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  • I need to convert a SBS 2011 to VHDx as the hardware is failing.

    I have tried to run Disk2VHD but it says snapshotting Volumes, Calculating Disk Sizes then about a minute later it say completed successfully but it has done nothing.

    I am trying to copy the boot partition and the C & D drives about 550GB in total to a 2TB NTFS USB drive.

    I have also tried copying the drives individually.

    How can I get a VHDX to run on a Hyper-V host

    HELP! please.

    quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2020 22:23

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  • well, for sure you should create a vhdx containing the system boot volume and the disk C: on a first disk, then create the second disk selecting only the D: partition..

    Try also in reverse order.. start from disk D: and select only that creating the second_disk.vhdx.

    This should always work. If it doesn't there is som trouble with your usb disk.. can you try to atatch the disk internally to a SATA connector and use it from there??


    sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2020 12:22