else had a drive fail due to Windows Live Photo Gallery becoming unstable?


  • Two weeks ago a 1 terabyte drive failed when Photo Gallery was working on photos on it.

    Today it became clear that another one of my drives was about to fail when the application again became unstable, causing general system instability and the photos starting becoming corrupt.

    I guess I won't be using Windows Photo Gallery or any live feature and will as soon as possible wipe all traces of Microsoft software my system, but I do need to know this hasn't happened to anyone else.

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    domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010 20:16

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  • Have you considered that WL Photo Gallery may have become unstable due to problems with your drive(s). There is no logical reason why Photo Gallery would cause a drive to fail. Have you ran Disk Check to determine if there is a problem with data on the drive(s)?

    The drives could also act up due a problem with the motherboard, power supply and/or bad cable connections.

    Specifics of your system may be helpful in trying to determine what is actually happening. Also, any error messages you may be seeing.

    terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010 02:36
  • not two of them in a row no.

    after the 1 terabyte I was still in shock, but the 500 had more important stuff on it that isn't easy to replace.

    I didn't get any error messages prior to failure however the seagate is reporting an IO failure x8007045d or something like that, it doesn't appear unless I try to copy files from the volume. Otherwise there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it. Listing files in folders takes a while, but it eventually manages. I can't even sort the list without getting that error.


    as far as disk checking, no the first is just clicking, the second is recognized but reports an IO error and won't complete a disk check.

    But were involved in thumbnail updates when they failed something around 20-40 thousand updates when they failed.  Of the other drives that I have, some 9 attached to the system now (or have ever had), none have just failed like that.

    Given I have 2 more that I can have fail, I could just for kicks build another set of folders with the same 15-20 thousand photos and let Photo Gallery have at them. If nothing else but to prove it is an effective RMA tool for drives you don't want no more (to myself).

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    terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010 03:58
  • System:

    Intel E6850, 8 gigs DDRII667, several seagates and WDs. 1 less of each since using Windows Live Photo Gallery (beta).

    As for the PSU, it is a few months old. As are the cables. The mobo could be replaced and probably will be on the same order as the replacement harddrives in due course.


    On 3 folders, 1 with the fewest photos not being used for jobs but with 10K photos in it, 1 with 20K photos in it, and the other with 20K photos in it which was the limit of the previous application wave.

    When the more recent failed (500 gig seagate), it was just completing a thumbnail sweep whereby I scroll slowly over the thumbnails in explorer to generate thumbs for each file. This takes 30+ minutes since the process is so slow even with SataIIs.

    The application claimed something like 20-40 thumb jobs and tag updates and was not processing any of them when the 500 gig drive failed. I suspected it was failing a mentioned it in feedback through the applications feedback button as it was failing. Files were not accessible, the application was not responding for jobs like cropping and rotating images and one new photo was corrupt when I tried to open it. I left a few feedback notes over the past few weeks as the stability and performance of the application on the dataset degraded to the point of system instability resulting in hardware failure.

    It also was running face recognition scans but had stopped doing this a few days ago. It was able to generate a page worth of scans in a few seconds but stopped almost entirely. The only times it would recognize faces was when they were opened individually and even then it wouldn't do it all the time.

    When the 1 terabyte drive failed it was adding content from that drive to the library, which is VERY irritating because residual data from both drives appears in the library. For the dead 1 TB it is folder names so at least I know where to get the content from, but for the 500 which can still be read, windows and the application try to access it but the files are not usable and report IO error. I had to disable it.


    Two dead drives and a driving militant desire to prove Photo Gallery dun them in and I need to hook up two more drive and prove it.

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    terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010 04:12
  • "Two dead drives and a driving militant desire to prove Photo Gallery dun them in and I need to hook up two more drive and prove it."

    Well, let us know how you make out. By the sounds of it what you are doing is really putting the drives to the test. Good luck.


    quarta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2010 03:59
  • So while the test platform is ready, a old HDD that's meant for the pit with 40-50K photos ready to be organized (tagged and thumbed), I can't get WLPG to function.

    It won't face scan anymore and the application won't generate thumbs anymore.

    It has been a few days trying to recucitate it and I'm going to start aggressively trying to restore functionality. I've noticed however that lately my system drive has been bugging me about low disk space. This is ridiculous but no matter how much I clean it it keeps getting filled up. What I've just discovered is that like the Library Database which itself is pretty huge, and doesn't account for the lost gigabytes, WLPG's face database is pretty huge at 1 gigabyte. With another 500 megs or so in a couple of other files I can't identify by their names.

    I'll have to delete everything since there was corruption from the two failed drives. Which might take a while.

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    segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010 11:55
  • I have a similar problem two of my 1tb drives failed while browsing through Windows Live Photo Gallery. I am disappointed. WLPG is such a good software but it ruined it for me.

    First drive failed, I could recover all the data. Now the second drive failed it is being recognized by Win7 as a CD Rom Drive. Can't figure out what to do. Can anybody help?

    domingo, 1 de julho de 2012 09:24
  • Update: I tried to delete any entries having "Buffalo" as my drive is "Buffalo HD-PZ 1TB USB 3.0". I could not delete a few entries owing to some error. But afterwards, the drive started showing up in the Device Manager as a HDD and not as a CD Rom Drive. At least some progress.

    In "Disk Management" though it says the drive is not "Initialized".

    Any clue anyone?

    segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012 05:05
  • Since your issue is unrelated to media, I suggest that you repost in the Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility forum:

    Tim De Baets

    sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012 16:07