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  • I've followed the advice from other messages but I'm still unable to see any of the drives/directories that are available in Windows 7 when I go to use XP mode.  I've already went into Tools/Settings/Integration Components and made sure that each of the drives is clicked on.  I have exited completely out of XP mode and reentered.  I still don't see the drives listed when I open up Windows Explorer.  All that is shown is Drive A, Drive C, and the virtual drive.  Drive C isn't Drive C under Windows 7, it's only the 'dummy' drive.  Anything I write to it isn't available in Windows 7.  I have also tried changing Networking from one of the two listed to Shared Networking to Internal Networking and this hasn't made any difference either.

    I'm wanting to be able to set up Outlook Express so I can use it with my usual email folder.  I hate Live Mail.

    What do I have to do to be able to get access to main hard drive or any other drive on the system?

    terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012 20:38

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  •   The C: drive you see from the XP vm is not a "dummy" drive. It is the C: or system drive of the virtual machine. A virtual machine is a completely separate machine with its own "hardware" and software and its own OS.

      To see files on the host machine you use the same techniques as you use to share data between two physical machines. (I hope that you cannot see drives, only folders). You use network file sharing. For this to work the host and the vm must be in the same network and in the same IP subnet (just like physical machines). Have you ever used File and Printer sharing?

     A dislike of Live Mail doesn't sound a good reason to set up XP Mode to me. Outlook Express isn't coming back!



    terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012 22:55
  • No I haven't did any sharing between computers on the same network like your talking about.  That is probably one of the problems/reasons I haven't fully understood what I've been reading for answers to other posters questions.

    I know to be able to import Outlook Express files into Thunderbird, ie...from what it seems I need to be able to be using Outlook Express anyways.  I already tried to do it before installing XP Mode and it didn't show anything at all when I went to import the old OE files.  It didn't bring up anything.  I figured it must have simply been because of not having OE installed.  I knew without XP I couldn't use OE.

    There are a few other reasons for wanting XP as well including being able to easily copy Temporary Internet Files and a few things I just like about XP far better than 7.  There are a few things though I can't do...easily, with 7 that I can do with XP.  I never upgraded from 98 to XP until 2008.  I wouldn't have even upgraded now to 7 other than it came with the new computer I pretty much got forced into getting.  It already had 7 pre-installed so I'm just trying to work with/around it to get what I want for functionality.

    terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012 23:14
  • The C: drives isn't a dummy drive, but the actual drive where XP is installed.

    Can you verify from the Tools menu, that it the two options are "Disable Integration Features" and "Settings."  This would verify that the IC are running.

    If you have the IC enabled and everything is checked, its possible that there is a problem with the installation of the IC.  You could try uninstalling and reinstalling them.

    Would you be willing to put up some screen shots of the settings screens and the Windows XP "My computer"?

    quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012 17:24